Hair Industry: A Promising Land in Africa

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Haircare in Africa has become a multi-billion dollar industry and has even influenced China and India and attracted the world’s cosmetic giants like Unilever and L’Oreal. Income and demand for black continent women are increasing rapidly.

1. African countries thrive on the hair industry

Women everywhere love beauty and need to change their hairstyle regularly. African women change hairstyles, on average, 6 to 12 times per year. They opened up a vast business opportunity for the beauty businesses, especially the hair in bulk one here and created a multibillion-dollar industry. This trend is especially prevalent in Nigeria, Africa, where women change their hairstyles, on average, 6 to 12 times per year.


Hair Salon in Nigeria

Market research firm Euromonitor International recently estimated that more than $6 billion worth of shampoos, conditioners, and straightening oils were out of stock in South Africa, Nigeria, and Cameroon in 2018.

The above impressive figure does not reflect the market of 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, where there is a particular need for matching, knitting artificial or real hair wigs. However, the pursuit of this beauty technology is not unique to Nigeria. You can also read more about the general hair business market to get more concrete information, too!

2. African women spend heavily on beauty

The hair industry is leading the trend. African women believe that it is necessary to spend money to buy hair and beautify themselves.

With smooth hands and skillful skill, Esther Ogble diligently braided wigs for a female client.


The hairdressers are busy at the Wuse market

Nearby, three other girls are patiently waiting for their turn to spend 40 USD (equivalent to 820,000 VND) for a few hours of hairdressing, a not small amount in the country where people earn less than 2 USD / day. The unique thing is that Ogble’s “hair salon” is just a large umbrella stretching out in the Wuse market in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

“I need braid to look better”, – a 25-year-old Nigerian girl named Blessing James shared. In this country, many women like James are willing to spend a few hours fixing their hair for $ 40, a pretty high amount in a country where many earn less than $ 2 a day. Interestingly, even women who cover their heads while on the street want to beautify their hair.

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A hair salon in suburban Johannesburg, South Africa

It is the hairdressers like Ogble, who are the typical models showing that the income is on the rise and the sense of beauty “human corner” of the black continent. The Reuters news agency revealed that Nigerian singer Muma Gee recently heavily spent 500,000 nairas ($ 3,100) to get hair made from 11 wigs.

Buli Dhlomo, a 20-year-old South African student, said: “Leaving a hairstyle for too long makes me bored. I’m going to cut it short and dye my hair copper. That style is awe-inspiring. I left it there at the beginning of the year, it looks nice,” said Dhlomo, who said she could spend 4,000 rands ($ 370) braiding her hair.

For sure, there is a growing demand for hairdressing products in Africa, especially for wigs. “Hair is very, very important,” said Josephine Ezeh, a passionate hairdresser in Nigeria.

3. Who should Africa choose to develop the hair industry?

It is the “sublimation” in Africa’s hair industry that has affected countries “thousands of miles away,” namely China, India, and Vietnam in Asia. Most of the wigs in Africa are sourced from wholesale hair vendors, especially from Asia at a high price because they last longer, retain moisture, and be dyed.

  • In India

The supplies of wigs are plentiful, from Hindu temples to retail hair buyers. Hindu devotees in India do not know that the donated hair can go thousands of kilometers and can receive vast sums of money. They collect hair from pilgrims to give and sell. These devotees, including the poor, use their hair as sacrifices, to show their hearts to gods.


Indian Raw hair

Every day, about 500 to 600 barbers are working in addition to 20,000 heads. The Indian woman’s hair has a characteristic look that is more curly and frizz, which is very different from smooth Vietnamese best human hair bulk K-Hair. Because the climate in India is mainly hot and the arid desert in the west. Indian hair prices are cheaper for that reason, suitable for the majority of people with moderate income, and still want to beautify themselves.

  • In China

A giant hair exporter in the world at prices so cheap that buyers can’t believe it. China can produce a wide variety of hair types at prices affordable to consumers.


Differences between synthetic and human hair

However, many Chinese merchants take advantage of the African country to create inferior quality hair products. Specifically, hair from synthetic or blended hair is primary. There is also a hair made from yak hair that is allergic to many people. Indeed, China can transform all the most trivial things into essential human hair.


Animal hair is allergic to many people

For such reasons, the hair industry is always diverse and plentiful with all designs, styles, quality, especially price. China and India have always been at the forefront with meager amounts; in return, you can see the origin of their hair above. Africans bought it very rarely to distinguish between human hair or animal hair, from synthetic hair. All are beautiful at the first purchase, after one month of use, the lousy quality began to appear.

  • In Vietnam


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