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In such a competitive industry like hair, it can be quite confusing for customers to differentiate among multiple hair products as well as hair suppliers. They may know that there are three main hair suppliers in the market, which are China, India and Vietnam, but they still do not whose hair products are of top quality. Or they have heard of the reputable Vietnamese hair products but still do not believe in the reputation and would like a detailed comparison among those suppliers. This content is made just for those consumers who are still wondering “Is Vietnamese hair good” and solidifies your trust in the quality of hair products made in Vietnam. After reading this article, potential customers of Vietnamese hair should no longer feel worried whether “Is Vietnamese hair good” or not.


Is Vietnamese hair good? Yes, of course

1. Is Vietnamese hair good in terms of quality

This section is going to help you determine and evaluate Vietnamese hair quality based on its origin and is guaranteed to answer perfectly your question “Is Vietnamese hair good”. Vietnamese hair has always been famous for acquiring an unmatched quality compared to other competitors in the hair industry. 

1.1. Is Vietnamese hair good – Vietnamese virgin hair 

Virgin hair is the type of hair that was cut directly from a hair donor. The most significant characteristic of virgin hair is that it has not been exposed to chemicals in any forms, including bleaching and dyeing. 


Is Vietnamese hair good – Vietnamese virgin hair

In Vietnam, virgin hair is collected from women of ethnic communities living in mountainous areas. Due to their environmentally-friendly living conditions and lifestyle, with fresh and mild atmosphere and a low calorie diet with lots of self-planted vegetables, as well as the habit of cleansing and nurturing their hair through natural herbs, virgin hair from ethnic minorities women in Vietnam is incomparable in terms of quality. The lifespan of Vietnamese hair is also out of the question. Now, consumers questioning “Is Vietnamese hair good” has now known for sure that Vietnamese virgin hair is guaranteed to meet their most rigorous requirements. The answer to “Is Vietnamese hair good” is always a yes.

1.2. Is Vietnamese hair good – Vietnamese remy hair

With regards to remy hair, this is the type of hair collected from salons, households, etc. and as a result, they cannot appear as constant, sulky and strong as virgin hair. Since remy hair is cut and bundled from different hair donors, many of whom have applied chemicals in their hair, remy hair quality is not as good as that of virgin hair.

However, in terms of Vietnamese remy hair specifically, consumers worrying “Is Vietnamese hair good” can be assured that the conditions of Vietnamese remy hair are essentially the same as those of Vietnamese virgin hair, since the most famous and reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers only focus on collecting natural hair that has not been styled or designed in many ways. But as mentioned above, since it is cut from different hair donors with differences in terms of hair characteristics, remy hair is a level lower compared to virgin hair in terms of quality. 


Is Vietnamese hair good – Vietnamese remy hair

Since we have noted that Vietnamese suppliers do not sell non-remy hair, from the discussions of Vietnamese virgin and remy hair, we can conclude “Is Vietnamese hair good” should turn into an affirmation rather than a question.

1.3. Is Vietnamese hair good – Comparisons with quality of hair from other countries

In the second section, the ultimate answer to your concern “Is Vietnamese hair good” would be clarified once and for all by comparing the quality of Vietnamese hair to that of hair originating from other countries. To be more specific about raw hair Vietnam reviews, Vietnamese hair would be compared to hair from the biggest suppliers in the industry along with Vietnam, which are China and India.

1.3.1. Is Vietnamese hair good compared to Chinese hair

The most abundant source of Chinese hair used to be from women of minority groups living in the farthest parts of China. However, due to modernization and significant economic development, most of them do not have the need to sell their hair anymore, and along with economic development comes fast food, high calorie meals, plus living in extremely cold weather makes Chinese hair thin, easy to shed and tangle. The question “Is Vietnamese hair good” compared to Chinese hair in terms of quality, hence, should be a complete no-brainer to customers now. 


Is Vietnamese hair good compared to Chinese hair

However, as we have already discussed, economic development facilitates Chinese hair suppliers with advanced machines which enable them to improve the quality of raw hair materials and make them look luxurious. So wise consumers should spend a lot of time researching and gaining knowledge about this industry before making the final decision.

1.3.2. Is Vietnamese hair good compared to Indian hair

To test “Is Vietnamese hair good” compared to its Indian competitor, we provide a brief introduction of Indian hair.

Indian hair can be divided into two types: temple hair and hair balls. Most of Indian people are Hinduism practitioners, and they express their honor and respect towards their Gods through cutting their hair. Temple hair, hence, is the term describing this type of hair. Temple hair is basically virgin hair, however, since it is collected from different Hinduism practitioners, as well as its natural characteristics are not ideal, temple hair can only be considered remy hair for the majority of time.


Is Vietnamese hair good compared to Indian hair

Another type of Indian hair is hair balls, which can also be called non-remy hair. This is the lowest quality type of hair, since hair balls are balls of shedding hair collected from households, garbage dumps, kennels, etc. They are bundled and then be sold to suppliers who would use their machines to cleanse and manufacture them to be non-remy hair. 

From the detailed introduction of Indian hair above, the answer to the question “Is Vietnamese hair good” should be super clear now, especially when being compared to its counterpart from India.

2. Is Vietnamese hair good in terms of price

Every consumer worrying “Is Vietnamese hair good” should feel assured and confident when deciding to purchase Vietnamese hair after reading the first part of this article, which solidifies your belief and trust in the top quality of Vietnamese hair. However, it may concern you that with such an incomparable quality and superior characteristics, Vietnamese hair must also be much less accessible compared to hair from other countries. This second part would resolve your frustration “Is Vietnamese hair good” by providing an example of a Vietnamese hair supplier’s price list, as well as comparing it to that from other countries’ hair suppliers. Please keep in mind that these exemplified price lists are just typical ones and do not represent the price list for all suppliers. 

2.1. Price of Vietnamese hair

Below is a price list from top hair supplier from Vietnam – K-Hair:


Is Vietnamese hair good in terms of price – Vietnamese hair price list

From the above analysis, we have discussed and answered the question “Is Vietnamese hair good” in terms of quality, and we can confirm that both Vietnamese hair characteristics, origins and quality from Vietnamese hair factory in general can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Hence, price of Vietnamese hair can be considered the highest among hair products from other countries. However, as the words say “The quality is always worth the price”, such a luxurious and high quality type of hair like Vietnamese hair deserves that price. 

Nonetheless, as we can see from the price list of K-Hair – the top Vietnamese hair supplier in the current market, the prices in general are still set at a reasonable rate. This is because we know that Vietnamese hair is in really high demand and we believe that every consumer must have the opportunity to access such types of hair. If we can build a long term business relationship, K-Hair can even offer you sales discounts on orders with certain quantities.

With K-Hair, consumers having belief in the reputation of Vietnamese hair can feel relieved since K-Hair always brings out the best quality and there is no space for questions like “Is Vietnamese hair good” among our customers.

2.2. Is Vietnamese hair good – Comparisons with price of hair from other countries

Now is the moment of truth: after having all the information related to Vietnamese hair price, consumers can compare it with price lists from Chinese and Indian hair suppliers offered below. Your question “Is Vietnamese hair good” in terms of price would be explained in no time!!!

2.2.1. Is Vietnamese hair good at price compared to Chinese hair

According to our comparisons in the first section, Chinese hair is thin, easy to shed and tangle because of extreme weather conditions and a high calorie diet with few vitamins and much unhealthy protein from fatty foods. The source of Chinese hair has also been scarcer recently. As a result, they have to import hair mainly from India, and Indian hair is of the lowest quality.

However, with advanced manufacturing machines as well as low labor costs, Chinese hair suppliers gain a competitive advantage in pricing. Specifically, below is a typical price list of a Chinese hair supplier.


Is Vietnamese hair good at price compared to Chinese hair – Chinese hair price list

Compared to Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair is apparently cheaper. However, wise consumers should really pay attention to the quality of the products, and keep in mind the answer that we have found when answering the question “Is Vietnamese hair good”.

2.2.2. Is Vietnamese hair good at price compared to Indian hair

As we have already analyzed, Indian hair has the lowest quality in the current hair industry. As a result, Indian hair prices are also the cheapest. Below is a representative of a price list from an Indian hair supplier.


Is Vietnamese hair good at price compared to Indian hair – Indian hair price list

In conclusion, “Is Vietnamese hair good” in terms of price is clear now, as Vietnamese hair not only acquires the highest quality but also has an affordable price.

 3. Is Vietnamese hair good – How to buy from a Vietnamese hair supplier 

Now your question “Is Vietnamese hair good” has finally been resolved, now is the perfect time for you to know the steps required when placing an order with a Vietnamese hair supplier. Please stay in tune since we have enclosed a special gift in the last part of this article. And now are the detailed illustrations of the steps that you should take when purchasing human hair bulk, particularly Vietnamese hair.

3.1. Step 1: Research and choose your most suitable Vietnamese hair supplier

From the information that we have already provided above, now consumers having an interest in Vietnamese hair would not be nagged by the question “Is Vietnamese hair good” anymore. Nonetheless, to ensure that your business can acquire the top quality products at a reasonable price, spending time researching and choosing the most suitable Vietnamese hair supplier to your business is a must!

With the assistance of the Internet, there are tons of options for customers to find the potential suppliers, from popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. to forums, groups, or even hair supplier’s websites to help you evaluate and contact with the supplier that can meet your “Is Vietnamese hair good” expectations.


Is Vietnamese hair good – How to buy from a Vietnamese hair supplier

However, there are some scam signals that you should consider before making the final decision:

  • Irregular updates on a hair supplier’s social media, website, etc.: a website or social media account of a hair supplier is the main channel for the business to connect with the potential consumers and promote their products. Irregular updates on their activities or latest products as well as slow consumer service can be considered unreliable.
  • Confusing terms and conditions: if you find it confusing when reading terms and conditions of a hair supplier related to anything from payment, delivery time, product certifications and qualifications, refunds when complaints arise, etc. then there is a high chance that this company is not worth researching or contacting.
  • Do not accept online payments: In this digital era, the fact that a company do not accept online payments can be boiled down to two reasons: first of all, they are unreliable and second, their services are obsolete and need urgent improvements. Either way, you should not consider this hair supplier an option.

These are some of many signs that you should take notice when buying and testing “Is Vietnamese hair good” products so that you can have a better understanding of Vietnamese hair yourselves.

3.2. Step 2: If needed, asking for hair samples

To test your concern “Is Vietnamese hair good” is true or not, requesting hair samples is a reasonable option, especially when you are place big orders or with a supplier that you have never purchased from.


Is Vietnamese hair good – How to buy from a Vietnamese hair supplier

If a supplier refuses to send you their product samples, it is also a significant sign of fraud that you should take into consideration. High quality product samples also express a supplier’s goodwill to make a good trading relationship with you.

3.3. Step 3: Place orders with your chosen Vietnamese hair supplier

Now that you have chosen the perfect hair supplier that has answered your question “Is Vietnamese hair good”, congratulations! However, since you have diligently read all the valuable information that we have provided, we feel very honored to offer you a special reward: we have chosen the best Vietnamese hair supplier that can satisfy even your most demanding orders, so that you can save all of the purchasing time and effort finding the ultimate Vietnamese hair supplier. And yes, that is K-Hair, the top and most reputable Vietnamese hair supplier, not only in the domestic market but also the international one. 

Down below is a detailed list of how to connect as well as place orders with us so that you do not have to spend time finding, researching and whatnot:


Is Vietnamese hair good – How to buy from a Vietnamese hair supplier

Step 1: Since K-Hair has been recommended, you should have a look at our product portfolio at our website K-Hair to have a better understanding of our products as well as evaluate carefully to get the most satisfaction out of the decision. Here is detailed contact:

Step 2: Send the products you requested along with their name and their detailed descriptions (texture, length, color, etc.) to our Hotline number: +84 96 789 4448 as well as contact our customer service staff through WhatsApp for further information. We have a team of staff acquiring professional proficiency in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. to cater all of your concerns and demands.

Step 3: Confirm your order in terms of types of hair, descriptions and quantity ordered

Step 4: After receiving your order, K-Hair would send a request affirmation as well as official receipt. The only thing that you need to do in this step is to confirm all of those things and finish the payment so that K-Hair manufacturing team would activate working for your order.

Step 5: A big plus point of K-Hair is that you could know FOR SURE the progress of our staff as well as how your products are being manufactured. This creates a trusting and long-lasting relationship between buyer and seller. You do not have to worry “Is Vietnamese hair good” or not

Step 6: We send you a video illustrating in detail the final products that are going to be sent to you. We would NEVER send the products if they are still not to your requirements. When we have received your acceptance, we would make sure they are secured before sending them to our forwarding agent.

In closing, “Is Vietnamese hair good” has been perfectly resolved with the grand success belongs to Vietnamese hair both in terms of price, quantity and diversity. 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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