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If you are a new entrant to the hair industry, it can be quite confusing sometimes (if not say most of the time) to differentiate among numerous hair products. One of the most common questions that we found among customers is about remy Indian hair extensions, not only in terms of their characteristics but also of their quality and price. In this article we would like to eradicate your frustration once and for all by walking you through the definition of remy Indian hair extensions to comparison of remy Indian hair extensions with other remy hair regarding quality and price, as well as how to find remy Indian hair extensions suppliers and why customers looking for top quality remy hair extensions should purchase Vietnamese products instead of remy Indian hair extensions.


Remy Indian Hair Extensions

1. Definition of remy Indian hair extensions

In the very first part, we would provide definition of remy Indian hair extensions by dividing this term into two parts: firstly, what is remy hair extension and secondly, characteristics of remy Indian hair extensions. This would help customers to get an overview of remy Indian hair extensions so that they could better grasp the content when we compare remy Indian hair extensions to Chinese and Vietnamese products.

1.1. What are remy hair extensions

Remy hair is hair that is collected from salons, households, etc. Remy hair can be divided into two types: the first type is hair that was not chemically treated. The main difference between remy hair and virgin hair in this case is that virgin hair is cut directly from a specific hair donor, while remy hair is collected from different hair donors and bundled together.

The second type of remy hair is hair that has been chemically treated. This type of hair definitely cannot be compared in terms of quality to the remy hair illustrated above. Nonetheless, the most reputable suppliers would choose the least damaged remy hair to manufacture and later sell it to customers.


Remy Indian hair extensions – What are remy hair extensions

1.2. Characteristics of remy Indian hair extensions

It is noteworthy that most Indian hair suppliers sell remy and non-remy hair extensions. Remy Indian hair extensions can be categorized into two main types: temple hair and hair collected from salons, households, etc. Temple hair is hair that is cut directly from Hinduism practitioners as they have a tradition to shave their head to express their honor and gratitude when making a wish to their Gods. Since the natural characteristics of Indian hair include thin, curvy and easy to shed and tangle, temple hair is (most of the time) bundled together from different Hinduism practitioners and becomes remy Indian hair extensions.

Due to their natural characteristics, remy Indian hair extensions can be considered of the lowest quality among all types of hair products, especially when being compared with top quality products in the market like Vietnamese hair products.


Remy Indian hair extensions – Indian temple hair

2. Comparisons of remy Indian hair extensions with other remy hair

In the second section, we would like to make comparisons among remy Indian hair extensions vs remy hair extensions from Chinese and Vietnamese hair suppliers, both in terms of price and quality. We hope that through this section, customers looking for the best hair products to purchase can get an overall picture of remy hair market in general before making the final decision.

2.1. Remy Indian hair extensions vs Remy Chinese hair extensions

In terms of quality, remy Chinese hair extensions and remy Indian hair extensions are comparably the same. Remy Chinese hair extensions are also mainly collected from households and hair salons. However, because of economic development, which leads to significant improvements in the living conditions of the nationals, most Chinese women do not have the demand to sell their hair for money anymore. As a result, Chinese suppliers have to import raw hair materials from other foreign countries as alternatives, most of which are from India thanks to convenient logistics network as well as cheap prices

Regarding price, the same situation is applied since the price of remy Chinese hair extensions is just slightly higher than that of remy Indian hair extensions. The additional costs that Chinese hair suppliers have to bear include import-related costs and investments on advanced machines that facilitate Chinese suppliers in manufacturing and processing hair products. However, the marginal cost on each product is small, so basically price of remy Indian hair extensions and remy Chinese hair extensions is the same.

Below are two examples of price list from a remy Chinese vs Indian hair extensions supplier for better explanation.


Remy Indian hair extensions price list


Remy Chinese hair extensions price list

2.2. Remy Indian hair extensions vs Remy Vietnamese hair extensions

In terms of quality, remy Vietnamese hair extensions are superior to remy Indian hair extensions. Whilst remy Indian hair extensions are considered of worst quality due to their unfavourable natural features, remy Vietnamese hair extensions are famous over the whole international hair extensions market thanks to their exceptionally high quality and characteristics, including sulky, strong and as a result, sustainable, Vietnamese hair suppliers are also reputable to be very strict with their input raw hair materials. They refuse to use hair that has been severely damaged because of heat or chemicals as products to sell to their customers.

With regards to price, since remy Vietnamese hair extensions are considered as the best remy hair extensions in the hair market, their price is also less accessible compared to their Indian counterparts. However, it does not necessarily mean that the price of remy Vietnamese hair extensions is unaffordable or unreasonable. In fact, remy Vietnamese hair extensions have gained a lot of reputation from the very first time being distributed in the market for top quality and reasonable price rates. In the majority of consumers that have purchased remy Vietnamese hair extensions products all are pleasantly surprised with the quality of the products, the prices as well as the considerate customer services offered by Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Below is an example of price list from K-Hair – the top Vietnamese remy hair extensions supplier in the current market.


Vietnamese hair extension price list

In the second section, we have explained the differences between remy Indian hair extensions remy hair extensions from China and Vietnamese. In conclusion, remy Indian hair extensions are arguably the worst remy hair products currently being distributed in the market, especially when compared with products manufactured by Vietnamese suppliers. The greatest strength of remy Indian hair extensions products, however, lie in their prices. 

3. How to find remy Indian hair extensions suppliers

For customers that prefer the cheap prices of remy Indian hair extensions or have no other feasible options, we would like to suggest some possible ways in finding the most reliable remy Indian hair extensions suppliers for your business.

3.1. Finding remy Indian hair extensions suppliers through search engines

Google is arguably the best way for people to look for something. With the facilitation of the Internet, nowadays information is at the fingertips of everyone. For hair consumers, the only thing that they need to do when searching for remy Indian hair extensions suppliers online is to type the term on the search bar and then Google’s algorithm would suggest a plethora of results related to the term that customers are searching.


Finding remy Indian hair extensions suppliers through search engines

However, we would like to remind customers to click the websites that are put on the top of the page or most recommended (besides advertisements). Most of these websites are either have the most traffic (which essentially means that most customers like you click on this website) or Google’s algorithm analyzes them to be trustworthy and reliable.

Apart from Google, there are multiple search engines that customers can leverage based on their preferences, including Bing, Yahoo, etc.

3.2. Finding remy Indian hair extensions suppliers through social media

At least every remy hair extensions supplier has an official account on social media platforms to interact with customers and promote the quality and price of their products. You can find the account of the suppliers through directly searching for them on search engines as depicted above, or go to social media sites as a substitute option. 


Finding remy Indian hair extensions suppliers through social media

However, when searching for hair suppliers on social media, customers should pay attention to the most popular social media platform in the country of the suppliers. For example, for remy or any types of Indian hair extensions, the most famous social media platform in India is WhatsApp, while in Vietnam the case is Facebook. Knowing this beforehand would save customers tons of time in reaching for the one remy hair extensions supplier that they are looking for.

The biggest advantage of this method over using search engines is that customers can contact directly with customer service staff of the supplier. They can provide you with all information needed before making a decision whether to buy from that supplier or not. The attitudes and consideration of the staff can also be considered good criteria in choosing a long-term business partner.

3.3. Finding remy Indian hair extensions suppliers through e-commerce sites

In this digital era, e-commerce sites are becoming more and more popular, and hair suppliers are definitely not behind the trend: there are innumerable official accounts of hair suppliers all around the world for customers to choose from. However, there are some signs that customers should pay extra attention to to spot out the best option.

The first sign that customers should consider is the ratings and comments of prior customers. This can be regarded as the most reliable source of information since it depicts the most overview picture of the products in terms of price and quality. If the ratings and comments are mostly negative, this supplier is absolutely not worth further contacting.

The second sign is the way the supplier illustrates their product portfolio on e-commerce sites. If you find it confusing to understand the product description, as well as there are no further information about the price and contact address, this is a big red sign to tell customers to turn away this remy Indian hair extensions supplier.


Finding remy Indian hair extensions suppliers through e-commerce sites

3.4. Finding remy Indian hair extensions suppliers through trading networks

Last but not least, there is another way for customers to find remy Indian hair extensions suppliers, which is through their own trading network. Trading network here means business partners, colleagues, etc. that have industry experience and general information about remy Indian hair extensions.

However, this method is only feasible to those that have been in the market for a long time, which enables them to build their own trading relationships. Customers that have friends or relatives working in India can also use this method, however preferably their friends and relatives should also be working in the Indian hair industry to be trustworthy when recommending the most suitable remy Indian hair extensions supplier.

4. Top remy Indian hair extensions suppliers

After describing some ways to find remy Indian hair extensions, in this section, we would like to do you a favor: we are going to recommend the best remy Indian hair extensions suppliers in the market for the time being. We hope that this section can save you some time in figuring out the best remy Indian hair extensions supplier for your preference.

4.1. Indian Hair

This hair enterprise has been on the market for 40 years, specializing in “Best Remy Virgin Indian hair”, which comes directly from temples in south India. All of their hair weaves are laboratory certified to be of 100% human hair. Their product portfolio is also quite large, ranging from original line, signature curly to colors, closures, frontals, etc. With such an expertise in hair industry, they are guaranteed to provide the best remy Indian hair extensions products to their customers.


Top remy Indian hair extensions supplier

Another advantage that Indian Hair provides their customers is that they expose reviews from prior customers to promote the quality of their products. We believe this is a great way to interact with potential customers and build reliability and trust towards them

4.2. Bellami Hair

Bellami Hair focuses on hair extensions of all types, from normal remy Indian hair extensions to luxurious, high-end products silk seam hair extensions, which features Bellami’s renowned Invisi-Weft technology. This enables remy Indian hair extensions from Bellami to be extremely sulky and gorgeous with a large range of shades and styles, tailored to cater to all customers’ preferences.

Apart from hair extensions, Bellami Hair also provides human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs, clip-in bangs, etc. With years of experience in hair industry, not only in hair extensions but also in technology and other hair products, customers choosing Bellami hair can be assured to have a holistic service with them.


Top remy Indian hair extensions supplier

4.3. Remy Hair Distributors

Remy Hair Distributors embrace natural beauty of Indian women and as a result, they mainly provide products like virgin weave, natural curly clip-ons, etc. Their product portfolio focuses on organic hair extensions which is made from 100% Indian remy human hair. 

Their motto is to make customers “Feel Luxurious” with their products and service. With the experience accumulated in the hair industry, hope they can satisfy all your needs.

5. Why and how to buy from K-Hair instead of remy Indian hair extensions

As discussed in the second part, the quality of remy Vietnamese hair extensions is not superior to only remy Indian hair extensions but also the rest of the hair industry. Hence, customers seeking real quality hair extensions products should never be worried about products made in Vietnam. K-Hair is a true hair warehouse which provides hair from the factory. In terms of price and customer service, Vietnamese hair suppliers have always been famous for their consideration towards their customers. However, the only Vietnamese supplier that can satisfy all these criteria at the next level is K-Hair. In order to save you the time and effort to find information related to K-Hair, we would like to provide some basic information about K-Hair and how to buy from them below.

K-Hair is proud to be top 1 hair manufacturer in Vietnam in all aspects: quality, price and service. K-Hair provides only products of the highest quality which can be divided into luxury raw hair materials and specialized production. 100% of hair extensions products are from Vietnamese women’s hair, which has gained a reputation for sulky, smooth and strong characteristics. At such top quality, however, K-Hair still sets prices at a reasonable rate, and when customers become regular or buy wholesale, customers can be granted with favorable conditions such as sales discounts. K-Hair’s customer service is also top-tier as they have competent staff who have good commands of multiple languages, including English, Spanish, etc.


Below are the detailed steps that customers should follow when contacting K-Hair. We guarantee that they can meet your strictest requirements.


Why and how to buy from K-Hair instead of remy Indian hair extensions

Step 1: Customers first need to go to their website to get some basic information about the company, the product portfolio as well as reviews and comments of prior customers to have a better understanding about K-Hair

Step 2: Send the products requested including all details related like texture, length, color, etc. to their Hotline number: +84 96 789 4448. Customers can also choose to contact customer service staff through WhatsApp for further information. K-Hair is famous for top quality customer service, with staff acquiring professional proficiency in languages like English, Spanish, etc. that are on demand 24/7 so that every customer’s request can be clarified as soon as possible.

Step 3: Confirm the order 

Step 4: After receiving your order, K-Hair would immediately send the official receipt and the request affirmation through your email. The only thing that you need to do in this step is to confirm and conduct the payment so that K-Hair manufacturing team can start working on your order

Step 5: The service that only customers using K-Hair can have is that K-Hair enables customers to know FOR SURE the progress of the manufacturing of the products. Customers cannot find this service from any other hair supplier. This helps build a long-term and trusting relationship between trading partners.

Step 6: In this step, K-Hair would send a video illustrating the order. They commit to the principle that they would only send the products to the customers if the products have met the requirements. After receiving your confirmation, K-Hair would start the shipment.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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