Hair extension now is the leading trend of beauty business. In The USA and European market, where hair industry is booming, trendy ladies are ready to pay top dollars for human hair. Have you ever wondered where the hair extensions come from? Should we buy hair from Cambodian hair factory, Vietnamese hair factory, Chinese, Indian ones or any other wholesale hair distributors? Today, we will investigate a country exports human hair worldwide and have information of Top 3 best Cambodian hair factories in 2020.

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1. Why choose a Cambodian hair factory?

Among many other hair producing countries such as: Vietnam, China, Indonesia… Cambodian hair is still a good choice of hair dealers. Here below are some reasons for this decision. Let’s take a look at the pros of Cambodian hair factory.

1.1. Affordable price from Cambodian hair factory for almost wholesalers

Generally, Cambodian hair is the cheap types compared to the hair from other countries’ wholesale hair vendors. With the range from 6 to 7 US dollars for 8 inches weft straight hair, women can decide to buy the hair without hesitation.  Therefore, the reasonable price is one important factor that people choose to buy  hair from Cambodian hair factory. 

1.2. Cambodian hair factory has the variety of textures

After collecting the hair across the country, the Cambodian hair factory begins the production. From natural straight hair, it can be transformed into curly, wavy or kinky, pixie styles. Colors also can be added as the customer’s requirement. 


Cambodian hair with wavy texture

2. The Must-know truths when buying hair from  Cambodian hair factory

All industries have their all secret that only the expert can know. Are you confident with your knowledge of Cambodian hair factory? Let’s go to some characteristics of Cambodian hair now.

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2.1. Cambodian hair characteristics is vulnerable due to effect of climate

Poor women take care of their children and do the household chores under sweltering Cambodian sun. Nobody wants to scarify their hair.  Because the women who are desperately in poverty need money, they will sell hair continuously as much as they can, the result is almost hair collected is short, split and uneven. The sun ray also makes their hair not in the same natural color, can be copper at the roots but black ahead in the bottom. Raw Cambodian hair is coarse and can not be straightened perfectly. If you are looking for the flawless straight hair, especially bone straight hair, you should consider buying the straight hair from other suppliers out of Cambodian hair factory. 

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2.2. Lack of hair care- since the hair is collected from poor villages

Behind the wigs and extensions are women making the tough choice to sell her hair for better life. Third-World poverty has pushed Cambodian women to sell their hair for First-World demand. 

You can be overwhelmed with the country’s capital- Phnom Penh,  crowded with people and full of bright- fabrics, clothes, jewelry… and raw Cambodian hair. However, if you just go away from the capital for about an hour, you will see where the hair comes from, the poor villages with mud, dust and flies and the women do housekeeping and collect garbage. Shampoo and conditioner are luxurious things in this community besides sanitation, electricity and water.


Women in the villages often sell their hair to hair traders

Children school fee and other charges are the main reasons to push the women to sell their hair. They have no idea if the hair can be sold at higher price in the international market. “I feel regret for cutting my hair off. I don’t feel made up”, shared by a Cambodian woman sold her hair for a hair trader at low price.  

3. Top 3 best Cambodian hair factories- worth reading list of Cambodian hair factory

If you are looking for the most trustworthy Cambodian human hair bulk factories, the names below will be the best suggestion. With the information and comparison of each supplier, you can easily find the  most suitable brand for your business.

3.1. Virgin Hair Cambodia- a social responsibility company

Virgin Hair Cambodia is a social responsible hair company and only supplies the best quality with 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair that hasn’t been chemically treated in any way. It comes in its three original colors: Natural Brown, Black, and Grey and its three original textures: Straight, Wavy, and Curly. They sew and carefully trim their wefts in a special way to give customers a much more comfortable fit.


Hair is collected in Cambodia

  • Hot line: +84398344444
  • Website:

3.2. Angkor Cambodian Hair Factory

Angkor Cambodian Hair is a top best Cambodian B2B hair factory. They supply high-quality, virgin Cambodian hair to salons and distributors at reasonable prices. Based in Phnom Penh, the company is jointly owned by an American and a Cambodian. They offer five patterns: straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, and rare curly. They also offer gray and white hair, blonde, clip-ins, and closures.  Frontal and wigs are available on demand. 

For wholesale pricing questions or to make a purchase contact: WhatsApp: +84398344444

3.3. K-Hair Factory- the best human hair suppliers in Cambodia

K-Hair is the top leading hair supplier with 30 years of producing hair. K-Hair exports hair to all markets, especially in Brazil, Nigeria and Russia… As a factory, we can design for all hairstyles and colors. The number of over 3000 loyal customers from all over the world is a proof that we sell high quality hair and the items are easy for hair in bulk resellers to resell. 


High quality products from K-Hair factory


Come to K-Hair factory, you will have factory price, not go through any other parties. Our price is the most reasonable price, starting from $8.9 per bundle. About products, K-Hair sell a variety of hairstyles: weft, closure, frontal, wig, tip, tape, clip-in, raw hair… in bulk, which are appropriate for wholesalers and distributors. We also support start-up companies to market their brands and other marketing activities.

 Contact K-Hair factory for wholesale price:

4. The differences between Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair- Should we choose Cambodian hair factory over Vietnamese ones?

Vietnamese hairCambodian hair
OriginVietnamese womenCambodian women
Lengthshort and natural long hair usually short hair
    • strong hair, can be used for dye and bleach
    • cuticles aligned
  • soft and silky hair
  • virgin hair
  • virgin- remy hair
    • weak hair
    • cuticles aligned
  • dry and hard hair
  • virgin hair
  • remy hair
Pricereasonable price, from $8.6/ bundlefluctuate, starting from $6/ bundle

5. Conclusion of Cambodian hair factory

Cambodian hair factory still a good choice for hair extension due to some of its good point. However, if you are finding higher quality hair, used for luxurious line with affordable price, you can choose Vietnamese hair from reliable Vietnamese top hair suppliers. Let stick with your purpose to buy hair and your target customers to choose the right items. Top 3 best Cambodian hair factories is the worth reading list for hair sellers to make your decisions. 


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