Human Hair Extensions Grey: Top 3 Secret Features About This Product

There is a tendency to have light hair color in these years. However, the majority of women around the world have dark colored original hair and the process to get a light color demands a lot of time and effort. The hair extensions, including human hair extensions grey, are the best choice for the lovers of colored hair.

Human Hair Extensions Grey

Human Hair Extensions Grey

1. Why should be human hair extensions grey?

What are the benefits of human hair extensions grey? Is it worth the investment in comparison with other hair types? The answer will be revealed in this part.

1.1. The origin of human hair extensions grey

Human hair extensions grey are made from 100% hair provided by the condors. This hair type has better quality than synthetic hair as the strands still retain some characteristics of natural hair, it looks more silky and stronger. 

Human hair extensions grey 2

The origin of human hair extensions grey

Asia is the flagship continent in exporting human hair extensions, especially countries such as China, India, Vietnam… The quality of these national hair sources varies depending on the method of collection. To produce their extensions, for instance, Indian hair companies take discarded hair from public locations and devoted hair from temples. As a result, in this nation, human hair extensions grey are not developing as the strands do not have the identical color. Otherwise, Vietnamese hair enterprises collect hair from native women living in hilly and rural areas, resulting in a healthy and smooth hair supply. Their human hair extensions grey shine out even more.

1.2. Characteristics of human hair extensions grey

 This product has some certain positive features that make it become one of the hot items in the hair market beside other colors like human hair extensions blonde.

  • Stunning look: Human hair extensions grey seem to be challenging to some people to put on. However, if you have fair skin tone, this hair would make an artistic appearance. You can choose the styles of hair such as grey pixie curls, human hair extensions micro loops… to fit your face shapes.
  • Fashionable and adaptable: As mentioned before, the light color including grey is trending in the hair market. Moreover, human hair extensions can match numerous fashion styles. This product still looks good whether you put on sexy or girly clothes.
  • Protect your scalp and natural hair: Generally, before dying the light color, your hair must go through the bleaching process. It may cause pain as well as have a bad effect on your strands and scalp. Thus, putting on human hair extensions grey can save your real hair from being weakened.   
Human hair extensions grey 3

Characteristics of human hair extensions grey

Nevertheless, this hair type also has weak points to be mentioned like other types of human hair extensions remy:

  • Short duration: Although the duration of hair strands is identical with other products, the human hair extensions grey color seems to not stay for a long time. The hair color gets paler after each time washing and finally the extension has a mixed of unidentified colors.
  • Require proper care: As the hair has been bleached and dyed, it becomes weaker than the dark color products such as human hair extensions black. As a result, the users have to invest a certain amount of money in caring for the human hair extensions grey. 

1.3. How to maintain the human hair extensions grey?

Although the grey hair is outstanding and impressive, it is hard to stay in good condition for a long time. Thus, here are some tips for users to preserve their human hair extensions grey:

  • Use color-proof products: Grey hair extensions necessitate the use of these sorts of hair care products to keep the colors matte for longer. You should get shampoos that are designed specifically for human hair extensions grey. Furthermore, rinse the hair with cold water to avoid fading the color of the human hair extensions grey. It is also recommended that you should not comb your extensions while they are wet since the hair might become tangled and break.
  • Reduce cleaning times: While it is recommended that human hair extensions be washed on a regular basis to eliminate dirt and bacteria, this is not applicable to ombre human hair extensions. The grey color is eliminated faster if you wash your hair too often.
Human hair extensions grey 4

How to maintain the human hair extensions grey?

  • Hydrate your hair on a regular basis: Because you can’t wash your ombre hair too often, you should hydrate it correctly every time you do. After using the shampoo, you can use a deep conditioner and a hair mask. In addition, there is a powerful aid in the form of moisturizing oil.
  • Reduce your exposure to the sun and the use of styling hot tools: The styles that necessitate the use of heat equipment such as flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons may harm your head skin and genuine hair. As a result, you should limit the amount of time your human hair extensions grey are heated. Also, remember to put UV-protection oil on your hair.
  • Use a wide-tooth brush: This design of brush can help to decrease damaged hair when it gets tangled. Before washing, users should untangle the human hair extensions black by hand in a gentle manner and brush the hair. When the hair is damp, avoid brushing it since the hair is at its weakest and most prone to falling out.

2. Trending styles of human hair extensions grey

There are some dominant types and styles of human hair extensions grey available in the market at the moment. They have different designs and color grades to meet the demands of diversified consumers.

2.1. Typical types of human hair extensions grey

  • Lace Frontal/Closure: Made entirely of real hair, this item of human hair extensions grey is hand-stitched into a net. The lace frontal is bigger than the lace closure (the grid is a square piece). 13×4 and 4×4 are the most popular sizes.
  • Wigs: this hair type is produced in the same way with the exception of the lace frontal and closure. It does, however, have a three-dimensional form that may cover the whole user’s head.
Human hair extensions grey 5

Typical types of human hair extensions grey

  • Tape in hair: human hair is equally distributed and connected to tape pieces in a certain pattern. Other hair kinds or synthetic fiber do not mix well with this type of human hair extensions grey.
  • Weft hair: human hair extensions weft a form of extensions that is woven or sewed into a bundle on a horizontal strip of cloth. Because weft hair is normally sold in bundles, the thickness varies depending on the length of the hair (each weighing 100 grams). Initially, each raw hair strand has a reinforcing weave sewn across the base. The human hair extensions grey is folded and braided together to form the final horizontal band. A continuous string of intertwined hair pieces all facing the same way.

2.2. The trendy styles of human hair extensions grey

Trendy color

  • Ombre grey: human hair extensions ombre has been an all-time favorite item of hair lovers for decades. The grey color can be blended with another color like black to provide an awesome look for users.
  • Fully grey: As the grey color itself is a stunning color for hair, the human hair extensions grey with fully identical strands and resemble color is enough to make you look attractive.
  • Highlight color: The grey hair extensions highlighted by silver hair is the hottest hair style of this product. These two colors are a new and unique combination to make users stand out in the crowd.
Human hair extensions grey 6

The trendy styles of human hair extensions grey

Trendy styles

  • Layered lob: This style of human hair extensions grey is adaptable with almost all age groups. It is one of the most effective hair styles to hide the weakness of your face shapes.
  • Straight hair: This seems to be a safe option for the dark hair color but not for the light color as grey. However, if users choose the accurate length of hair such as grey human hair extensions 24 inch, they will get the spotlight.
  • Curly hair: There are pixie bob, wavy hair and so on included in grey human hair extensions curly category. Each style of curly hair brings a different look for the consumers.

3. How much are human hair extensions grey?

The retailed stores on Amazon offer prices of human hair extensions grey based on the length and weight of the products. For instance, 8 pieces of the 18-inch-long weft clip in grey hair, each weighing 70g, costs $49.90 for a full head of user.

Human hair extensions grey 7

Retailed price of human hair extensions grey

Otherwise, if you are running a hair business, possessing a hair shop and want to import the human hair extensions, you can go for the wholesale hair extensions vendor. The human hair extensions grey imported from wholesale hair extensions suppliers are committed in large quantities and high quality as well as pleasing prices. 

For example, the weft hair with the length of 18 inch weighing 1 kilogram is from $330 to $466. It means 70g of weft hair provided by wholesaler costs about $23,3 upto $32, much cheaper than the retailed hair with the same length.

Human hair extensions grey 8

Wholesale price of human hair extensions grey

We can not deny the beneficial of wholesale hair market; thus, if you want to join, please take notice of this importing guideline to avoid the unexpected loss:

  • Make a list of hair items: Make a list of the various sorts of hair extensions you intend to buy, including human hair extensions grey.
  • Identify a vendor: Before deciding to collaborate, properly analyze the distributors’ remarks, assess if their hair source is qualified or not… to prevent falling for a vendor’s fraud and receiving low-quality human hair extensions wavy.
  • Make contact with the companies: You should personally contact the company’s management when you’ve discovered the greatest distributor. Then, to minimize the danger of a loss, thoroughly examine the contract, paying particular attention to logistics and payment methods.
  • Pay your bill and receive your goods: It’s common practice to pay half of the whole sum as a deposit and the remaining amount when the things arrive. Keep a close check on the arrival of your human hair.
Human hair extensions grey 9

K- Hair Vietnam

K-Hair Vietnam is one of the most promising wholesale hair extensions suppliers, especially for human hair extensions grey. They promise to give a high-quality hair source in adequate quantity and at reasonable pricing. K- Hair’s personnel is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver the best possible client care. Give K-Hair a try if you want to start a collaboration.



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