Review about Layla Hair Company for hair wholesalers

In the wholesale hair supplier market for hair vendors in Vietnam, there are a number of companies that are known to be one of the leading companies in the field, one of which is Layla Hair Company. Does this company really provide quality hair products or is it a company that just thrives on marketing? Let’s explore it with me!

Layla Hair Company Review

Layla Hair Company Review

Why are Layla Hair Company known from hair vendors?

To answer this question, I will go into an overview of some of the main basic information of Layla Hair Company as follows:

History and development of Layla Hair Company

As soon as you search for the keyword “ Layla Hair ” in Google, the Layla Hair Company homepage will naturally appear in the first search bar. However, to learn more about this company, I went into the “About Us” section. Surprisingly, I did not see any information about the date of incorporation, license to operate, or any specific information about the company.

Here is all the key information you can find by accessing the “About Us” section of Layla Hair Company.

Main contents:

– We try to empower local women in our country

– Our journey as a human hair supplier

– Laylahair assists customers with their hair business

– What does Layla hair offer?

– Our hair products

– Our customer service

Layla Hair Company Review 1

Layla Hair Company Review

Reasons why many customers know about Layla Hair Company

Layla Hair Company is known as a company specializing in supplying Cambodian and Vietnamese hair to wholesalers all over the world, especially in the countries: Nigeria, Germany, the USA, France, Russia, Ukraine, and so on.

Besides, they also commit as follows:

Wholesale hair vendors commits

1000 kg of virgin hair extensions per month

1000 lace closures, 500 frontals, 300 full lace wigs per month

100% real human Vietnamese & Cambodian Hair

100% virgin hair (single donor)

Thin, strong, silky, smooth

100% natural hair (have the full cuticle, no processed)

100% Remy hair (never tangled, the same direction)

Following customer’s request

Moreover, Layla HairCompany is also developing its media network on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google. It is not difficult to find purchase information from this company, you can see some information on Layla Hair Company here:

Layla Hair Company Review 3

Layla Hair Company Review

So what makes Layla Hair Company able to retain customers?

There are many criteria to judge a good hair supply company, but I will only rate on the following three main factors: Product, Price, and Quality of Service. Below is my personal opinion, the information is not intended to attack anyone.

About the hair products of Layla Hair Company

Layla Hair Company sells a wide variety of hair products. The main source of hair material comes from Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. From these raw hair sources, Layla Hair Company offers hairstyles such as:

Weft Hair Extensions:

Thick wefts, very durable, can be used at least one year

Bulk Hair Extensions:

Great for braiding, making wigs and pre-bonded hair extensions

Tape Hair Extensions:

Thin tape, easy to attach and can last long time. Tape hair extensions from Layla Hair Wholesale Hair Vendor have very thick ends.

Clip In Hair Extensions:

1 set of Clip In Extensions is 100gr, in which you can freely customize what to have, how many pieces you want, how long are they and how many clips do you want to add.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions (I Tip, U Tip, V Tip, Flat Tip Hair Extensions):

Pre bonded hair extensions from Layla Hair Wholesale Hair Vendor is made from 100% human hairs, thick ends with high quality keratin imported from Italy.

Lace Closure:

We have 4 × 4 and 5 × 5 lace size, 130% and 150% density to satisfy your needs

Lace Frontal:

Also available in 130% and 150% density. Customers can ask Layla Hair Vendor for a natural hair lines and baby hairs if they like

360 Frontal:

Available in many lace colors, from white to transparent light brown to dark brown

Full Lace Wigs:

You can freely style full lace wigs from Layla Hair Vendor in any way you want. Part it in any sides, up-do it, or braid it just like what you want.

Lace Front Wigs

Basically it is thin wefts sewn together, adding lace in frontal part to make it durable and wearable at the same time.

Hair Toppers & Toupee (for men and lady):

Hair topper from Layla Hair Wholesale Hair Vendor is a new product that is newly developed of Layla Hair Vendor. Human Hair Topper has high coverage, can cover all type of baldness including M shape, O shape and U shape. Very comfortable and affordable. A new kind of wig but better than wigs.

As can be seen, Layla Hair Company provides a variety of hair products, giving users the maximum experience of their needs. This is one of the strong points that can attract customers.

About the price hair of Layla Hair Company

In terms of price, although Layla Hair Company is not the cheapest hair company on the market, it still offers quality products at affordable prices.

To learn more about the price of each product, we should contact the company directly to be able to deal with the most reasonable price. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of hairstyles out there today, so it’s impossible to have a common price point for all types. Therefore, to know the exact price of each product, we should look to the salers of Layla hair Company.

About the service of Layla Hair Company 

Regarding customer service, although finding information about the company is a bit difficult, but in return, the customer care of Layla Hair Company is quite good.

When customers have any needs for the product, contact them, they will help you answer questions as quickly as possible.

However, despite many such good points, there were also a few customers who complained about the quality of Layla Hair Company hair. I think Layla Hair Company needs to improve more to get more customers to give them good feedback.

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