Vietnamese Hair Wigs And Best Knowledge That You Should Know

Vietnamese hair wigs
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Vietnamese hair wigs have long been recognized as the best Vietnamese human hair wigs compared to countries with famous wigs export in the world: Vietnam, China, India… This widespread recognition comes from the outstanding features and quality of Vietnamese hair wigs that other countries don’t have. How did they get the leading position in the world? Which reputable vendors supply Vietnam hair wigs? In this article, we will reveal the most helpful knowledge about Vietnamese hair wigs to help you have a better overview with this hair type.


Vietnamese human hair wigs – hot trend all of time

1. Overview of vietnamese hair wigs

What is the definition of Vietnamese hair wigs? Which are their features you need to know? This is the first part of the article that provides you with accurate and useful information. Let’s focus on getting updated about Vietnamese hair wigs if you want to have a better knowledge about this type of hair.

1.1. Definition of vietnamese hair wigs

A Vietnamese hair wig is a real or artificial hair covering all of the head, worn by people trying to conceal their baldness or by people suffering from cancer. Some people put on hair wigs to be more attractive and stylish.

Vietnamese Hair Wig is the high-quality hair wigs products that come from Vietnam and are made from Vietnamese hair. This is a set of hair created by painstakingly crocheting each strand of hair into each hole to create a piece of hair that looks like it grows out of it, similar to the closure. However, the process of making Vietnamese hair wigs is much more meticulous and lasts longer, because the closure is simply a square piece, while the wig is a 3D round shape like a hat.


What is a Vietnamese hair wig?

1.2. Characteristics of Vietnamese hair wigs

For anyone wishing to modernize your appearance or make fashionable trends, purchasing a Vietnamese hair wig may be a wise choice. Before making your decisions to buy hair wigs, you should be aware of their quality and category. We will list several features of wigs to make sure you get the most value for your money.

1.2.1. Quality of Vietnamese hair wigs

Durable, strong, natural and long are 4 adjectives to describe wigs’ quality correctly. 

  • Durable: Vietnamese hair wigs have amazing durability because of the thorough selection and the meticulous process of attaching the hair to the mesh. It helps the hair stay longer in your head during the day even if you participate in intense physical activities. You look more beautiful all day.
  • Strong: The strongness of Vietnamese hair wigs is undoubtable. The reason for this is because Vietnamese lead a healthy lifestyle and diet. They always raise their awareness of taking care of their hair, according to tradition passed down from by their Vietnamese ancestors. 
  • Natural: Vietnamese hair wigs have a realistic look. When we put this wig on your head, it looks like a real hair extension due to the uniformity of hair color and hair pattern. The person standing next to you is unable to recognize because of the natural features of the Vietnamese human hair wigs.
  • Long: The length of Vietnamese hair wigs is very diverse. So, they are suitable for all buyers’ needs, from men to women. Its length can be long, medium, short ranging from 8 inches to 32 inches, so you can select the one you like.

The quality of Vietnamese human hair wigs

1.2.2. Classification of Vietnamese hair wigs

Vietnamese hair wigs can be divided into 3 main styles: natural straight hair wig, bone straight hair wig, curly wavy hair wig. They give you a diversity of colors, styles and length. We have classified them clearly to help you find the perfect match:

  • Natural straight hair wig: Natural straight hair wigs are Vietnamese hair wigs made of straight human hair. They are straight, tangle-free, and incredibly adaptable. Straight hair wigs can be adjusted to fit any occasion, giving you a sense of confidence, glamor and most importantly, comfort! Straight hair wigs are suitable for customers who come from Europe and Africa. Own a straight hair wig, you will look more attractive and more beautiful.
  • Bone straight hair wig: Vietnamese hair wigs made of bone straight human hair are globally attractive. They are silky and flat from top to bottom, tangle-free and straight. Because they are straight, they cannot restyle with heat. For women who are European and African, especially in Nigeria, this type of hair is a first choice. They said that bone straight hair wigs are  the symbol for wealth and youth. 
  • Curly wavy hair wig: Curly wavy wigs are Vietnamese human hair wigs that have been straightened and heated to create a wave-like pattern. Wigs are curly, wavy and stylish. They not only give the impression of natural hair, but also create the thickness that girls love so much. So, Africans and Europeans use them so much. Just use them once and you will see how beautiful you are because they enhance users’ beauty.

Comparison among 3 types of Vietnamese hair wigs

2. Benefits and drawbacks of Vietnamese hair wigs

The benefits and disadvantages of Vietnamese hair wigs have been evaluated by many users. There are many arguments over Vietnamese hair wigs: many people said that human hair wigs help them a lot, others don’t think so. Nevertheless, the majority of users believe that wigs have great benefits and outweigh their drawbacks, which is written in this section.

2.1. Benefits of Vietnamese hair wigs

Vietnamese hair wigs are popular with buyers thanks to their outstanding quality. Besides, the main reason for popularity of human hair is because of some following benefits listed below:

2.1.1. Convenience of Vietnamese hair wigs

For busy people, it would be great if every morning you could save your time by reducing the time to dry, straighten or curl your hair. The time spent styling your hair takes up more than you think. You can have more time to enjoy your breakfast or get some extra time to sleep because the wig only takes a few minutes to wear.

In addition, you do not have to worry about taking care of your hair as much as real hair. The more frequently you use wigs, the more often you wash your wigs in a month. But trust me, Vietnamese hair wigs only need to be washed one to three times a month. All you need to do is put your wig on your head and enjoy a great day.


Convenience of Vietnamese hair wigs

2.1.2. Endless styles of Vietnamese hair wigs

Wigs give you a huge number of hairstyles available for you to choose from, with the aim of getting a new style whenever you wish. Your style is limitless in a variety of colors, lengths and cuts. If you want hair that stands out naturally or want a new look that you’ve never tried cutting or dyeing before, try Vietnamese hair wigs! Human hair wigs are flexible daily, so you can buy wigs with a variety of styles in order to grow your wig collection.Real hair remains, but your style can change constantly, which is the top benefit that buyers love wigs.

2.1.3. Natural hair protection of hair wigs

Having to go out to work with a high frequency or participate in outdoor recreational activities can damage your real hair. Vietnamese hair wigs protect your real hair from damage caused by high temperatures or exposure to harsh chemicals. Therefore, a wig can be the “savior” that you have been looking for a long time to protect your natural hair from the predictable damage. Thanks to the wig, your real hair is always in a protected state, consequently  you realize your hair grows stronger and thicker. Many users prefer to use Vietnamese hair wigs because of the great benefit of the wig.


The nature of Vietnamese human hair wigs

2.2. Drawbacks of Vietnamese hair wigs

As the most effective human hair wigs, Vietnamese hair wigs have only a few disadvantages. There are 2 disadvantages that we sum up from previous customer reviews and are mentioned in this article.

2.2.1. High price – the biggest disadvantage of Vietnamese hair wigs

Because Vietnamese hair wigs are a 3D round shape like a hat, it is more expensive than other types of human hair wigs such as weft bundles, clip in tip hair extensions or tape hair extensions. In addition, the mobility and changeability from day to day is also a reason why hair wigs have a high price. Therefore, Vietnamese hair wigs from human hair require buyers with good financial conditions.

2.2.2. Time-consuming hair cleaning process

The process of cleaning Vietnamese hair wigs is quite time-consuming because of the complicated cleaning process.

  • Brush your hair before washing
  • Choose an appropriate shampoo
  • Use cool water when washing your human hair wig
  • Add deep conditioner frequently
  • Wash hair wigs in water again
  • Rinse hair wigs with water
  • Use a soft towel to absorb the water after washing 
  • Hang up to hair wigs dry 
  • Wait for the human hair wigs dry

Plus all the steps, the total amount of time is up to a few hours, you will be very impatient if you do not have a substitute Vietnamese hair wig available when you need.


Advantages and disadvantage of Vietnamese hair wigs

3. Way to find Vietnamese hair wigs 

If you want to learn more about Vietnamese hair wigs, then you surely ask the question: how can I find Vietnamese human hair wigs? This section is the exact answer to what you wonder. 

3.1. Find Vietnamese hair wigs on social network channel

With the development of the Internet, social network channels are increasingly becoming a purchasing and selling style for both businesses and buyers. Many businesses put information about their products on social networking sites. So, they can raise brand awareness for customers. 

You can find information about Vietnamese hair wigs in social network channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whappsapp. They are the most common channels that vendors usually use to highlight your products. Therefore, social network channels are really valuable ways if you want to find Vietnamese hair wigs.

3.2. Find Vietnamese hair wigs via your networking

If you want to increase the credibility and trust of Vietnamese hair wigs, searching them through your networking is the most ideal way. Provided that you cooperate with other businesses, and they may know a reputable place to sell human hairs. Because of their experience, they can recommend them to you. 

Thanks to their recommendation, you can reduce the risk of not meeting the standard of product quality. Your networking is a really effective way to know whether a Vietnamese hair wigs distributor is a scammer or not.


Ways to find Vietnamese hair wigs

3.3. Find Vietnamese hair wigs on website

The website is exactly where you are looking for because it has all the information here. Information about the business, manufacturers, product or policies, payment methods are all things that you need to pay attention to when buying Vietnamese hair wigs. 

This information helps you know more about hair distributors you have intention to deal with. Read the information on the website carefully to make sure your money invested in the business is worthy.

4. How to know a Vietnamese hair wigs vendor is a scammer?

The majority of customers who buy wigs prefer to use them as long as possible. Therefore, before deciding to purchase Vietnamese hair wigs, it is essential to consider the vendors you do business with. In this part, we provide you with steps to determine a scammer.

4.1. Steps to know a Vietnamese hair wigs vendor is a scammer

A hair scammer only wants to make a huge profit for itself and doesn’t care about anything. It makes use of the influence of social media channels such as: Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, … to make things that look real. They promote images of brands, products, and hottest trends but actually it doesn’t exist.  

You will be affected a lot if you believe in a hair scammer. You are in danger of receiving fake hair, poor quality of product and most worst, losing a huge amount of money. List of steps to avoid a Vietnamese hair wigs scammer is mentioned below: 

  • Ask question about your partner 
  • Check information in their website
  • Make a video call to see how they work 
  • Order a hair sample 
  • Do not spend too much money in the first order

Is the vendor a scammer?

4.2. K-Hair – the best Vietnamese hair wigs supplier in Vietnam

K-Hair is known as the biggest hair distributor in Vietnam with nearly 30 years of experience in this field. Its hair system factory staff are all high-skilled and well versed in the art of hair systems. They use the newest techniques to deliver natural looking and long lasting Vietnamese hair wigs. They work together to create the quality of hair wigs as high as possible for our clients. Everyone on the team is equipped with knowledge of hair manufacturing and trained in the latest techniques and trends. So, the prestige and brand identity of K-hair is certainly believable. 

Coming to K-hair, you will get the best types of hair and never regret the money spent on Vietnamese hair wigs. Slogan “Quality is King” always takes priority over the other things. K-Hair are passionate about customer satisfaction; are always open and ready to accept feedback – both good and bad because it makes an attempt to be the best version it can be. Its service is widely known as the best quality of service. As a result, hair brand identity is spreading worldwide. K-hair company has increasingly proven its leading position in the wig industry worldwide. As a result, hair brand identity is spreading worldwide.


K-Hair – the most reputable company provide Vietnamese human hair wigs

Choosing Vietnamese hair wigs in a company having a reputation for high-quality is not easy. You must have a basic knowledge about these products such as: its definition, its category, its benefits and drawbacks and so on. Most importantly, learning how to find a reliable provider selling human hair wigs and the best-selling company in the world is the first thing needed to do in your list when looking for related information about hair wigs. Hope that this article brings you a better overview about Vietnamese hair wigs.



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