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K-Render is one of the best 3d rendering studios in the world. Our 3d rendering studio has a lot of experience in the field of 3d rendering, we are confident to give you the best service in the best time and the most reasonable price. Let’s start with something about K-Render Studio now.

History of K-Render, one of the best 3D rendering studio.

Mr Ryan is a talented and enthusiastic young architect. In 2010, when he had returned to Vietnam after studying abroad in San Antonio – Texas, he desired to open his own architectural design company. In order to accumulate more experience in the profession, bring the architectural culture learned abroad to Vietnam, Ryan spent 2 years being an architect for an architectural company in Vietnam and got good feedback from his customers.
During his work, he realized that design is not enough, most engineers could design but are not good at presenting to their clients. He thought of a 3D rendering service he had seen in the US to solve this problem. After 2 years of acquiring significant relationships and capital, Ryan decided to open his own company K-Render – a 3D rendering studio providing 3D rendering services.

Our 3D rendering services

After more than 8 years of operation, K-Render became one of the best 3D rendering studios and received good feedback from customers. The 3D architectural rendering services that K-Render provides include:

    • Interior rendering services: Is a service to illustrate interior design ideas in buildings. Our 3D rendering studio will receive drawings or ideas from customers to produce the best images according to customers’ wishes from lighting, materials, and arrangement in a space inside the building.

The furniture of one interior rendering project based on clients’ idea

    • Exterior rendering services: Our 3D rendering studio receives rendering services of the external space of the building so that the investor and architects have the most overview of the project, and can avoid unwanted risks.
    • Aerial rendering services: A bird eye view can help you see the relationship between the building and the large space behind. Regarding this service, we are confident that we can do it faster than other 3D rendering studios.
    • Architectural design services: K-Render’s team are all skilled architects with long experience in the profession, so you can be assured of our services. We can design advice for your space if you do not have many ideas of the project. This service can be bundled with 3D rendering services.

Special offer of K-Render Studio for 3D rendering services

The price of services of our 3D rendering studio, K-Render, is appreciated by customers as very reasonable, even cheap compared to the quality of 3D rendering services that we bring to our customers.

Currently, our 3D rendering studio has preferential policies for new partners, service packages are deeply discounted: from only $9.9 per sqm + free consultant.
* * * Special: For customers with projects over 300 sqm, our 3D rendering studio specially offers unlimited number of views

* * * To have the best offer, please contact us:
Hotline/ Whatsapp: Mr Ryan – CEO of K-Render Studio: (+84)855555961

Or see more our profile in

Working process

    • Stage 1: Soaking up information

Our 3D rendering studio requires your detailed plans, elevations, etc,…of the projects. If you have any ideas of the concept, we can consult you to get the best result.

    • Stage 2: Contracting

In this time, you can’t change concepts. After signing the contract, everything is fixed.

    • Stage 3: Modeling

We will send the first modeling drafts. If any changes are required we would send another draft. The process is repeated until the initial model is correct.

    • Stage 4: Rendering

At this stage, our 3D rendering studio will send you the rendering draft with low resolution images.

    • Stage 5: Final Rendering and Finish

After the full payment, K-Render Studio will deliver the finished visualization in high resolution.

The best projects of our 3D rendering studio

Here are some of our 3d rendering studio’s best projects

The First Kenli Showroom – The best Project of our 3D rendering studio

Kenli is a famous furniture brand, they pay special attention to product quality and media for marketing. So they designated K-Render Studio as the 3d rendering studio for their new showroom.


Kenli showroom is a place where customers come and experience

With quality 3d rendering services, the showroom’s images are gradually revealed, showing the delicate beauty of Kenli’s products. You can see it in the above architecture visualisation.

The Second Kenli Showroom – Customer comeback with K-Render because of their satisfaction

Customer satisfaction after the first cooperation, our 3d rendering studio was completely trusted about the quality of service. Kenli used our 3d architectural rendering services again. This is a Kenli furniture product research project. Our 3d rendering studio called it Di Interni Project.


A corner of TPlace – one of the best projects of K-Render

The rendering experts at K-Render used natural light in this project. The morning light shined through the huge glass window, illuminating the room.

Wood and stone were the primary materials utilized in the Di Interni project. These were common materials, but rendering them as realistics as they were in real life takes some effort from our 3d rendering studio.

Ms Ashley Home – The third project of our 3d rendering studio

Ms. Ashley’s project was the most enjoyable for the whole K-Render Studio.

There were a few unseen corners that rendering artists of our 3d rendering studio would have to concentrate on and paint attentively. Our 3d rendering studio had effectively portrayed the ideal with the smallest details using their expert abilities.

TPlace – An other option for your reference of our 3d rendering studio

TPLACE is the name of the initiative, which was inspired by the letter T in the word Trust coupled with the word Place, which implies hospitality.
It was not easy to visualize the exterior design of this project. This was the reason why architectural companies wanted to cooperate with our 3d rendering studio.


TPLACE – one of the most favourite projects of our 3d rendering studio

As you can see, natural light can shine on significant objects in the interior to highlight the design’s aim, while artificial light might emerge in some parts of the house to create highlights and improve the overall contrast.
K-Render Studio had visualized the right idea of the customer and more than that, giving the right suggestions to have a perfect project.

Collin Celeste Resort – #4 top the most favourite exterior rendering project of our 3d rendering studio

Collin Celeste Resort is a 5000-square-meter space that was finished in 2019. It is one of K-Render Studio’s largest projects.
Below is the result of our 3d rendering studio project, let’s see!


Collin Celeste Resort With Biggest Place

For details of each project, please refer to our 3d rendering studio website:

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