OscarHair Company review: One of reliables hair Company in Vietnam

Due to the beauty demand of women, the market for hair extensions is growing every year. To meet the needs of customers, there are thousand of factory born to provide the entire world with hair extensions. The variety of hair extension suppliers always make clients feel confused in choosing which is a reliable supplier. 

Vietnamese hair extension is considered being the top of high quality in the world. But not all factories in Vietnam provide the wigs with the quality as customers desire. This article is the review of Oscar Hair extensions.

1. Oscarhair Company review: Overeview

Firstly, I will introduce some basic informations about Oscarhair based on what they publish on their website so that you can get a glimpse of the company.

1.1 Introduction of Oscarhair Company

Oscarhair is a Vietnamese Company supplies hair extensions and exports to the foreign. The Company has started building retail distribution system in international market by the beginning of 2018. They have twenty years of experience in doing traditional hairdressing in Vietnam. Oscarhair Company  also supplies hair extensions for Vietnamese trading companies.

Oscarhair's office

Oscarhair’s office

1.2. Oscarhair Company’s ddress

Oscarhair’s company is located in the capital Hanoi of Vietnam, where you can easily find it if you want to visit. The details is: Floor 4 No 259, Tran Dang Ninh Str, Ward Dich Vong , Cau Giay  Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

1.3. Well – noted about Oscarhair Company

They have more than two years experience in selling hair to the worldwide and ten sales to take care of customer. They try to focus on enhancing the quality of goods that are acceptable for any consumer and any industry. Customers also come to Oscarhair because they have affordable prices compared to the common premises in Vietnam.

2. Pros and Cons of Oscarhair Company

Any company has strengths and weaknesses. But will the strengths of the Oscarhair company overwhelm theirs?

2.1. Oscarhair Company’s Pros 

Engaging sales team: They are always willing to answer the queries and take care of their customer by enthusiastic and friendly attitude. This is also a general feature of any hair suppliers as K-hair, Apohair, …

They built a professional website that show the detail of their informations and their products. Moreover, the blog section has a lot of articles about threee topics: Life’s style, Hair beauty, Hair care. Such as Oscar hair, K-hair has a website is about large amount posts show you much useful knowledge about hair extensions.

Oscarhair provide the diversity of hair styles include of Vietnamese hair and hair accessorries.

About Vietnamese hair, Oscar hair Company supply these products:

 Single drawn

Double drawn

Super double drawn

Hair extensions

Colsure and wigs

Grey hair

Virgin hair

The most prominent product of Oscarhair Company can be mentioned is mechanical hair, especially brown and blond hair.

2.2. Oscarhair Company’s Cons

Customer service: Oscarhair is considered replying to messages slowly. This is an inconvenience experience that customers complained about their service. While waiting for the staff of the company Oscarhair to respond to the message, customers can contact and learn more from other hair suppliers. 

Oscarhair's customer service

Oscarhair’s customer service

Price: Their prices are quite high compared to the general market.The price list they give to customers is also quite messy and confusing. If you are new to the hair business, you will have to ask a consultant about the price of each hair type.

Oscar hair pricelist

Oscar hair pricelist

3. Oscar hair Company and K-hair Factory: Which one should be chosen?

The Vietnamese hair extension market is currently extremely diverse with a variety of companies and factories growing like mushrooms. This will make you confused about what the reliable choice is. Whether Oscarhair is the best choice. Based on the ros and Cons of the Company, I will compare it with the K-hair factory.

3.1. Compare the price of Oscar hair Company and K-hair Factory

Both Oscarhair and K-hair supply Vietnamese high quality hair. K-hair gives customer the wholesaler pricelist because they are factoryWhen comparing the pricelist, you can see the price of Oscarhair higher about 20 dollars per kg.

3.2. Customer service of Oscarhair Company and K-hair Factory

Oscar hair and K-hair factory both offer decent customer service. Salers who direct to the customer are professional, friendly, honest and hard work. 

Especially, K-hair’s service is famous for replying to customer messages in a snap.

 Oscarhair is usually complained for the delayed response. The cause of the delayed reply to the customer message may be due to the limited number of Oscarhair’s salespeople, only 9 people, so it is impossible to manage the customer message.  Or because the customer service of Oscar hair is limited, not paying careful attention to each customer. 

Staff from K-hair factory

Staff from K-hair factory

Meanwhile, K-hair with a sales team of more than 20 people.  This is a great advantage that helps K-hair to have the best customer care service available today.  Sales staff are always available 24/7 to answer messages, calls to answer questions of customers.  They also have a professional private switchboard to handle customer complaints and feedback.  All of these things make customers always satisfied with K-Hair’s customer care services, even the most grumpy people.  Customer care service of K-hair is considered professional and best among companies in Vietnam.

3.3. Quality of Oscarhair Company and K-hair Factory

About quality, both two companies get good customer feedback. In particular, the K-hair factory has received an outstanding number of responses from customers with both messages and videos. The K-hair factory has its own Instagram account dedicated to posting customer feedback. By providing a variety of hair types from types to colors, customers can always choose their favorite hair type.

4. Suggestions: K-Hair factory over Oscarhair Company

4.1. Long development history

K-Hair factory is the top of hair supplier in Vietnam. With more than 20 years in hair business, the K-hair gets trust from customers arround the world such as Nigeria, USA, Canada, Russia, England, Ghana, Thailand, etc…

K-hair Top one Factory in Vietnam

K-hair Top one Factory in Vietnam

4.2 Reasonable price

In addition, the K-hair factory is prized even more because of their price list. They offer their customers the cheapest prices in Vietnam. However, their hair is still of good quality. The proof is that they have received a lot of good feedback from customers all over the world. Furthermore, you can directly view their products on social networking sites or contact salespeople for them to video call to directly view their products. The sales staff of the K-hair factory are very enthusiastic to support customers day or night.

4.3 The best customer service

K-hair always focuses on the quality and customer service. They have experienced Workers and Hair Expert who are always ready to support you 24/7. They work hard everyday to provide the better and better quality. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate to contact their salesperson anytime you want

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