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If you are a big fan of thick hair with the desire for gorgeous and splendid all the time, we are unique here for you guys with the flow information of tape in extensions. On the one hand, we highly recommend utilizing the amazing use of hair extensions for frizzy or weak origin hair. On the flip side, we are so concerned that users may opt for the low quality products which cause damage as much during application. In this writing, we will clarify the facts behind tape in extensions damage as a way to give you the new insights as well. Let’s come through right now.


Tape in extensions damage

1. Tape in extensions damage – Get to know tape in extensions

First thing first, we definitely provide all aspects of tape in extensions damage with further information before talking about others like hair care routine for damaged hair or so on. 

1.1 Tape in extensions damage – What are tape in extensions? 

For those who have the first experience with tape in in the following time, tape in extensions belongs to the collection of hair extensions with the main function to give you the best outstanding hair look. There is something strange about the application of tape in, also the difference to distinguish tape in extensions damage to any kind of hair extensions!

Obviously, hair vendors tend to use human hair for tape in extensions, which are applied in the hair of users with the support of specific tape in. This type of extensions tape in can be applied directly to each small clump of hair, so even if you aren’t a hairstylist, you can do it on your own. Compared to weft hair, another kind of extension for buyers for thick hair, to install weft on our hair, you are likely to base on the support of skillful hairstylists or hair salons with much time. 


Tape in extensions damage – What are tape in extensions?

The concise and simple application seems to become a unique point for tape in extensions in the list of trendy hair extensions in the hair industry. For more information about tape in extensions damage, let’s check out the next part of our content. 

1.2 The hair source for tape in extensions

In the hair industry, to create premium tape in hair extensions and avoid tape in extensions damage specifically, hair extensions in general, hair suppliers tend to offer three main hair source as below: 

  • Virgin for tape in hair extensions: talking about the material of hair vendors, we can’t ignore virgin as a premium one. We always admit the amazing performance of leading virgin hair with perfect cuticle alignment from the only donor. One more thing, virgin tape in hair extensions are considered to have the highest duration and have the lowest chance of tape in extensions damage. This hair source is proven for the motto: the quality of hair products is equivalent to the money! 

Tape in extensions damage – Virgin hair extensions

  • Remy for tape in hair extensions: the next popular hair source to prevent tape in extensions damage launched to consumers is called remy hair. While virgin hair is collected from the only donor, remy hair is created from at least two people with the same hair structure in a relative way. The reason for the prevalence of this hair material is its reasonable price, along with good quality generally. 

Tape in extensions damage – Remy hair extensions

  • Non-remy for tape in hair extensions: belong to the last thing of hair source, non-remy tape in extensions damage will be mentioned here. Due to different donors, the quality products from non-remy seem to be inferior with inexpensive prices. For those who are about to order tape in hair extensions without tape in extensions damage, non-remy is still a good choice which is consumed in a short period of time. 

Tape in extensions damage – Non-remy hair extensions

1.3 The price of tape in extensions? 

Not only tape in extensions damage, price of hair extensions overall is determined by two main factors: the quality and the length. As we mentioned earlier, the price is definitely equivalent to the quality of tape in extensions. The truth is that virgin tape in extensions is more expensive than non-remy or synthetic tape in extensions, right? In this field, it is absolutely vital to identify your demands, your budget before taking an order for hair extensions products. 

The length is another element that needs to be considered. When buyers tend to order tape in extensions with 24 inch, the price must be higher than tape in extensions with 18 inch. Thus, look at the price chart, opt for hair extensions products and don’t forget to compare their price with other hair vendors for the best. In case you want to pick up the proper length for your origin hair without tape in extensions damage, it is better to talk with hair stylists for the best with big advice for you guys! 


Tape in extensions damage – Prices of tape in hair extensions

1.4 Tape in extensions damage – How to buy tape in extensions

One of the most popular questions about tape in extensions damage is how buyers can buy these hairstyles with the good price and services. Follow us to know which they are: 

  • Order through websites to buy tape in extensions: Besides launching official business on websites or fan pages of hair vendors, buyers also offer these channels for buying tape in extensions without tape in extensions damage or hair extensions products in a convenient and fast way. If you get into any troubles, don’t forget to ask for customer services or sellers for the details. 
  • Order through e-commercial platforms to buy tape in extensions: There is no need to show off the prevalence and benefits to buy tape in extensions without tape in extensions damage. Whatever you need is a smart phone and pick up the desired products according to your criteria. 

Tape in extensions damage – How to buy tape in hair extensions

  • Order through physical stores to buy tape in extensions: Another feasible way for ordering hair extensions goods is to go to physical stores with practical experience and chances to try in a direct manner. Such reliable hair stores will usually buy wholesale hair extensions from the best hair factory for reselling. This is quality guaranteed, but this method is impossible for those who are living far from those stores as well. 

2. Pro tips for tape in extensions damage

Whereas a minority of people always believe that wearing tape in extensions may cause damage called tape in extensions damage. Our answer is both yes and no. There are some reasons behind this. If consumers opt for the low quality tape in extension damage and find out this shortcoming after use, the chance for causing harm is higher than ever. On the flip side, during application tape in hair extensions, buyers often ignore proper hair care routine to boost the performance of hair extensions. This potentially leads to the damage level for consumers and causes their concerns. So, what is the solution?

  • Pick up premium tape in extensions from prestigious hair suppliers: The first and leading tips for the concerns of buyers is to convey which is the top reliable hair vendor with superior hair source for tape in extensions to prevent tape in extensions damage. This is no longer a challenge that buyers can approach on the vote of Google or feedback from previous clients. If you bump into some big names, namely K- hair or 5S Vietnamese hair vendors, it is time for you to select good tape in hair extensions. 

Tips for tape in extensions damage – Know the hair condition

  • Choose proper and natural hair care products: Because of the large number of hair care brands in the world, it is highly recommended to consider them for the best results in avoiding tape in extensions damage. The note is that, instead of choosing hair products with harsh elements, buyers need to select mild ones extracted naturally, including oil, butter, biotin, vitamins, minerals, rosemary tea for hair, beneficial acid, or sort of like that. Let’s try and experience their performance. 
  • Add up essential nutrients for hair on a frequent basis: The development of hair has a lot in common with the development of our body. It needs to supply daily nutrients according to each and every single hair conditions. Don’t forget to consume foods with essential nutrients for hair strands. 

Tips for tape in extensions damage – Choose proper products and add nutrients

  • Learn how to brush hair in an appropriate manner: One more tip for caring tape in extensions is to have a proper habit for combing hair on a daily basis. Besides the highest quality of tape in extensions damage, to make sure this hairstyle may last for such a long time, it is better to use specific comb for brushing hair all the time to prevent common related hair problems. 
  • Dry hair in the right way: On some busy days, clients tend to take full use of hair blowers for drying hair. According to hair experts, if possible, minimize this tool for healthy hair and replace them with a microfibre towel gently. Using a hair blower has a negative impact on hair with tangled conditions and hair loss as much. 
  • Protect hair all the time: Not only protecting hair from the inside with an essential diet daily, it is also a vital part for keeping hair strands from external forces and also avoiding tape in extensions damage. In other words, users need to stay away from exposure to UV rays in outdoor activities, including swimming or running with a hat. Besides, during our bed time, we can use a silk or satin pillowcase or a hair bonnet to save hair for a gorgeous hair look the next morning. 

Tips for tape in extensions damage – Protect the hair

3. The bottom line for tape in extensions damage 

Nowadays, it is not difficult to pick up tape in extensions from hair suppliers. Whether you are living in Asian regions, India, Europe or anywhere, you can approach these fashionable hairstyles with a high speed. However, there are not many consumers to have a deeper understanding about tape in extensions damage and give the sound decisions with desired quality. One more time, we suggest you guys figure out the best famous retail hair vendors or top wholesale hair vendors for tape in hair extensions in this case, or hair extensions goods generally. 


Tape in extensions damage – The bottom line

Besides, with our sharing of hair care routine for tape in extensions damage, buyers can apply them in a proper manner with your hair conditions to get the best results. The cheap price is important, while the premium of hair extensions products is much more vital to make sure this hair extension style can accompany you for a long- term period of time. Hope with our content in this article, we could give readers a new perspective, combined with practical advice for your wish hair look. 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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