Hair vendors can make billions with Double drawn hair

Can double drawn hair really make hair vendors billions? To answer this question, please read the article here. Double drawn hair is the most popular because it has good quality as well as the average price when comparing with super double drawn hair. This article will help you guys have an overview of double drawn hair.

vietnamese double drawn hair

Vietnamese double drawn hair

What is Double drawn hair?

  • Double drawn hair is medium thickness bundle with 70-80% of all hair of equal length, the remainder shorter strands.
  • To get the best quality double drawn hair bundles, workers must carefully select each strand of hair. They should be 100% black hair, not gray hair, red hair. However, at a lower thickness than Super double drawn hair, Double drawn hair allows good workers less time and effort to gather the strands into a weft bundle.
  • Double drawn hair is the most popular type of hair thickness in the Vietnamese hair market as well as in the world hair market.
  • So why is it so popular in the hair market, stay tuned for the sequels to better understand them!

    vietnamese double drawn hair 1

    Vietnamese double drawn hair 1

How to recognize and use the effect Double drawn hair

Is Double drawn hair difficult to see or use? Certainly not, that is why it is the type of thickness that is most popular among hair vendors in the world. Let’s explore it with me!

How to recognize Double drawn hair

  • Identify Double drawn hair with visual perception: Turn the ends of any bundle of hair, if you see about 30% of the strands are sided hairs, that’s the double drawn hair bundle. This is an incredibly easy and effective way to do it, without having to be a hair expert, or even just from a new hair vendor, you can do it.
  • Identify Double drawn hair with tactile perception: Gently smooth any bundle of hair, remember, you need to keep the grip of your hand relative to the bundle, your hand going from the top of the bundle to the end. If the opening of your hand fits the bundle of hair from top to bottom, it is certainly not a double drawn hair bundle. But the more you go down, the smaller the hair becomes but with a negligible amount, that’s Double drawn hair.

How to use Double drawn hair effectively

  • Customers wishing to use hair weft with grades of double drawn hair can be used directly with the natural color and natural straightness of the bundle. This gives customers a natural, pure beauty that shows you are a sincere person.
  • However, if you have a strong personality, you can choose for yourself the colorful double drawn hair bundles. Because double drawn virgin hair can be dyed or bleached into whatever color you want.

Here I will show you the colors for people with a desire to use double drawn hair:

vietnamese double drawn hair 2

Vietnamese double drawn hair 2

Compare the price of Double drawn hair in Vietnam and other countries

In Vietnam: 

Although prices vary widely among hair suppliers in Vietnam, in general, the cost of products from double drawn hair in Vietnam is higher than in other countries around the world. Because with a bundle of double drawn hair, workers need a lot of effort to choose quality hairs and one donor. That is understandable because you do with any money. Be a smart consumer.

Let see an example of Vietnamese double drawn hair price:

Vietnamese double drawn hair 3

Vietnamese double drawn hair 3

In other countries: 

The quality of double drawn hair in the world may not be as good as Vietnamese double drawn hair, but the price is not necessarily cheaper than Vietnamese hair. In fact, hair suppliers from India offer extremely cheap prices because their hair is Remy hair. However, when the Chinese Businessmen imported hair from India, with the most advanced and modern technology, they provided double drawn hair (called 8A, 9A) at extremely expensive prices. But after a period of use, due to the Remy hair, even if purchased at such a high price, the hair will quickly deteriorate. Hair vendors need to consider carefully before investing in this product.

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Why should hair vendors choose Double drawn hair to invest in? 

  • Firstly, Double drawn hair is quality hair with good thickness. Customers can easily use, style, dye, suitable for all faces
  • Secondly, the price is cheaper than the one super double drawn, so with only a budget of $ 300, new hair vendors can completely start a business.
  • Thirdly, The generous popularity of Double drawn hair makes your business easier and easier.
  • However, finding a reputable double drawn hair salon is not easy. With more than 10 years of experience in the hair business, I will recommend a number of double drawn hair suppliers at affordable prices and excellent quality.


Nowadays, K hair Company in Vietnam has become one of the leading reputable companies supplying human hair vendors/wholesalers around the world. It’s not hard to see why this company was so successful. Established in 1990, K-hair specializes in providing high-quality human hair at extremely reasonable prices. Because of that, they have been increasingly attracted by hair vendors.

K hair supplies the best double drawn hair

K hair supplies the best double drawn hair

Maeve Expert from K hair Company will consult free with a discount of up to 30% for each order now!

Free consultant for Vietnamese  double drawn hair

Free consultant for Vietnamese  double drawn hair

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