Top List Hair Vendors 2022 – Best Choices For Hair Purchase

Top List Hair Vendors 2022
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On a global scale, it is not a challenge to find a hair vendor which can supply a wide range of different hair extensions styles for stunning beauty. In the hair market, the number of hair manufacturers in this field is growing more and more due to the huge consumption of consumers. We are offering top list hair vendors 2022 with general introduction for readers as recommendations to get the right options. Whether you are living in Asian regions or European countries, you guys still order the premium quality of hair extensions styles and get sound advice from hair vendors. 


Top list hair vendors 2022

1. USA hair – Top list hair vendors 2022

In top list hair vendors 2022, USA hair is a hair vendor which specializes in a collection of clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, halo extensions, ponytail hair extensions, lace front wigs with different price levels for consumers to choose from. If Vietnamese hair vendors can be autonomous for their hair source, USA hair in particular and almost all hair vendors in this country in general tend to import hair materials from prestigious partners of different regions for their business. Vietnam, India, Peruvia and so on seem to become long-lasting partners with USA hair for such a long time as a typical example. 


USA hair – Top list hair vendors 2022

Importing hair, along with high-end technology allows USA hair to take full advantage of it and respond to the current and future demands of clients all over the world. During operation, USA hair can take pride in itself for getting over 10,000 customers both international and domestic ones, working well with upward of 15,000 hair salons and 99% verified positive feedback from customers after the constant process. 

2. Honest hair factory – Top list hair vendors 2022 

The next candidate of top list hair vendors 2022 comes from Chinese brand – Honest hair factory with tremendous potentiality among different wholesale hair vendors in China. There is a common trend between hair vendors in this country is exporting hair for hair extensions manufacturing. Being present in the hair market since 2007, Honest hair factory is deemed as a professional hair product, manufacturer and wholesaler to cater for customers. If you are looking for hair extensions products with quality and variety criteria, this is definitely a good pick to start a hair business. 


Honest hair factory – Top list hair vendors 2022

On an industrial scale, Honest hair factory highly focuses on processing hair with the best safety procedures thanks to the contribution of skilful workers and advanced machines. With the main purpose to make the best satisfaction and convenience for customers, Honest hair factory step by step expands its scale and opens up more physical stores. The raw materials from reliable hair source with ability to dye or bleach at a reasonable price, Honest hair factory always bear in mind to supply the highest quality for the beauty of users for such a long period of time. 

3. Ted hair – Top list hair vendors 2022 

Another big name labeled Chinese hair brand is Ted hair. In top list hair vendors 2022, Ted hair can have the confidence as one of the Chinese hair vendors with outstanding achievements on the long journey to conquer international and domestic clients. Ted hair is likely getting the breakthrough on physical stores in many regions of the world with a huge consumption of hair extensions, such as braided wigs, bob wigs, lace wigs, headband wigs, and sort of like that. 


Ted hair – Top list hair vendors 2022

Becoming customers of Ted hair, customers totally have the ability to get their orders as soons as possible thanks to availability. Particularly, if you are settling down in the US, it is hassle-free to approach a range of warehouse or wholesale hair distributor factories Ted hair, including Atlanta warehouse, Miami warehouse, Los Angeles warehouse, Houston warehouse, New Jersey warehouse and so on. Besides, human factors also determine the success of Ted hair as well with dedicated and professional staff who are ready to support the clients for their wonders all the time. 

4. Jaipur Hair – Top list hair vendors 2022 

In many regions of the globe, highly paying attention to the appearance of customers is a driving force for the growth of hair vendors, and for India, this notion is not an exception. That is why Jaipur Hair is in top list hair vendors 2022. Along with us to figure out the truths behind Jaipur hair in this field. 


Jaipur Hair – Top list hair vendors 2022

Jaipur hair is one of the largest and oldest with more than 20 years of raw Indian bundles. The hair source mainly is collected from Indian temples with a large number that not only cater for domestic manufacturing, but also for exporting to other countries. Thanks partly to this element, Jaipur hair reaches out the global market and affirms its position in the hair industry. One more thing, due to limited certain things, customers of Jairpur hair are likely to face hair scammers, that is the reason you need to highly be aware of this to avoid unexpected problems. 

5. K-Hair – Top list hair vendors 2022

Talking about top list hair vendors 2022, it is our shortcoming to miss K-Hair – one of the leading hair vendors in Vietnam. Under the leadership of Mr. Daniel, the journey of K-Hair factory as catching consumers attention truly is highlighted. By reason of the mild climate, K-Hair can make full use of domestic hair source from 18 to 35 women as hair material, for exporting as well. Nowadays, K-Hair of Vietnam is expanding hair extensions business in Nigeria, The USA, UAE, Brazil, Europe, and so on as a way to bring convenience for customers to approach hair products of K-Hair. 


K-Hair – Top list hair vendors 2022

Quality of hair extensions becomes the first and foremost rule of this Vietnamese hair vendor. During the process with each and every stage, K-Hair totally says no with chemical and toxic ingredients to maintain the best conditions for cuticle alignment. Even clients want to dye or bleach their hair extensions, K-Hair absolutely makes their needs with the highest performance. If you are looking for the perfect destination for hair extensions, K-Hair will truly satisfy you in every aspect! 

6. UK hair vendor – Top list hair vendors 2022

Generally, European hair markets are considered as promising land for further development of hair extensions items. We will persuade readers with evidence to list it on top list hair vendors 2022. As we know, European hair conditions are long but quite thin and this is explaining the high demands for using hair extensions as a temporary solution.


UK hair vendor – Top list hair vendors 2022

The customers here are willing to pay for hair extensions as long as they could boost the beauty look for them. UK hair vendor is doing well to respond to the different needs of clients with trendy and fashionable tape in, clip in, halo, microbead, weft hair, and so on for thicknesses. Furthermore, UK hair vendor also constantly update the latest color trend for dying or bleaching hair, which is one of the interests of customers. Is putting the needs of the customer at the center of UK hair vendor the determining factor in customer trust?

7. APSARA – Top list hair vendors 2022 

Located in Cambodia, Apsara is known as one of the hair vendors for those who are interested in thick hair textures. The primary hair source of Apsara comes from Khmer ethnic groups with the high ability to sell hair for earning money. For those who have no idea about Apsara, also Cambodian hair vendors, natural, silky and glowy elements can be attributable to the daily habits with cold water, instead of hot one. 


APSARA – Top list hair vendors 2022

In general, the quality of hair extensions of Apsara is relatively good with a fair price for consumers. With virgin hair, Apsara often receives positive feedback from customers during operation. Besides, the limitation about hair length of Apsara is sometimes a con of this Cambodian hair vendor, compared to other competitors in top list hair vendors 2022. 

8. Hair Link Extensions – Top list hair vendors 2022 

Talking about a novel and potential hair market, we want to refer to Hair link extensions from Australia as the next one of top list hair vendors 2022. Although Hair link extensions face difficulties to supply hair source by itself, with the unique point, this hair vendor also becomes a leading choice for international and domestic consumers.


Hair Link Extensions – Top list hair vendors 2022

The main demands of customers in this country mainly are clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions .. in a natural color with premium quality and meticulous hair process. Particularly, due to strict policy from the Australian government with international standards, Hair link extensions always pledge to launch the highest quality towards hair extensions from the former stage until this time. Moreover, becoming a customer of Hair link extensions, the risk of hair scammers is likely lower, combined with the convenience in terms of shipping channels on a global scale. 

9. Tsa Hair – Top list hair vendors 2022 

One of the hair markets that is the top one about hair extension products is Peruvian. Stemming from the need to integrate into the community, the demand for hair extensions has never stopped in these regions. This is considered a big driver for the growth of Tsa hair with the chance on top list hair vendors 2022. 


Tsa Hair – Top list hair vendors 2022

Nowadays, Tsa hair is suggesting both processed and unprocessed hair for different needs of customers. According to this Peruvian hair supplier, with significant hair quality of virgin hair: thick and long, combined with a daily proper hair care, its hair extensions can be up to several years. Compared to developed countries with a big investment for the hair market, we have to admit that Tsa hair seems to be inferior a little bit. On the other hand, this is also a motivation for closing the gap of Tsa hair with other competitors in the hair market. All in all, hair extensions offered by Tsa hair is still a worthy choice for customers. 

10. Lavish AR Hair – Top list hair vendors 2022 

Last but not least, a big name in the hair market in Chicago also recorded in top list hair vendors 2022 after many years of effort. The variety is the first and foremost factor that we are going to share based on unbiased perspective. From wave wigs, closure, frontal with different color, or straight, blonde bundle labeled Lavish, this Chicago hair vendor allows users to pick up the most suitable hair items in accordance with their interests. 


Lavish AR Hair – Top list hair vendors 2022

Being known as virgin hair extensions in the hair industry forced Lavish Ar hair to significantly focus on the performance of hair extensions both short term and long term as well. Accordingly, understandably, the price level of this hair supplier tends to be higher than some hair brands in the same region.

We hope with our general information of top list hair vendors 2022, readers will find out the truly right hair vendors to always feel confident and gorgeous with hair extension products! If you are interested in hair vendor brands recommendations like this, our free hair vendors list is also waiting for you to discover!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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