3 Surprising Secrets of Vietnamese Hair Suppliers You Have Never Known

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Vietnamese hair has taken a substantial proportion of the world’s hair market. Hundreds of hair suppliers are established in Vietnam every year to meet the demands of all hair buyers around the world. Therefore, not all of them are good. Each supplier has distinct pros and cons, which will take you years to figure them out.

As a Vietnamese hair expert, I will briefly show you all the vital information that hair buyers, especially new businessman need to know in order to get the most suitable hair at reasonable prices.

1. Not all “Hair Factories” are Factories!

Does that sound a little bit confusing to you? Well, as illogical as it may, this fact is happening right now in Vietnam. 50% of all the “hair factories” that you see on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook are commercial companies, which are basically wholesalers that buy hair from other Vietnamese factories to resell for you and earn the profits. Supprising huh? Not only you but thousands of my clients were unbelievable when they first heard this.

On the other hand, these commercials companies are not entirely negative. They play a vital role in bringing Vietnamese hair to customers around the world. However, buying hair at lower prices from real hair factories is still better.

What are the solutions? I advise you to base on signs such as many factory’s photos, testimonials, or introduction videos. This is an example of an introduction of a real hair factory.


Vietnamese hair – Hair factory vs hair reseller

After all, if you still find it a bit hard to tell a hair factory and a wholesale hair reseller apart, you can consider our clarification here. The main specific feature is the answer to the question “What do they do?”. In addition, it will lead to a lot of differences in the hair quality grades, hair prices, policies and many more.

A hair factory is typical with these features:

  • What do hair factories do? They collect raw hair material, process it, produce hair extension products and distribute hair extensions to buyers of all scales all over the world. The production is carried out by skilled workers in hair factories with proper machines and techniques. The hair extensions will be then introduced and delivered to you by professional sales staff.
  • Why choose a hair factory? Dealing with a hair factory means dealing directly without any intermediaries. As a result, you can get the hair extensions with the best prices and fastest procedure. You will be guaranteed the working time and the hair quality. Just working with the hair factory once and you will see how effective and reliable it is!

A wholesale hair reseller is typical with these characteristics:

  • What do hair resellers do? They import hair extensions in quantities from wholesale hair factories or other wholesale hair vendors to re-distribute the products to smaller sellers. Wholesale hair resellers play a role of intermediaries who connect the hair factories’ products to customers.
  • Why choose a hair reseller? While hair factories can be far away and not so abundant or available in your area, wholesale hair resellers seem to be more available. You can conveniently visit hair extension stores to check the hair and deal with the sellers directly. This is really convenient when you want to buy hair extensions in a small quantity.

In conclusion, both wholesale hair factories and wholesale hair resellers can distribute hair in quantities at wholesale prices for you. However, a hair factory which directly produces the hair extensions by itself can guarantee the best criteria and policies. Therefore, choosing a hair factory is always recommended.


Vietnamese hair – Hair factory vs hair reseller

2. The most reasonable prices of Vietnamese hair

There are 3 main hair types on the planet which are China, Vietnam, and India. Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages.

  • Indian hair is the cheapest price but the lowest quality. Indian hair factories are reported to use a large amount of hair-balls or hair “waste” (unqualified hair) in their hair material sources. In addition to that, the hair extension production is so backwarded. Almost all the processes are done with human labor in small and out-dated hair warehouses.
  • Chinese hair has a low price but the hair can not be used for a long time. Chinese hair factories are famous for industrial-scale production. This can be a strength, but it also causes drawbacks in hair extension quality control. Hair factories in China also usually import raw hair from foreign countries, and the quality of raw hair is not guaranteed.
  • Vietnamese hair from a Vietnam hair factory is the most reasonable of all with good prices and suitable quality from famous hair suppliers. 100% of the hair material is Vietnamese human hair. In addition, the production is proper with skilled labors and suitable technique.
Vietnam-China-India hair

The reason for this is that Vietnamese hair factories can optimize all the manufacturing fees due to traditional technology and cheap sources of material. This point is certified after my years of experience and clients feedback. Then, you may wonder whether there is a Vietnamese hair factory in such a promising land in Lagos Nigeria, and the answer is clarified here.

3. Flexible Technology

When it comes to the technology of hair factories, there is a lot to discuss. A hair factory can apply conventional simple methods to produce hair extensions. Meanwhile, others can use modern machines and techniques to help in the production. We can divide the technology into 2 main categories: hand-technology and advanced technology. Below are further explanations about them. Let’s see how the technologies are flexibly used in Vietnam hair factory!

3.1. Hand-technology – the tradition of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese factories are traditional hair village in the north of Vietnam. They are basically family business. After years of producing, they upgraded the technology, hired more workers, therefore, expanded the business.

Some people may wonder: “They mainly work by hand. Will they be able to meet the quality and efficiency standards?”

The answer is and always will be “Definitely”. Initially, hand-technology is obviously the ultimate option for hair manufacturing which requires skilfulness and carefulness to produce faultless hair. Additionally, they are all skillful workers with 10 to 20 years of experience in the hair filed. They are experienced and professional hair in bulk suppliers, so you needn’t so worry!

Experience workers

3.2. Advanced technology

Of course, Vietnamese hair factories can not supply up to tons of hair within a short time by just using human effort. They have bought the most up to date machine and studied highly-advanced technology from other countries such as the USA, Russia, or the UK. Then, they can meet the demands of more buyers and become one of the most reliable human hair bulk distributors worldwide.

Steaming machine of K-Hair

This is the steaming machine from K-Hair Factory, one of the leading hair wholesale factories in Vietnam. Undoubtedly, this is a proof showing that Vietnamese hair factories are not inferior to other factories in the world.


There are numerous hair suppliers in Vietnam and not all of them are good. All the information above are basic things that all buyers need to know. In order to become a successful hair businessman in the Vietnamese hair market, you need to research as much as possible. In such a digital age like this, you can totally use social media and online platforms!

If you need further useful information about hair business or Vietnamese hair, I highly recommend you read Charles’s Blog – a 5 year-experience expert in human hair or contact: WhatsApp: +84833799888 for the best advice.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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