Loose wavy Top 1 Best Hairstyle For Women

Loose wavy hairstyles to help yourself become more confident when wearing beautiful outfits to go out or to party. To what extent are you expert at loose wavy hair ? Today, let’s hear interesting experience from K-hair expert about loose wavy hair texture.

1. Overview of loose wavy

Loose wavy hair is one the hairstyles that are most interested by women in 2020 because of its beauty and youthfulness, suitable for many different ages: from students to married sisters.

1.1.  Definition of loose wavy

Wavy hair helps to conceal defects and effectively beautify women. Unlike natural straightened hair that is only suitable for some people, the water wave hairstyle is suitable for all ages, faces and physique. Your appearance will become miraculously wonderful through just large and small curls with the technique to create a bounce, elegant, helping you become more beautiful and noble.

1.2. Feature of loose wavy

The famous loose wavy hair has satisfied many women because the light wavy curls give a soft, delicate feeling. You need to learn about wavy curls before going to a haircut!

1.2.1. Which age is loose wavy suitable for ?

Curly mind is the right choice for girls who want to f5 themselves with sexy looks. However, many people are skeptical that the curls will add age to the face, making the girls’ appearance become “softer”. However, if it is water-wavy, then don’t worry about it. It must be said that there are very few hairstyles that make women as luxurious and seductive as the curly water hairstyle


age for loose wavy

1.2.2. Which outfit does loose wavy match ?

Short wavy bangs give you a pretty look and look a few years younger. This water short-wave bangs are a great choice if you want a fresh, modern look to your face. Moreover, this short curling female hair also makes it easier for you to mix clothes, dresses, and skirts that are more charming and trendy.


outfit for loose wavy hair

1.2.3. Which type of face does loose wavy suit ?

Another advantage of curly water hair is that it is suitable for all faces, water waves can shrink a full round face and also help highlight the slim face of the owner. Because of the nature of wavy, curly hair that can have a variety of styling options, girls with natural light curls or sophisticated styling are very beautiful, helping women to appear confident in any situation


types of face for loose wavy hair

2. Types of loose wavy hair

Over time, craftsmen create many types of loose wavy hair in term of different criteria like colors and lengths. Let’s check beautiful pic of products from K-hair factory.

2.1. Loose wavy in term of length

  • Short length: The perfect combination of shoulder-length hair, not too short, not too long with water wave curling style is a remarkable trend.

short loose wavy

  • Long length: The feature of this hairstyle is that it has a gentle curl, making the hair not look heavy but still fluffy, natural.

long loose wavy hair

2.2. Loose wavy in term of color

  • Natural black color: The cheapest color in the color catalogue and takes the least time to make. 

natural black loose wavy hair

  • Piano color: The bundles and closures or frontals color is blended with many colors which create a unique mixture for wigs

piano loose wavy

  • Ombre color: Like the mixture of colors in piano color, but ombre color has a little difference is that the blending is put in horizontal direction.

ombre loose wavy

3. How to care loose wavy hair ?

If you make your hair curly, you will have to pay more attention to how to dry it, curl it overnight, and also have to deal with worries that your hair won’t get in the way. However, for water waves, you can temporarily get rid of these concerns, because beautiful water wavy hair is in the natural bounce of the hair, not too focused on such curls. hair is in the fold or not. When attending a certain event, if you need a good image, you can use the fixative gel to add style.


care for loose wavy hair

Thanks to the above advantages, in the past few years, long curly hair has become one of the top hairstyles in the top favorite not only of the young, but also the male and female muses. middle-aged people must also fall in love with this very beautiful hairstyle.

4. Top 1 best loose wavy hair supplier

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loose wavy hair supplier

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