2 biggest issues when it comes to hair care after buying wholesale hair extensions are: how to maintain the hair quality during storage and how to take care of the hair during usage. All hair sellers do need to know these pieces of knowledge, so that you can keep it for yourself and also give your customers good advice to build trust.

1. Hair Care during Storage

With many years of experience in the wholesale hair business, we can come up with some of the most frequently asked questions about proper hair care during storage as follows:

  • Where to best store the hair extensions? If you have an offline store and especially a hair salon, it is necessary to display the hair to show it to your customers vividly. Then what you need is a clean dry place and make sure that you check up on the hair extensions frequently to fix any tangle, shedding or other hair issues. Of course, you just need to display the hair extension samples, and you can totally keep the rest properly in specialized plastic bangs for hair extension storage.
  • Should I add any hair care during storage? If you keep the hair in plastic bags in a dry place, then additional hair care is not really necessary. On the other hand, if you keep the hair outside for a long time for display, you do need some simple hair care techniques. The most popular issue is that your hair extensions get dry and tangled. In this case, please choose the right type of comb to brush the hair gently. Also, don’t forget to add a little hair oil to make the hair smooth and untangled.
Hair Care during Storage

Hair extension display & storage

2. Hair Care during Usage for End-Users

When it comes to hair extension care for end-users, there are so many steps to consider. Here are the very basic ones to nail.

  • How to comb the hair extensions properly? This is a simple question but not all people know the thorough answer. 2 things to remember are choosing the right comb and using the right technique; both of which are all about the hair textures. For straight hair, you can use a normal comb, but please use a wide-tooth comb for curly hair if you don’t want to ruin its beautiful texture. In addition, please be gentle when there is a hair tangle. It is recommended that you untangle the hair from hair tail back to hair root.
  • How to wash hair extensions? This question is not all about technique but also the very frequency. We literally all know the hair extension washing technique as it is the same as how we do with our own hair, gently with proper hair care products. What to also remember is that don’t wash the hair too frequently as it can make the hairstyle and quality degrade more quickly.
  • Can I restyle the hair? This is possible but should be avoided. This is how you save your hair extensions from being additionally damaged. Instead of adding far more heat or chemicals for restyling, why not add something more soothing like hair serum, hair oil or even hair mask for more care!
Hair Care during Usage for End-Users

Hair extension care at home

All of these are simple steps in hair extension storage and care. We are sure that you will apply them well to maintain your hair extensions!

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