Weft Hair Color Chart

Our weft hair extensions can be classified into 5 main groups, including those with natural color (black), 613 blond, dark colors, medium light colors and light colors. Below are illustrations. You can also send us the colors you want, so we can customize them for you as well.

K-Hair Factory weft hair color synthesis

K-Hair Factory weft hair color catalog

  • Black is our natural hair color. This is understandable as all of our hair extension products are made of Vietnamese human hair. Vietnamese hair is naturally black and straight. However, it may be because of the sunny weather that the hair can be not totally 1B (black) but brownish black sometimes. This looks pretty natural. In case you want it to be dyed black, we can also do this for you. Be assured that you are taken good care of by our professional sales staff, so you will be fully informed.
  • 613 blond is the lightest shade of blond color. The only way to achieve this hair color is to bleach the hair. If you’ve been working in the hair business for a period of time, you will know that only high-quality raw virgin hair can be bleached and achieve this color. K-Hair guarantees to use 100% virgin hair for bleaching, so we can supply this lightest 613 color human hair.
  • Dark colors include 2 main colors which are chestnut/ombre chestnut and brown/ombre brown. In addition, we also offer piano colors which are great combinations of dark colors and highlights. Piano colour 1 is the combination of brown and dark blond highlights while piano colour 3 is the combination of black and blond highlights. They are perfect colors for an elegant classy look. These hair colors are extremely popular and suitable for customers all over the world with different preferences and styles.
  • Medium light colors from K-Hair Factory are the most diverse in the color catalog. We offer both full versions and ombre versions of these medium light colors. For ombre type of color, a dark root like black one is typically chosen. This black root just goes well with all the medium light colors we have, including green, blue, pink, dark purple, dark wine, orange, gold brown, red wine and so on. These colors are suitable for ones who love a colorful look.
  • Light colors are all shades of blond colors which are a little bit not as light as the 613 blond one. The most popular shade is the gold blond color. Light color is loved by both US-UK and African customers, 2 of our main customer groups. To achieve such light colors, the hair is required to be bleached to get rid of all natural melanin which makes the hair black naturally. This requires using high-quality virgin hair extensions, and K-Hair can guarantee so.
  • Custom colors are also what K-Hair can offer. Unlike many sole commercial resell hair companies, K-Hair is the real hair factory. Therefore, we have all the resources needed to customize the unique hair colors for customers. You just need to send us the picture of the colors you want, then we will give further advice if necessary and process the hair for you.
K-Hair Factory horizontal hair color samples

K-Hair Factory weft hair color samples

Raw Slavic Hair Color Chart

Besides, we also supply hair extensions with colors which are suitable for European tastes. A variety of brunette, blond and ash shades are available for you to choose from.

Synthetic hair color K-Hair Slavic

K-Hair Slavic hair color catalog

K-Hair Slavic top popular hair colors

K-Hair Slavic hair popular colors

Below are the illustrations for all of the hair colors available in our catalog. Please contact WhatsApp +84967894448 for further discussion on the colors as well as custom ones.

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