WAVY HAIR: 5+ Most stunning styles of WAVY HAIR for 2020 Christmas.

How many beautiful wavy curls do you know? Just with curly hair, there is a variety to help you look young and beautiful like superstars. Their young and beautiful secret is considered mainly due to their hairstyle. They always know how to refresh themselves with suitable and modern hairstyles, following trends. It would be a pity if you have no idea of some trendy hairstyles, especially wave hair.


We can tell from the name that wavy hair consists of wavy curls, in which some may come with the same strands and some may not. Some people were born with natural wavy hair, but some who didn’t have different ways to get that hairstyle by using curling iron or hair extensions or wigs.

Pros of wavy hair

It can fit any outfits

Though you want to dress up gently or uniquely, go to a party or attend any formal places, with wavy hair, I’m sure that you’ll definitely stand out from lots of other people

It’s easy to take care

There’s no doubt that to take care of wavy hair, it doesn’t take you much time and effort because this hairstyle comes very natural.


There is an eclectic mix of wavy hairstyles that will make girls more and more attractive this Christmas, especially:

Short Natural Wavy Hair

Let’s begin with a simple wavy hairstyle, with just shoulder length. Any girl could fit this style, it is suitable for almost every face shape, especially good concealers for those with slightly round and angular faces.

Short wavy hair brings a youthful, dynamic look and no less unique. It also contains a hint of feminine tenderness.

Gorgeous Short Natural Wavy Hair by K-Hair

Gorgeous Short Natural Wavy Hair by K-Hair

Long Natural Wavy Hair

For gentle and feminine girls, long natural wavy hair is a good suggestion. This hairstyle is intended to honor beautiful hair, you can let it be the original hair color or dye youthful colors to refresh yourselves. However, those who have short hair find it difficult to have that dreaming long natural hair. In this situation, hair extensions are the best choice. You can choose to wear weft wavy hair extensions for long term use or clip-in/tip/tape hair extensions.

Long Natural Wavy Hair by K-Hair

Long Natural Wavy Hair by K-Hair

Deep Wavy Hair

There’re a huge number of people especially those who are in Asian and Western Countries calling this hairstyle “only mom could love”. But for hair experts, this will be absolutely the hot trend this Christmas seeing that it’ll breathe a completely new life into your appearance.

Stunning Deep Wavy Hair

Stunning Deep Wavy Hair

Loose Wavy Hair

This is no longer strange to hair lovers anymore and is a must-try hairstyle that girls should have once in their lifetime. Down here is the loose wavy hair extensions produced by K-Hair, which promises to be a range this Christmas.

Gorgeous Loose Wavy by K-Hair

Gorgeous Loose Wavy by K-Hair

Colored Wavy Hair

It’s as clear as day that colored hair is never out-of-date due to its functions as well as the dominant characteristics that it brings us. When wavy hair is combined with colors, this Christmas will be much more interesting and colorful than ever before.

Ombre Wavy Hair by K-Hair

Ombre Wavy Hair by K-Hair

Wavy Ponytail Hair

If you’re already fed up with falling back hair, why don’t you try something new this Christmas? Wavy Ponytail Hair is not a bad idea. You’ll look full of energy just by trying this, which is so different from the hairstyles that you have ever tried before, trust me.

Beautiful Wavy Ponytail Hair by K-Hair

Beautiful Wavy Ponytail Hair by K-Hair

K-Hair Wavy Hair Extensions

Made of 100% Vietnamese Human Hair, no synthetic, no mixture, K-Hair products are believed to be the leading hair products in not only Western but also African markets. We supply a wide range of types of wavy hair extensions from weft, bulk to clip-in, tip/tape… with super high quality but super affordable prices. Come to K-Hair, you’ll find not only the best hair products but also perfect customer service and affordable prices.


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