Vietnamese Double Drawn Raw Hair Good Quality

Vietnamese Double Drawn Raw Hair Good Quality provided by K-Hair is one of the best selling materials in hair industry. It is beloved and exported  to many big markets like Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan… Nigeria, USA, Canada and all over Europe

Product detail

Product nameVietnamese double drawn hair high quality
Materials100% human hair, without synthetic hair
LengthAvailable from 8- 32 inches
ColorNatural black
Weight100 gram/ bundle
StyleNatural straight
Payment methodT/T, Money Gram, Western Union, Bank
Delivery timeWithin 1 week by UPS, DHL, Cargo carrier


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There are different quality grades of hair extensions, namely single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. Among of them, double drawn raw hair can be considered as a medium thickness level that is suitable for every one. It is unprocessed hair, and the hair would be thick from root to tip, with 70–80% within the bundle would contain same long hair strands.

Vietnamese double drawn raw hair good quality was made from 100% high-quality human hair. Unlike other low quality materials such as mixed hair or synthetic hair, double drawn raw hair have the strength, sleekness and natural colors that call for huge attentions of world wide customers. This is the most valuable type of your business and all users also like to buy. It has become a favorite choice of customers from all over the world such as Nigeria, Atlanta, Ghana, Africa, the US, the UK and so on.



  • Qualified material: In fact, double drawn raw hair is collected from 100% human hair. The hair material is gathered from moutainous women in the age of 18-35. These donors live in cold areas, taking care of their hair with natural nourishing ingredients. Therefore, Vietnamese double drawn high quality raw hair is regarded as a trustworthy and advance hair source for qualified extension products.
  • High quality: The reliable hair material as well as strict standard in manufacture contribute significantly in high quality of double drawn raw hair from Vietnam. The extensions are beloved because of its silkiness, sleekness, strength and natural color. Vietnamese raw hair has such an exceptional quality that it attracts a lot of customers from all over the world, ranging from hair salons, hair business owners or even wholesale distributors.
  • Effectiveness: Your hair will appear thicker, shinier, and more voluminous after using double drawn raw hair. You will be surprised at how much length and volume it can give your hair. You may acquire a stunning and charming appearance that will draw a lot of attention from those around you.
  • Function: Customers can customize and style double drawn raw hair according to their demands easily, like tape in, clip in, sew in or bonestraight, bouncy, wavy and so on. The pureness of hair material also helps Double drawn raw hair to be dyed in plentiful tone colors, ranging from dark colors to light colors like orange, gold or blond. This excellent feature of raw hair can sastify different needs of customers.
  • Suitability: Vietnamese hair extensions are evaluated to be suitable with most of hair textures. So that, your hair can blend well with the double drawn raw hair, bringing a natural appearance immediately.
  • Lifespan: Thanks to the high quality, the lifespan of products made of double drawn Vietnamese raw hair is long lasting. It is said that as long as the customers take care of their double drawn raw hair in a right way with suitable hair products, the extension can last up to 1 year.
  • Variety: Double drawn raw hair extensions are available in different lengths. This provides customers with diverse choices for their extension.


3. Basic information of DOUBLE DRAWN RAW HAIR GOOD QUALITY from K-HAIR

  • Clear origin: Double drawn raw hair supplied by K-Hair is gathered from virgin or remy hair. This is the key factor that contribute to the high-rated quality of extension products with long-lasting use time.
  • In stock: There are different lengths ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches. According to customer’s request, K-Hair would be ready to supply qualified and reliable hair extension.
  • Color: The double drawn raw hair from K-Hair is available in black. There are also samples in plentiful colors if needed. The quality of dyed color is highly rated thanks to its vividness and consistency
  • Weight: On average, each bundle of double drawn raw hair will weigh about 100 grams. However, this unit of weight can be customized according to customer’s need. In K-Hair’s goal, customers is the center and they always want to provide customers with the great experience as much as possible
  • Payment: K-Hair offer various kinds of payment such as Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank transfer
  • Shipment: Double drawn raw hair products will be delivered to customers through UPS, DHL, EMS or FEDEX.



The price unit is in dollars. Each bundle will start at $6.8 per bundle. This equals to $68/kg of double drawn raw hair. K-Hair also offers special deal for customers who come with us. It can be noted down that the bigger the order is, the higher the discount you can get.

In comparison with extensions from other hair marketplaces, the pricing of K-Hair Vietnamese double drawn raw hair is considered to be the best price with good quality.


5. How to make a wholesale order of DOUBLE DRAWN RAW HAIR GOOD QUALITY from K-HAIR?

  • You chat Whatsapp hotline: +84 96 789 4448.
  • You list your detailed order: Hair type – quantity – length – quality. Then, the sales staff will make an invoice for you.

ex: Raw hair – 6 bundles – 28 inch – double drawn

  • You make payment through a Bank, Western Union, MoneyGram or Nigeria Account.
  • Factory produces the hair types, and when the orders are done, the sales staff will send you pictures and videos.
  • You are satisfied with pictures and videos of the hair, then we deliver your double drawn raw hair through UPS, DHL, EMS or FEDEX.



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