A Guide To Vintage Style: How To Dress Like A Vintage Lady In 2023

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Love the vintage style but don’t know how to wear it without looking like your grandma? Wanting something different from all the normal chic and modern fashion? Well, then you’re in luck. Here are some of the simplest tips to dress like a real vintage soul but with style. Let’s see how you can slay the vintage style look and look like a real classy queen. 

Vintage is a great style to try. The retro hype has taken over the Internet for a couple of years now and it has no sign of stopping, so why not go and give it a try too? With these simple tricks and rips, you can turn your modern outfit into a classy timeless vintage attire with just what you have already had in your closet. No need for fancy shopping or asking your grandma for her old dress, you can be vintage in your own way. 

1. Vintage Style No 1: Modern Retro

Go vintage, but don’t go too vintage and old school that will make you look like a young grandma and look older than 50 years of your age. You want to look fashionably vintage, not outdated and antiquated. There is a difference. So, a good trick to wear vintage-style clothing without looking old and out of style is that don’t go full-on vintage clothes. 

If you think those vintage clothes will look just as nice as the aesthetically pleasing retro photo shoot you see on Pinterest, you’re sadly mistaken. Wearing full-on vintage clothes, even when they’re easy to combine with the same retro style essentials, can make you look old rather than just vintage. Adding modern pieces along with your vintage essentials will give you better results. For instance, you can wear an old-style rock band and retro sunnies, while keeping your jeans and shoes modern. Keep on experimenting with your outfit by practicing and putting on different combos. It can be a tee from 1990s fashion styled with a light sweater from 1940 completed with a trendy parka and skinny jeans.


Vintage Style: Modern Retro

2. Vintage Style: Fitting Clothes

Like with every other style of clothing, a good vintage outfit needs to be fitting in order for it to look good. Not only from the fashion photoshoots nowadays, but you can also see references from the old era especially during the ’50s, whereas the clothes are also quite form-fitting and many strive to give that hourglass silhouette. The outfit accentuates the waist and the curves of your body, making contrast and flatter your body figure. 

If the vintage pieces you choose look slouchy or baggy on you, then take them to a professional tailor so they can make adjustments and help them fit you better. This is mostly the case when you get your vintage hunt in thrift stores. Tailor them if you must. Nobody likes the look of a sloppy outfit that is going to fall apart. 

To make the outfit more amazing, choosing a proper hairstyle is important. Besides styling your own hair, you can use the hair extensions and customize any styles you want. The wholesale hair distributor business now are blooming, so it is quite easy for you to choose a reliable supplier.


Vintage Style: Fitting Clothes

3. Vintage Style: Vintage Prints On Modern Clothes

Okay, so you don’t have any vintage items in your closet and don’t have time or money to go on a new vintage hunt, or you just don’t feel comfortable wearing vintage pieces yet. So what to do when you run into this situation but still want to dress vintage for your next photoshoot? Well, just use what you have already had in your closet! 

You can turn your normal everyday clothes into a retro outfit by matching and mixing them the retro way. Try modern separates completed with vintage prints, like polka dots, old-style florals, etc. The way you dress will also affect the end result. Make sure you show off your hourglass figure by tucking in your shirt. This is the easiest way to achieve that very special look and make you look unique. In addition, skirt is undoubtedly a must-have item when it comes to modern clothes. Therefore, learning best ways wear a skirt is also highly recommended.


Vintage Style: Vintage Prints On Modern Clothes

4. Vintage Style: Vintage And Denim

To make a vintage outfit look great, try denim. It’s a cool way to add color and contrast to your vintage attire. You can wear cool jeans with a tee that has a retro print on it, and tuck in the shirt for a more retro vibe. Top it off with some denim jacket to make everything look even cooler. 

This will allow you to transform your everyday basic jeans and tee outfit into retro attire. Just make sure the tee you put on has some vintage pattern like stripes or check pattern to make the look pop up. 

This style will go pretty well with the bob hairstyle. You can try the hair extension products produced by the best hair factory beforehand to see whether you are suitable with the hairstyle or not. After that, you can decide to whether style your real hair or keep using hair extensions for flexible hair styling.


Vintage Style: Vintage And Denim

5. Vintage Style: Vintage Accessories

And last but not least, if you feel your vintage outfit still missing a touch, then it’s time to accessorize yourself. Using vintage accessories and jewelry with your modern outfit can create a very interesting retro look. This is the simplest way to create that sophisticated vintage-versus-modern look.

For instance, you can try putting on cat eyes sunglasses with a bold frame and wrap some colorful scarf on your head the next time you wear your little black dress. It will instantly turn your whole look into that of an old-time Hollywood movie star. 


Vintage Style: Vintage Accessories

Those are some of the simplest tricks to wear vintage style without looking out of date. The key doesn’t lay in the clothes that you have, but rather how you wear them. You can wear vintage modern clothes. And if you want more styling tips, then check out our Top 5 Best Chic Outfit Ideas Of 2021 and Trending Fashion Styles That You Should Check Out In 2021. Your hair deserves the best style too so while you’re at it, check out our amazing ombre, wavy, or raw bulk hair extensions too.

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