Russian virgin hair extension: Top 4 awesome tips to maintain your virgin hair at home

Recently, Russia has become a promising market for the human hair extensions business. There are more and more hair stores and hair vendors appearing in this country, which results in the diversity of the products. Russian virgin hair extension is one of the most attractive items at present. Do you know about this hair type? If not yet, this article will show you the knowledge about it.

Russian virgin hair extension

Russian virgin hair extension

1. Overview about Russian virgin hair extension

Virgin hair extension is included in the human hair extension categories, beside human hair extension remy. What are the differences between this hair type and other types of human hair? This part will provide the answer for the most frequent questions about Russian virgin hair extension.

1.1. How can I define Russian virgin hair extension?

Russian virgin hair extension has the same definition as the general virgin hair extension. Unlike remy hair, virgin hair extension is the product made from 100% hair provided by condors from producing countries, which is sold in bundles with each bundle made from the hair of only a person. Meanwhile, remy hair extension is made from the hair of a group of people having the same characteristics of hair. Virgin hair extension is the rarest item in the hair market as not many people can provide enough hair to make a complete bundle of extension.  

Russian virgin hair

The definition of Russian virgin hair

1.2. The source of Russian virgin hair extension

The condors of this hair product are the local women living in Russia or the virgin hair imported from international hair vendors by the Russia sellers. Asian countries’ hair factories are the most potential distributors of Russian virgin hair extension as the women in this continent have the habit of growing their hair long. The dominant exporting nations are India, Chinese with a sufficient amount of products while Vietnam is the country that has the highest quality of real human hair extensions.  

Russian virgin hair

Source of Russian virgin hair items

1.3. The characteristics of Russian virgin hair extension

The virgin hair strands have identical features as they come from only one person. In addition, after being collected, it is slightly processed, normally being washed properly and then being exported in bundles to the European salons including Russian. Therefore, the Russian hair extension is much more aligned, silky, smoother and stronger than other hair types. Although the original colors of virgin hair are always black and dark brown, this hair type can be dyed to any color and even bleached to make human hair extensions purple, ombre and so on.

1.4. The categories of Russian virgin hair extension 

When the global hair market becomes more competitive, the Russian virgin hair is not left behind as there is a wide range of virgin hair types available to satisfy different purposes of consumers.

1.4.1. Russian raw virgin hair extension

This is the most typical product of virgin hair in the hair business. Russian raw virgin hair extension bundles can be manufactured in the native hair factories but most of them are imported from Asian countries. The target importers of raw virgin hair are the salons as then the hair will be dyed and bleached based on their clients’ interest.

Russian virgin hair

Russian raw virgin hair extension

1.4.2. Typical types of Russian virgin hair extension

Beside the raw virgin hair, there are other types of Russian virgin hair extension that are processed more and they have different designs from the others. Here are some significant categories in the Russian hair market. Russian clip in virgin hair extension

Russian clip in virgin hair extension is the weaved hair that diverses in the amount of each product to cover a small part or a large part on your scalp. There are pieces of clip attached on the weft that are used to flexibly adjust the position on your real hair. The Russian chip in hair extension is one of the most favored hair items as it has a firm attachment when being applied as well as can be applied and removed easily by users without requirements for any tools. Russian tape in virgin hair extension

Russian tape in virgin hair extension is the product that has a small amount of virgin hair stuck evenly into each piece of tape. This hair type does not need or extra tools to be applied on the natural hair. As the tapes do not have much hair, they are light and can be attached to any position. Along with there is no need for heat-attachment like human hair extensions u tip, Russian tape in virgin hair extension is committed to protect your real hair and scalp.  

Russian virgin hair

Other types of Russian virgin hair extension Russian ponytail virgin hair extension 

Ponytail is an active and lively hairstyle that is  never out of date. Russian virgin hair extension is the hair that is knotted at the roots of strands and can be attached directly on your ponytail of natural hair to thicken and lengthen it. However, because the hair is dragged when it is tied up, it is recommended that users should not put it on for a long time. Russian weft virgin hair extension

In general, Russian weft virgin hair extension is the human hair that is sewn or weaved in a net by hand with diversified shapes and sizes. The most common types are lace closure and frontal virgin hair with the grids having square shapes in popular sizes of 4×4 or 13×4. However, the frontal Russian weft virgin hair extension is bigger than the closure lace. Another type of weft Russian virgin hair extension is a wig, which is manufactured exactly the same as the lace closure/frontal but it has the 3D shape that can cover the whole scalp of the user.  

2. Evaluation of Russian virgin hair extension

Does Russian virgin hair extension outweigh other types of human hair extension? Does this hair type stay long in proper condition? The answers will be revealed in this part as well as the tips for maintenance are available.

Russian virgin hair

Russian virgin hair durability

2.1. The durability of Russian virgin hair extension

Virgin hair is recognized to have the longest duration of use in comparison with other hair types, and Russian virgin hair is not an exception. If you keep the hair intact and care for it seriously, the virgin hair can last for years, particularly upto four years. The diversity of virgin hair extension’s durability is according to the design of the product and the frequency of use.   

2.2. How to preserve the Russian virgin hair extension?

As mentioned before, careful preservation can help the durability of Russian virgin hair extension last longer. If you are new to this hair type or have no experience in hair care, here are some tips for you to put into account:

  • How to wash the virgin hair extension: Remember to brush your hair before washing instead of during or after because when the strands are wet, they become weaker and can break easily. Rinse the Russian virgin hair with cool water and use the shampoo having natural ingredients. You should use an extra conditioner to hydrate the hair extension. It is recommended to invest in moisturizing oil for deeper hydration. It is ideal to wash your hair three times a week. 
  • Choose the right brush for your hair: It is advised that you should untangle your hair by hand. The wet brush is better for your Russian virgin hair extension than the dry one. You can also comb your hair with a wide-tooth brush to avoid breaking hair or hair loss when there are hair knots that you do not notice. 
Russian virgin hair

Preservation of Russian virgin hair extension

  • Avoid direct effect of high temperature: Users of Russian virgin hair extension should reduce the use of heat-styling tools on their product. The high temperature from this styling method would damage the hair strands and make them weaker. On a sunny day, you should use the UV-protection spray to minimize the bad effect of the sun’s closure.
  • Care for your hair during sleeping time: The Russian hair virgin extension should be in good condition while you are in your sleep. You should buy a silk bonnet to put on before staying up every night. This hat will keep the virgin hair in shape and hydrated. If you do not have this item, you can remove the hair extension if possible and put it somewhere safe from dust, or make the fixed virgin hair extension on your scalp into braids to reduce hair loss.

2.3. Comparison of Russian virgin hair extension with other countries’ virgin hair 

Although Russia is a potential market for human hair extension, the material source is not significantly sufficient. Due to the harsh weather in this country, the women’s hair does not have outstanding characteristics in comparison with other countries’ hair. As mentioned before, most products of Russian virgin hair extension are imported from Asian vendors. The trading activities are active and flexible; thus, the Russian human hair extension is still adequate and has committed quality. 

Russian virgin hair

Virgin hair extension in Russia

3. The market of Russian virgin hair extension

After being equipped with basic knowledge about the Russian virgin hair extension, do you want to purchase it to refresh your look? If you are interested, this part will provide an overview about the market of this item.

3.1. Who buys the Russian virgin hair extension?

Like the main customers of virgin Brazilian hair extensions, the salons are the majority of Russian virgin hair extension’s purchasers. They import the product to offer for their clients and dye or bleach the hair based on their demand. There are also retail sellers importing Russian hair extensions for their store.

Meanwhile the consumers also have a tendency to invest in virgin hair products at present. They would be the native people as well as the international clients from neighboring regions. Therefore, the market of Russian virgin hair extensions is competitive and promising.

Russian virgin hair

Customers of Russian virgin hair

3.2. The typical styles of Russian virgin hair extension

To have an insight into the market of this human hair extension item, here is a brief introduction about the styles of Russian virgin hair extension. Hopefully after reading this part, you can pick up a relevant style for your virgin hair extension.

3.2.1. Russian long virgin hair extension 

Although the virgin hair products are available in a wide range of length; however the Russian long virgin hair extension is considered to be the most loved item in the market. With the long virgin hair, users can modify it more freely, from human hair extensions for braids to making curls to have a girly appearance. Of course, the Russian long virgin hair extension would be a little heavy and more expensive than the short ones.

3.2.2. Russian blonde virgin hair extension

As the virgin hair can be dyed in any color, offering options of human hair extension red, purple, gray… and it can be bleached to the 613 blonde. Russian blonde virgin hair extension is alway trendy and one of the best seller items in the hair market of this country. This hairstyle can match well with multiple clothes and accessories.    

Russian virgin hair

Styles of Russian virgin hair extension

3.2.3. Russian straight virgin hair extension

There is layer hair, bone straight hair… included in the categories of Russian straight virgin hair extension. The strands of this hair type are committed to have identical quality and alignment. Thus, it looks the most similar to natural hair compared with other hair types when being attached to your scalp.   

3.3. The price of Russian virgin hair extension

The price of Russian virgin hair extension is reasonable. For instance, the blonde straight virgin hair having the length from 18 to 28 inch costs from around $68 to $223.45. Particularly, a piece of 18-inch-long tape in virgin hair at the single drawn grade has the price of $81.83. The price will be diverse based on the grades and length options.

Russian virgin hair

How much is Russian virgin hair extension?

3.4. Where to buy Russian virgin hair extension?

On the one hand, customers can go to the physical store of retail sellers to buy the Russian virgin hair extension. You can search for “human hair extensions near me” to find the hair shop available in your location. When you come to the shop, you can try on the hair to consider if the hair fits your face shape or not. In case there is no hair store in your area, you can go for the reputed hair salons, they will provide the Russian virgin hair extension.

On the other hand, customers can take full advantage of the Internet and order virgin hair via e-commerce. You can go to the online marketplace such as Amazon, Aliexpress,… to search for the style of Russian virgin hair extension you want to purchase. Otherwise, you can visit the official websites of hair sellers and contact the manager to order the hair directly. 

Russian virgin hair

Buying Russian virgin hair

3.5. Tips for purchasers of Russian virgin hair extension

  • Buying hair online: The best way is to order the products on the e-commerce sites. You can consider the details of each product and the feedback from previous customers. You should search for the virgin hair from official websites of reputed hair sellers to avoid vendor scams. The website should include the information about its foundation, source of hair and the payment method.
  • Buying hair offline: When going to the physical stores of human hair extensions, consumers can evaluate the quality of the Russian virgin hair extension by themselves. Therefore, this way helps people minimize the loss of money if this quality is not ensured or the product does not match your face shape. 

4. The business of Russian virgin hair extension

As the hair business is promising, the market of Russian virgin hair extension is such a potential field that is worth being invested in. If you are interested, this part may be helpful for the newbies like you. 

Russian virgin hair

Investing in Russian virgin hair extension

4.1. Should I invest in Russian virgin hair extension?

Although virgin hair is more expensive than other types like human hair extensions remy, synthetic and so on. However, the standard of living of people has been enhanced significantly and the demand for high-quality beauty products is rising. Thus, hair lovers would prefer buying the virgin hair with long duration of use and committed quality. We can say that in the near future, Russian virgin hair extension would become one of the most beneficial fields in the domestic market of this country.

4.2. Tips for new investors of Russian virgin hair extension

There will be some certain obstacles for the ones who first take up the hair business. Here is some advice that new investors can take into account to reduce the chance of loss or getting involved in the vendor scams.

Russian virgin hair

Tips for new sellers of Russian virgin hair

  • Make a list of products you want to import: This step is essential as it orients your hair business. You should start with the common types of Russian virgin hair extensions such as bone straight hair, clip in hair, virgin human hair extension micro loop… Narrowing the categories of product will help you attract the customers easily and make the investment more economical.
  • Find a reliable vendor and contact the manager: You can take the tips from the previous part to find a trustworthy hair vendor to import the Russian virgin hair extension. Go for the ones having websites full of details and contact the manager through the hotline attached. 
  • Discuss on the contract: After understanding inside out about the products from the vendor you chose, the next step is discussing the contract after making an order. You should pay attention to the payment methods and delivery support of the hair distributors. Normally you will have to pay 50% of the bill for the deposit before your goods are shipped. 
  • Receive the Russian virgin hair extension: When the virgin hair items are being transferred to your location, remember to have a regular check on the delivery status to avoid unexpected issues. When you receive the virgin hair, check the quality and quantity. If you are satisfied, you will pay the rest of the bill for the vendor.

5. Recommended hair vendor to start the Russian virgin hair extensions business with

If you want to import the Russian virgin hair extension in large quantities at reasonable price, you should go for the wholesale hair vendors suppliers. Beside the local vendors of Russian virgin hair, there is a recommended option for you to consider:

Russian virgin hair

K-Hair Factory is a top vendor of Russian virgin hair extension

Asia is the most developing market of human hair extension and Vietnam is famous for manufacturing the virgin hair extension items with the highest quantity in this continent. K-Hair Factory is the most dominant hair company in Vietnam with the experience of more than a decade. The company has received international certifications for their hair’s quality and hair experts to check on their production. Almost all the customers of K-Hair Factory are satisfied with the virgin hair extensions they ordered and their pleasing customer service. If you are considering starting a hair business with a trustworthy vendor from Asia, give K-Hair Factory a try.   

Website: K-Hair Factory.


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