How to get to the Hair Factory and Buy in Bulk?

How to get to the Hair Factory and buy in Bulk
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You are a big Hair Vendor so you want to buy the big quantity of closure, frontal, etc with the factory price. Are you wondering that Can you get to The Hair Factory and buy in bulk in other country? This article will guide you to find the solutions

1. How to find the Reputable Hair Factory?

Currently in the world there are many hair factories and large quantity suppliers. However, many factories of them are only producing synthetic hair, not real human hair. This can confuse the customer in the purchase.

1.1. Where is the best Hair Factory in the world?

So how to find the best hair factory for hair in bulk wholesale? Where is the best hair factory? And who is the best hair factory there?

Easy to see, the demand for real human hair in Europe and Africa is extremely great. But we have a hard time finding any hair factory in Europe and Africa. The first is the climate. The hot and harsh climate makes it difficult to preserve hair, so no one dares to venture to open hair factories in these continents. The second is about hair supplies. Since the demand for hair in African countries is so great, it is a clear fact that they do not have a hair factory in their own country. They have to import hair from other countries. So the price is not competitive if they open their own factory here

So where is the hair source of the African and European countries imported from? According to statistics, 90% of hair imported to Africa comes from Asian countries. With favorable features in terms of climate and topography, Toc Asia has very distinctive characteristics. Hair quality is good in both quality and color. Hair is usually natural glossy black, hair is very strong, so it can be bleached and dyed on many new hair colors and restyled with curtain bangs or so on.

1.2. Where is the best Asian Hair Factory ?

Which countries do African countries import hair from in Asia? Usually, some countries that they often import such as Vietnam, China, India, Cambodia,…. So Where is the best Hair Factory located in? It is difficult to compare which is best. Hair in each country will have its own distinctive features that other countries can hardly compete with. In China, it is difficult for the remaining countries to compete on technology and factory scale and cheap labor. So the price they offer is extremely competitive in the market. In India or Cambodia, hair also has the feature of being extremely cheap because the labor force is quite cheap. However, hair is very difficult to bleach and dye in high colors because the characteristic of hair is mixed hair, hair will be weaker than just from 1 donor.

2. Top 5 The Best Reputable Hair Factory in Asia

There are many hair factories in Asia currently. How to differentiate between them and choose the best one can meet your demand? This article will suggest you some hair factories with the best quality and price in Asia and give you some options to deal with them online and offline.

2.1. K-hair Factory

With more than 30 years of experience in the hair business, They built for themselves an extremely modern factory with advanced technology and a team of skilled workers. Not only that, with a team of hair industry experts involved in the sales stage makes customer consulting quicker and more accurate. They not only help customers understand more about hair types, but also help them grow their business, reach more potential customers. With a chain of systems not only selling but also hair salons, they are confident in supplying products domestically and internationally. 

The price is considered very cheap in the Vietnamese market today. To evaluate product quality, surely through customer satisfaction who have experienced K-hair products.



2.2. Livi Hair

Although they have just developed in the market in recent years, they are considered as one of the quite strong companies which supplies one of the best human hair bulk items to resellers. They focus on providing straight, curly, natural black hairstyles to African and European countries. They mainly focus on providing remy hair, hair that are collected from many donors. So it is more suitable for natural black than bleaching or dyeing other colors. With a staff of young, they give customers the best advice, quickly and most enthusiastically

2.3. VietNam Remy Hair

With more than 5 years in the industry, they provide customers with the best products with extremely short production times. They mainly supply remy hair to African markets. They focus on a few hairstyles like silky straight, fumi, pixie, curly and some simple hair colors like piano, brown or ombre. Hair quality is considered to be relatively good with a short production time. However, the price will be higher than the other 2 factories.

To choose the best factory for your hair business, you can consult more information through a number of channels such as:

Youtube: K-Hair Factory Best Viet Nam Hair


Whatsapp: +84833333061

3. How to get to the Hair Factory?

In Europe or Africa there are many big hair vendors. They are in demand in bulk for hair types. However, there is no shortage of international scammers at present. So this is the biggest obstacle for hair vendors that want to buy in large quantities every month.

3.1. Should A Hair Vendor get to the Hair Factory directly and Buy in Bulk?

For the big Hair Vendors in Europe and Africa, it would be great if they could go directly to their hair supply factory which is supposed to be the top hair factory. What are the pros and cons of this.
+ Advantages : hair vendors can check and test hair directly at the factory. Second, they can know the size of the factory they are working with, so that they know the supply capacity of that factory? Is it enough to meet their needs?

+ Disadvantage: If all the criteria are not enough to meet the needs of the supplier, the travel will incur big costs for them. The era of technology has evolved, so you can verify everything online. Of course it can’t be better than offline, but it also satisfies customer authentication needs relatively.

3.2. Suggesting some useful tips to deal with Hair Wholesalers in Bulk Quantity with The Best Price

Hair Vendors always want to deal with the most competitive price, thereby getting more profits. However, not many Hair Vendors know some of the following tips to deal with the best price.

+ Firstly, if you already have Hair Business experience, present it to Hair wholesalers. They will judge you as one of the potential customers and offer you a better price than other customers.

+ Second, pay attention to the minimum order that the factory allows to be applied a wholesale price for sample first. Avoid being pushed up for the price of your first order

+ Most importantly, if you are a big hair vendors and can afford to buy in large numbers within the year. Offer them to the Hair Sellers so they can offer you the best price. However, you must also make a commitment that the quantity you give is enough.


Almar K-hair

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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