How to Properly Take care of Damaged Hair Extensions?

How to take care of your damaged hair extension
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“How to take care of damaged hair extensions” is always a matter of concern for customers who have a demand for hair extensions in particular and from hair vendors in general. The following article will show you some effective hair extensions to increase the durability of hair extensions. This is definitely an article that you cannot ignore.

I. Overview about how to take care of damaged hair extensions?

Before we learn the tips and tricks to take care of damaged hair extensions, we need to take a quick look at damaged hair extensions. Why is the hair extension damaged? So What is the reason ?

1. What causes damaged hair extensions?

What caused damaged hair extensions

There are many causes of damaged hair extensions. However, they focus on the following main reasons:

  • Quality: If you buy poor quality extensions, they will affect the strength of your hair. If they are non-remy hair types then the hair life is only about 1-2 years. In the process of using hair, it is easy to get ruffled, tangled, splitted and even hair loss.
  • Usage: The process of using and preserving is also one of the important factors affecting the quality of hair extensions. Damaged hair extensions are often incorrectly used by their owner, not stored properly. They may also encounter some fundamental mistakes from the way they are combing their hair, the way they take care of their hair, or even the way they are handled. Because of this, damaged hair extensions are more and more common
  • Care: This is also one of the “keyword” to prevent hair from floating by damage. Although they are not your real hair, they need the same care as real hair to always retain its shine and silky. The cause of damaged hair extensions comes from the way they are cared for. So did you take care of them properly or not? Are you indirectly terrified of damaged hair extensions?

2. How long do damaged hair extensions last?

First, we need to learn how long do hair extensions last? Usually hair extensions can last 2-6 years depending on the type of hair you are using, and the quality of your hair. If the hair is virgin or remy hair, it can last 4-5 years. However, these are approximate numbers because they depend on how you take care of your hair extensions.

Next, we will learn how long do damaged hair extensions last? Essentially, damaged hair extensions are hair that has been lost, tangled, burned, or destroyed from deep within, making the hair no longer silky and shiny. Therefore, in the short term of use, the hair will become worse and worse, the hair can only last 1-2 months after a period of serious damage. 

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II. Hair Care Tips: How to Repair damaged hair extensions?

Once you’ve figured out the causes of damaged hair, you can find a way to fix them. It’s important to know what your damaged extensions are, so you’ll learn the tips you need to recover them from the damage.

1. How to store the hair to prevent from damaged hair extensions?

How to store the hair to prevent from damaged hair extensions

One of the most important causes of damaged hair extensions is how you preserve it. Firstly, you need to avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight after using it. Next, you need to make sure to always keep your hair in a cool, dry place. Finally, make sure your hair is completely dry and not wet to avoid mold and bad smell

Currently on the market there are many types of containers or bags to protect hair from natural damage. You can consult more to choose for yourself the most suitable product.

2. How to comb the hair to prevent from damaged hair extensions? 

Hair loss is largely related to the way you brush your hair. They seem simple but not as simple as you might think. So arbitrary brushing causes serious damage to hair, especially hair loss and fracture

So, to improve your hair brushing skills with a few tips below:

– Choose a suitable comb to brush hair more easily, limit hair loss and damage to the hair cuticle

How to comb the hair to prevent from damaged hair extensions

– Never brush hair extensions when they get wet as this is the most prone to break. Instead, brush them before washing them or when they’re 90% dry.

You can see this video below for guiding you how to comb the hair to prevent from damaged hair extensions

3. How to wash the hair to prevent from damaged hair extensions? 

How to wash the hair to prevent from damaged hair extensions?

Since the hair extensions are independent of your scalp, they will not be affected by oil secretions. So it is advised to minimize washing the hair extensions. Washing too many times will cause damaged hair extensions. Washing them when you feel they have too many products built up. Suggesting that you only wash them after about 30 times of wearing them or only once a month. This frequency will ensure that the extensions are not damaged. however these are only a few recommended numbers, they depend greatly on how you use them. 

When washing your hair extensions, it is important that you stay hydrated as much as possible. Since the hair extensions do not receive the same nutrients and natural oils as our own hair, it is important to ensure that your hair is always nourished and moisturized by using shampoos and conditioners. alcohol, sulfate-free. Sulfate and alcohol take away the natural oils in your hair, thus making it drier and more likely to become tangled or sticky.

III. Where can you buy the best quality hair to prevent from damaged hair extensions?

In addition to proper hair care, the first step you need is to purchase quality hair extensions. To do that, you need to know some of the reputable hair suppliers below. If the quality of the extensions is not good from the start, no matter how well you take care of damaged hair extensions, they won’t work. So buying a quality hair extension is a necessary and especially important condition.

  • K-hair Factory

K-hair brand name has become very familiar to African and European customers. With many years of experience in the industry, it develops more and more steadily, not only by a team of excellent experts, but by developing them based on product quality. They are considered one of the leading reputable hair companies in Vietnam with full business registration licenses and certificates.

 Besides, they have hundreds of thousands of hair vendors from all over the world. Owning its own factory increases K-hair’s competitive advantage, helping them not only provide reputable products but also with the best prices in Vietnam today.


Whatsapp: +84833333061

Instagram: k_hair_almar

Almar K-hair


I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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