Layla Hair Company Review : One Of Reliable Hair Vendors In VietNam


Hair business is growing bigger and faster day by day not only in Vietnam, but also all around the world. Therefore, to satisfy customers’ hair demand there are more and more companies and factories being built. But there is a question, in a thousand hair factories, which one will be the most suitable for you and is it a scammer ? This article will give you a look about LaylaHair Company, will they be the reliablest company and will they give you the best quality?


I. Information about Layla Hair Company

  • Development of Layla Hair Company

Layla Hair was founded by women, thus they understood the difficulties and obstacles that women are facing. Layla Hair offers a wide range of hair products, both in-stock, and custom-made ones. Both retailing and wholesaling are available. All products are made from 100% human hair. The hair comes from healthy Vietnamese and Cambdian women. They export a huge quantity of hair to Europe and Africa every month.

  • Location of Layla Hair Company

Layla hair address: Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Why do many customers choose Layla Hair Company as their supplier?

There are many reasons to explain why there are many customers buying hair from this hair company. There are some of them:

  • Good quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Time distribution
  • Ethical transfers for business
  • The professional squad
  • The deep experience of the industry
  • The worldwide shipping service
  • The flexible return policy for eligible products

II. Advantage and disadvantage of Layla hair reviews?

  1. Advantage of buying hair from Layla hair company

Why should you choose this hair vendor? The advantages belows are the most prominent reasons for buying hair from Layla Hair Vietnam reviews:

  • Not only committing to hair quality, but Layla hair also works wholeheartedly to please their clients in every step of ordering. The sales staff will take care of customers from the very first consultancy to the after-sales period. Before delivering your hairpieces, they will send you the photos and videos of the products in advance to see if you feel OK with them. Even after you have received the package, exchanging is also available in case you want to change the product specifications (length, color, waves, etc.). Layla Hair also offers a flexible return policy for eligible products.
  • Their lovely feedback from their customers. I can’t deny that customer’s reviews and feedback is one of the most effective and smart ways to attract both old and new customers and Layla hair is very successful at this. 
  • In terms of hair color, I consider them to be one of the companies that provide the best quality hair color in Vietnam because of the rich and varied colors without losing the soft quality of the hair.
  • They are having many sale promotion programs every month to draw the customer’s attention.

Regarding the service in customer consulting and sales, we can see through the following feedbacks:

         fb 112    fb111     fb110

  1. Disadvantage of buying hair from Layla hair company

On the other hand, besides the good reviews, I still see negative feedback about Layla Hair company on social networks, or angry feedback from customers who are buying from Layla Hair and switching to another company. Is Layla Hair company a scammer? And are they not as good as it has been communicating? There are some reasons showing why customer are unhappy with them:

  • Customer service slow in reply to customers: Sometimes the staff can not reply to customers on time. The slow message reply makes the clients feel inconvenienced and uncomfortable. In fact, the complaints about this problem have appeared for a period of time and not only for Layla hair but also some hair companies in Vietnam are having this problem too.
  • Office: Don’t have exactly an office address in Vietnam. Therefore, this also makes customers think that Layla hair is a scammer while it is not. 
  • Price: Don’t public the price on the Instagram page, which makes it difficult for clients to calculate and arrange the order.
  • Social media interaction: I don’t see customers on social media like facebook or instagram asking them about their products so maybe there will be some customers wondering if the hair is as good as what they said.
  • The time to make hair is so long. Every customer wants their hair to be ready as soon as possible but there are many factors  that affect the time process. 


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III. Which is the most trustworthy hair supplier and  the best solution for you?

There are many big and famous hair companies in Vietnam. For example: Layla hair company, Jenhair company, MIC hair company, etc… But do you know which company will be the best choice for you? The answer for this question is K-Hair company, with the slogan “ Quality is King”, K-hair company is the smartest and right chosen for all customers.

  • History and development

Established in 1990, K-hair group is proud to be one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam. With the extraordinary leadership of Mr. Rick ( Trong Quy) – Founder, wise vision of Mr Jack and Mrs Cherry – K.Hair Ceo, K-hair group has become the biggest hair company in the world.

K-Hair Vietnam, with more than 30 years of experience in the hair business, is affirming its position as the leading hair supplier in Vietnam and quickly establish a foothold in the global hair market. Hitherto, K-Hair Vietnam has been registered as the most trustworthy hair distributor in many countries from Africa to Europe,… with more than 1500 loyal hair vendors worldwide.

K hair company which shows that they have a long history and reputation in the market. This leaves the audience no doubt about the quality of the hair they have, are and will buy.

k hair company

  • The cheapest price in Vietnam and many promotions 

K Hair Company publishes their price list in the Price section right on the website. This company sells 100% real human hair at a low price, with only 8.9 usd you for a bundle. There are many hair qualities for you to pick up like single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn and super VIP quality. They also offer the most reasonable price for each type and each style of hair. Solving the price issue for the customer.k hair price

Besides the cheapest price, they also always offer many sale programs for customers, like: Christmas sale, Valentine sale, Black Friday sale, etc… You can take a look at these sale programs, they are all very interesting.

k hair sale 1  k hair sale 2  deep twist curl

  •  Many certificates 

This brand is having many certificates not only from Vietnamese government but also from the global market around the world. K-Hair is demonstrating itself as the leading hair supplier and being the best choice for you. 

import vietnam hair trusted vendor

  • The nicest 24/7 customer service staff

There has been a lot of good feedback from customers after buying K hair and recommending it to their colleagues and friends. K hair company is proud of their professional sales staff who can support all customers on time whenever they need. Take a look at these customer’s feedbacks that  you can see they are really happy and satisfied when working with this company.

vietnamesevirginhair feedback 2

vietnamesevirginhair feedback 3

vietnamesevirginhair feedback 1 1

If you want to find a reputable, quality, low-cost hair supply company with many good reviews feedbacks, then contact me: SARAH HAIR EXPERT IN K HAIR COMPANY

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