Hair business without Intermediaries-some extremely useful tips

Hair business without Intermediaries
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Africa has a hot climate, the average annual temperature is over 20 ° C, and the weather is stable. Rainfall is relatively small and gradually decreases towards the Tropic of Cancer, forming large deserts, spreading close to the sea. The Sahara is the largest sand desert in the world. Because of the extreme climate, the demand for wigs among the women here is extremely high. Not only that, the countries on this continent are developing day by day, leading to a huge demand for beauty. This is also a golden time for those who know to seize opportunities to start hair business.
However, many starters have difficulty in finding suppliers in general and finding a supplier with reasonable price in particular. Especially, with limited supply of hair in African countries and almost nonexistent, this is a huge challenge for hair agents looking to foreign sources. Here are some tips to guide the beginners and those who are buying through multiple intermediaries.

1. How to reach hair wholesalers to start your hair business?

There are many hair suppliers on the market today, but the biggest one is 3 countries such as Vietnam, China and India. So how to reach wholesalers from these countries without going through any intermediaries and where should choose from to start your hair extensions business?

1.1. Where is your destination?

Hair in every country has different characteristics. In India, hair is procured in a mass, without quality and quantity control before and after production. Indian hair is usually non-remy hair, without the roots and ends in the same direction. So after a short period of use it is easy to get ruffled and the lifespan of the hair is quite short.The advantage is that they have a cheap labor source so the price is relatively reasonable. In China, as everyone knows, China is known as ” The factory of the world”. They can produce almost anything for a very cheap price. Not only that, China is also very developed in shipping channels, so it is very convenient for buying goods in this country. But why is the number of countries cooperating with China declining, including the US. Partly related to the political conflicts between countries and China. In addition, it is also influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic that broke out in China and spread around the world. So it’s really not safe to buy hair from China vendors at this point. Besides the price advantages, some downside to hair originating in China is that the hair is not entirely human. Some types are mixed with other fake hair. This makes hair unnatural, unsuitable for bleaching or dyeing, prone to tangling, and extremely short lifespan.

In Viet Nam, it has an advantage in quality guaranteed hair over the other two countries from the period of raising hair until the time it is cut off a woman’s head. Vietnamese hair is from Vietnamese women at the age of 18- 34, especially mountainous women. The climate there is cold, therefore, their hair is out of sun light. They also work at the field everyday, which means they have strong health and their hair is strong as well. Vietnamese women have tradition way of washing hair is using natural ingredient such as: grapefruit peel, locust and other herbal. This is also the biggest advantage that makes Vietnamese hair completely different and more valuable. It then can be easily simply styled (cutting bangs) to harder styled.

Vietnamese virgin hair-the best quality in the world

1.2. How to get them?

There are many ways to reach potential suppliers. However, some of the tips below will help you find your most potential suppliers without going through any middlemen.

Hair business without Intermediaries

Instagram is a great social network where you can connect with many wholesale hair vendors factories and resellers easily and effectively. So How to do that?

+ #hashtag : Using hashtag related to the characteristics of hair that you are looking for. If you are in Nigeria and you want to start with remy hair or Vietnamese hair, you can put your hashtags on the research box to look for. It can give you some results about vietnamese hair with many wholesalers.

+ Selection: The next step is to sift through those wholesalers. You will consider which is the best choice for you. First, look at their profile page; Find out about the brands they are selling by going to the official website; choose the most reputable seller for that brand to give you the most helpful advice

How to start your own hair business

+ Google: Using the most popular search engine available today. You can compose your problem, then put it in the search box, the smart google tools will help you find a solution in a simpler way. For example, if you search for “How to start your hair business owner?”, Google can point you to some shared tips for starting your own hair business, or lead you to sites that useful for you. Here, you not only find affordable products, but also get access to helpful advice from experts in the hair industry.

2. Buying at the factory price for starters

For those who are just starting out in hair business, they often cannot afford too much money. The wholesale price is only for bulk orders. So how to convince the seller to sell you at a wholesale price with the first small quantity order.

Goodwill: Sellers are always ready to support you enthusiastically if you really want to learn more about their products. Don’t simply compare the price list when approaching hair wholesalers, the price is only a part and it doesn’t say everything. You should have goodwill from the start to get the most sincere advice from the seller. It is really helpful for your hair business.

Testing: share with the seller about your hair business plan, target market you are targeting, and want to test their hair quality. When wholesalers realize that you are taking this business very seriously and plan to scale up in the future, they will be ready for you to buy small quantities first at wholesale prices which is just for big orders.

Minimum Order Quantity: surely a big wholesaler will always give you the minimum order. And the minimum is that you should order at least with that amount that they have come up with. However, some situations can be flexible when you are a good negotiator, having made a purchase a few times before. Of course you will receive reasonable priorities and incentives.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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