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If you are searching for a good temporary hair extension type, the clip in hair extensions are the top 1 option for you. Clip-in hair extensions are qualified and diverse enough to meet all of your demands! In this post, we will help you understand more about the clip-in hair extensions from K-Hair – the best Vietnamese clip-in hair extensions items. Let’s get the details in terms of the quality, price, diversity and many more of these clip in weft hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions

Fullest clip in hair extensions high quality, unprocessed chemical, easy to bleach and dye color. We – K-Hair Factory can support all kinds of clip in hair with high quality and factory price for all customers.

Before moving to the details, we also want to introduce to you the overview of clip-in hair extensions first. Have you got any ideas of what clip in hair extensions are and where the materials come from? Please get the answers here.

What are clip in hair extensions? They are one type of temporary hair extensions. Like any other hair extension items, they can be used to make users’ hair look longer, thicker, silkier, more voluminous or better thanks to the new hairstyles given. Clip in weft hair extensions consist of two main parts: the hair part and the clip part. The clips are attached to each hair strand’s root, so that users can easily stick the hair extensions in the middle layers of their real hair temporarily (normally during the day). Users can also choose from a lot of hair extension sizes available.

What are the materials of clip in weft hair extensions? The hair used to make this type of hair extension can be classified into 2 main groups: human hair and synthetic hair. 

  • Human hair is the natural human hair collected from hair donors. As the hair is real, it can bring about a natural look for users when wearing hair extensions. In addition, human hair is supposed to have high quality with real hair cuticles and hair alignment. However, human hair is also classified into 3 hair types with 3 different quality levels, including virgin hair (unprocessed one-donor hair), remy hair (unprocessed multiple-donor hair) and non-remy hair (multiple-donor hair).
    • Virgin hair: has the highest quality, enables all restyling processes, including bleaching, dyeing, straightening and curling.
    • Remy hair: not as high-quality as virgin hair, enables basic restyling processes, including dyeing, straightening and curling.
    • Non-remy hair: has the lowest quality, impossible to restyle with good results.
  • Synthetic hair is called hair but none of the materials is hair at all. In fact, it is made of artificial fibers which cannot bring about such a natural look like the human hair does. Synthetic hair extensions are thereby much cheaper than human hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are not recommended for long-term uses.

In conclusion, human hair extensions are much better than synthetic ones. Though the prices are higher, the quality is so worth it. You should spend money buying human hair extensions which are really durable and beautiful for long-term uses instead of buying cheap synthetic hair extensions. These cheap items are only suitable for use once in a blue moon.

Fullest clip in hair extensions information

Among all clip-in hair extension wholesale suppliers in the market, K-Hair is proud to be one of the best ones. K-Hair has accompanied thousands of other hair vendors all over the world in the hair business. Clip in hair extension items from K-Hair is ensured to be the fullest, most beautiful and most high-quality. Below are the characteristics and classification of this type of hair extension.

Clip in hair extensions characteristic

As mentioned, clip in weft hair extensions from K-Hair are worth buying items from K-Hair. The table below will show you more about their significant characteristics.

Material 100% human hair, mainly fullest hair
Color natural color, mainly contain #1b. #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #22, #60, #613, etc
Length 24 inches, available 8 – 30 inches
Style straight, body wave, kinky curly, deep wave, loose wave, etc
Weight 100 gram/bundle
Payment method Money Gram, Bank, Western Union
Shipping UPS, DHL, Cargo carrier
Delivery time from 3 to 7 working days depending on customer location

The diversity of clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions are made of fullest Remy hair, so that, it is very smooth, strong and silky. Come to K-Hair, we specialize offer many kinds of hairstyles of the clip in hair including clip in body wave, straight clip in hair, kinky curly clip in hair, etc. Moreover, we also support clip in hair with the diversity of color hair for all customers. Therefore, if you want to order any our product, please contact us, we will support enthusiasm for you. If you concern, you can also read more about human virgin hair extensions.

In addition to available hairstyles in our catalogs, K-Hair also accepts orders of customized items. We are a hair factory, so all customized hairstyles can be easily processed with the best results. Please never mind to contact us and explain your demands. K-Hair will do the best to satisfy you.

Image result for clip in hair extensions
Clip in hair extensions from fullest hair

Buy the best fullest clip in hair extensions

Now come the details of the best wholesale hair vendors to import clip-in hair extensions from. K-Hair factory is definitely one of the best choices for you. Being an experienced hair factory, K-Hair can ensure to supply the best hair extension products at the best prices with the best services.

Clip in hair extensions high quality

Clip in hair extensions in K-Hair  is one of the best hair extensions. We only use Vietnam human hair, no mix synthetic hair or animal fur. Our hair is not tangle, no shedding, unprocessed chemical, without lice, units, insects, etc. We always check and control closely all processes from collecting Remy hair to producing clip in hair extensions, so you can comfortably order our product immediately.

In addition, the clip in hair extensions from K-Hair are also classified into 3 different quality grades for you to freely choose from to best satisfy your demands. They are single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. All of them are made of Vietnamese virgin remy hair, so the hair textures are of the same quality. The only difference lies in the volume of each hair bundle or hair piece.

  • Single drawn hair is the thinnest hair type, especially for the hair tail. This is because only 60-65% of the hair has the same longest length, the rest hair lengths vary and are shorter.
  • Double drawn hair is fuller than the single drawn one. About 70-80% of the hair has the same length.
  • Super double drawn hair is the fullest among 3 types of hair quality grades mentioned. About 80-85% of the hair has the same length! The hair is really full when you touch it.

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The best price and service in HairVN

With over 20 years of experiences, K-Hair has set up many relationships with other foreign partner companies in the world. We are the wholesaler, the gold member of Alibaba so that we confident that we can compete with other companies.

Moreover, we have a team of staffs dynamic, young and enthusiastic, we can support and answer all your questions 24/7. Please never mind contacting us and get the most professional services.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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