Ivirgo Hair Review: One of Reliable Hair Suppliers in Vietnam

The top keyword of the hair industry “reliable hair suppliers” is always at the forefront when wholesale and retail customers are looking for a reliable hair supplier. Ivirgo Hair is also one of the few hair suppliers in Vietnam that foreign customers are looking for.

1. Ivirgo Hair Review: About Ivirgo Company’s Overview

Ivirgo Hair is one of the top Vietnam hair wholesale/retail companies which exports natural hair of Vietnamese and Cambodian people to many customers all over the world. Ivirgo Hair Review: Ivirgo Company has the experience of selling the hair in 2 years. Ivirgo Hair Review can satisfy the various demands of the customers in each country thoroughly.


The main products from Ivirgo Hair Review is  100% original hair in bulk and weft with high quality just cutting from woman directly without processed or chemical substance. Many foreign business partners have trusted the quality of hair and want to be long-term customers working with Ivirgo Hair, such as Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, United States, and so on…

2. Popular Hairstyles from Ivirgo Hair Review

Now, let’s see how attractive the hair from Ivirgo Hair Review is!

2.1. Best selling hairstyles from Ivirgo Hair Review

Christmas is coming, and demand for hair is increasing, especially hair wholesalers. Ivirgo has a special discount program available to all customers. Here are some of the best selling hairstyles for the Christmas season:

2.1.1. Ivirgo Hair Review: Top 1 is Bone straight 

Bone straight is always the most fashionable and popular hairstyle of all hairstyles. Not only Christmas but all 4 seasons of the year, customers love and choose a bone straight team to their head. Here are a few pictures of bone straight from Ivirgo Hair Review:

The reason that bone straight is always at the forefront in the ranking of hot trend hairstyles is the softness, silkiness.bone-straight-from-ivirgo-hair-review-silky-smooth

When sunlight hits his hair, bone straight hair looks even shinier. Customers really like the smooth bone straight. Fingers can go through the hair easily from start to end.

2.1.2. Ivirgo Hair Review: Top 2 is Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is also one of the most popular hairstyles in Ivirgo Hair Review. Each wave of hair looks like a blue sea. Wavy hair is a gentle curly style that creates a sexy, feminine feeling for all women.

There are 3 types of wavy hair: loose wave, deep wave, and natural wavy.

Below are pictures of those 3 hairstyles.


2.1.3. Ivirgo Hair Review: Top 3 is Bouncy Hair

According to statistics, Nigerian customers love the bob and curly hairstyles. They often make wigs and then swing back and forth above their heads.

They always want bouncy hairstyles to be soft and especially not easy to curl. That is, if the quality of the hair is bouncy, you can brush your hair several times without stretching, always keep the curls for as long as possible.

2.2. Price list for wholesalers from Ivirgo Hair Review

Regardless of buyers, Ivirgo Hair’s customers are mainly interested in the price, especially the customers of Ivirgo Hair are mainly wholesalers, so they will choose the supplier with the cheapest price. Below is the price list of Ivirgo Hair Review, which everyone can refer to:


Considering that this is not the best price, it is not the lowest price in the market of hair suppliers.

It was revealed that the new K-HAIR FACTORY is the cheapest hair supplier on the market. If you are interested in the price list of K-hair Factory’s hair, please contact Ms. Jennie (Hair Expert) immediately.

3. Ivirgo Hair Review and K-Hair: Which one to choose?

I guess all the hair buyers want to know the comparison between Ivirgo Hair Review and K-Hair, then they can make the right decison.

3.1. Quality of Ivirgo Hair Review and K-Hair Factory

Ivirgo Hair Review has not been in the hair industry for a long time, so our weft experience cannot be compared to K-Hair. However, hair quality is still relatively stable. The hair source of both is from Vietnamese hair, not synthetic hair, animal hair.

Especially, the hair at K-Hair factory is always fresh and unprocessed. Curly hair keeps well in both factories, but K-Hair Factory is using the most advanced hair sewing technology. Hair is sewn for sure so there is no shedding, no tangle.

Furthermore, the duration of K-Hair Factory will last 4-5 years.

3.2. Price of Ivirgo Hair Review and K-Hair Factory

Ivirgo Hair Review offers a relatively reasonable price and is suitable for all customers. However, customers are always looking for a supplier with the cheapest price.

With 20 years of experience in exporting hair to countries around the world, K-Hair Factory believes it will give customers the best factory price. This will help the hair business of the customer to be most profitable.

3.3. Customer service of Ivirgo Hair Review and K-Hair Factory

In terms of customer service, JenHair and K-Hair factories both have pretty good customer service. A special feature of K-Hair Service is the 24/7 support service with the most enthusiasm from young salesmen – the official representative of K-Hair.

Customers will be consulted, cared for, and guided purchase easily by the sales staff of K-Hair.

3.4. Production Time of Ivirgo Hair Review and K-Hair Factory

The production time for a straight weft bundle is about 3-4 hours. If the bundle is curly, bone straight, … then the factory needs more time to style it. Hairstyling time is about 2-3 hours and it takes about 4-5 hours to color depending on the brightness of the hair color you choose. That means it takes time to bleach your hair a few times, and then dye it up! Above is the average production time to create a tailored bundle.

However, this Christmas, there are a large number of orders from hair wholesalers. This leads to overload and delays in delivery. Ivirgo Hair Review is also among them. Since they are a new hair factory without much experience, they cannot handle the delay of orders.

K-Hair will be a reliable solution for customers. K-Hair with nearly 20 years’ experience from the factory, for big holidays, K-Hair always tries to complete the delivery to customers on time, without making customers miss Christmas, …, K-Hair also prepares hair samples available in stock to deliver to customers in time. How to work and handle orders professionally.


4. Conclusion: K-Hair Factory is the better choice over Ivirgo Hair Review!

K-Hair Slogan: “King is Quality”. K-Hair Factory is the top leading hair wholesale vendors in the Vietnam Hair Market. Our Factory has been exporting the hair too many foreign countries in the world. We are so proud of the quality of hair that we give you at the most reasonable price. 

From the above comparison, customers can see that: Irvigo Hair Review is one of the reliable hair suppliers. However, the article shows that K-hair Factory is indeed a formidable competitor to Ivirgo Hair Review. K-Hair has all its advantages and K-hair believes it will bring great value to hair businesses. K-hair Factory is still the number 1 choice among all hair vendors in Vietnam.

We believe, after you’ve finished reading this article, you should know more and Ivirgo Hair Review. Choosing a hair vendor is very difficult and important, you need to be careful because there may be hair scammers, product failure, delay, … That will affect your hair business. After this article, you have another option of a reliable hair vendor in Vietnam, even better than Ivirgo Hair Review, which is K-hair Factory. From there you can make the right decision for your own hair business.


Office of K-hair: 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi, Vietnam
The biggest Hair Factory in Vietnam of K-hair is located in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.

The customers can find K-Hair Factory on many social network sites, such as:
– Youtube: K-Hair Factory
– Instagram: Jennie K-Hair Factory
– What’s App: Jennie K-Hair

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