Our hair extensions are available from 8 inch to 30+ inch. Below is the length chart for reference as well as some FAQs about hair extension lengths that you may not know before.

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Hair length illustration

When it comes to hair extension lengths, there are many questions related to illustration of hair length on the body, hair lengths of different hair textures as well as how to measure the hair length of hair extensions properly.

  • How long are different hair lengths on my body? 

This is one of the most popular questions from hair extension end-users which are your customers when you are a hair extension seller. To answer this question, you can divide the hair extension length into 3 main groups for brief. 3 hair length groups are short, medium long and long ones. Short hair extensions are those with a length of shorter than 14 inches (popularly from 8-12 inches). Medium long hair consists of 14-20 inch long hair. Long hair extensions are those with 20+ inch lengths. Based on the hair texture and each person’s height, body shape and weight, one hair length can look different on people. However, there is a general measure that short hair is somewhere around your shoulder. Meanwhile, medium long hair is from shoulder to over the middle of your back, and long hair is longer than your middle back.

  • Do hair textures have such effects on how long the hair looks?

The answer is definitely yes. While bone straight or straight hair give you the right look of how long the hair is, your visual of curly hair is not its actual length. You may look at the curly hair extensions and think that the hair is shorter than your expectation and the supplier may have cheated. However, it is because of the curls that do make the hair “shrink” and look shorter. Therefore, please take notice and measure the hair length correctly. The curlier the hair is, the shorter it looks.

  • How to measure hair extension length properly?

So many misunderstandings between hair sellers and buyers have happened just because of the difference in the way of measuring the hair length. Please follow the hair factories’ guide as they are the ones who produce the hair and know exactly how long the hair is supposed to be.

    • To measure the length of hair bundles (hair weaves, tip tape hair extensions, clip hair wefts, etc), please use a tape measure and measure from the hair root to the tip of the hair tail. In case the hair texture is curly, don’t forget to stretch the hair before you measure it.
    • To measure the length of hair closures/frontals, you need to pay attention to their types. With middle part hair closures and frontals, please fold them and measure the hair length from the fold line to the tip of the hair tail. That’s how you identify the hair root easily. With free part hair closures and frontals, the measuring is less demanding. You just need to measure from the hair root to the tip of the hair tail. Also, never forget to stretch the hair with curly textures before measuring.

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Hope that our knowledge of hair extension lengths is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us on WhatsApp +84967894448.

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