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Body wavy is a hairstyle that never goes out of date. Although it has come into existence for a long time, this hairstyle is still chosen by the ladies because of its natural and gentle beauty. To what extent are you knowledgeable about body wavy hair ? Today, let’s hear some interesting experience, shared by a K-hair expert about body wavy hairstyle.

If you are into wavy hairstyles; then there is one item that is also very attractive to wear. It is the soft beachy waves – one of the best hairstyles for summer!

1. Overview of body wavy

This body wavy hairstyle brings both a youthful, dynamic and modern beauty, while highlighting the most beautiful features of the face. Read more below to test your knowledge about this hair texture.

1.1. Definition of body wavy

Wavy body hair is the undisturbed wavy type like the others. Craftsmen make this texture by creating S-lines over hair bundles or closures. This hairstyle is quite simple and easier to create than other types of curl like pixie curly, kinky. It is quite cheap and is favored by ladies. Let’s check the video below to see how pretty body wavy hair K-hair factory supplies.

1.2. Feature of body wavy

Whoever loves impressive transformation when going to a hair salon, definitely won’t want to ignore this hairstyle. Let’s see which age, outfit and types of face body wavy hair is suitable for.

1.2.1. Which age is body wavy suitable for ?

  • Aged 20 – 25: This short hairstyle is intended for young girls or moms under 30 years old who want to “hack” their looks after a busy time taking care of their children. This hairstyle is neat, moderately wavy, so it does not make the hair puffy, but helps them look younger.
  • Aged 25 – 30: While ensuring feminine elements, gentle curling, elegance, the appropriate waist length to bring elegance to women is about to reach the threshold of 30. A slightly bright dye for waves that are more perfectly prominent.

ages suit body wavy

  • Aged 30 – 35: Long hair trimmed layers of waves make their hair a little longer than usual to bring their slenderness. Usually, body wavy is suitable for many different styles of outfits, the more elegant and aristocratic it is, so the women create an impression when going to work.
  • Aged 35-45: To further affirm the nobility of this age, nothing is more appropriate than shoulder length to add a little wave. Besides, this wavy style gives the hair volatility, helping the opposite person notice the overall face rather than focusing on the wrinkles on your face.

1.2.2. Which outfit does body wavy match ?

  • Classic outfit: Today, classic becomes simpler with different wavy hairstyles, in which the tail bring a softer, more youthful look. When choosing this style, you need to pay attention to the main colors such as brown, white, cobalt blue, red … the design is mainly meticulous sewing cuts hugging the body. Some of the common highlights of classic are women’s vest, trendcoat, boots, sunglasses and large bags combined with simple makeup style …

classic outfit for body wavy

  • Vintage outfit: To mix & match in the vintage style, you needs some accessories such as high-tie boots, trendcoat coats, wide-brimmed hats, tapered pants, flared jeans, midi skirts, patterned shirts, denim outfits, piercings… combined with shoulder-length ponytail, bob wavy hair. They are encouraged to have simple basic black hair color and natural makeup.

vintage outfit for body wavy

  • Preppy outfit: The classic, modern features are extremely interlocked. The characteristics of the clothes in preppy direction are extremely neat, clean seams, meticulous machining that speaks to the upper class of the suit. With this style you will be more limited with accessories, no details, no frills and no daring cuts …

preppy outfit for body wavy

1.2.3. Which types of face does body wavy suit ?

  • Square face: Just choosing the right wavy hairstyle will make the square face softer, even turn the lines into an advantage. There are many wavy hairstyles you can choose to suit square faces such as big waves, small waves, ripples or waves … These hairstyles have the same feature of waves that help cover the bones. 
  • Round face: This is the hottest hair trend among young people today. It is the most popular hairstyle because it brings personality and style to the owner, so this hairstyle is not only used by young people but also by many showbiz stars to change the image of the owner. me. You should combine with many light dyed hair tones, both youthful and attractive to the eyes of the viewer.

types of face for body wavy

  • V-line face: Not only bring feminine beauty, big wavy can also exude the charm, elegance and grace to girls. Soft, flowing waves hugging your face will help you hide the blemishes of the V-line face, and at the same time attract the attention of the other person. That is also the reason that big wavy are often chosen by many idols and celebrities, especially at parties or important events.

2. Types of body wavy hair

Over times, hair factories classify body wavy hair into different types with regard to some criteria such as: length, color, level,… so that ladies have more collections of this hair style to choose. Let’s see how diverse body wavy hair is through this article.

2.1. Body wavy in term of color

Base on color, body wavy hair can have natural black color or unique mixture between colors like piano ormbre. Let’s see some products of body wavy bundles from K-hair.

  • Natural black body wavy: This is the cheapest and the simplest type in color catalogue. Craftsmen only need to collect material, sew one end of bundles then make body wavy textures without taking time to dye it. Because it is natural black color, it is also flexible for ladies to mix and match the outfit including picky women.

natural black body wavy

  • Ombre body wavy: The most common type of dyeing ombre with bright hairline at the top of a dark head is black, brown, bright yellow, orange, pastel pink and smoky purple. These beautiful hair colors that flatter your skin with this type not only help you hack your age, but also increase your youthfulness, dynamism and personality.

ombre body wavy

  • Piano body wavy: Piano hair color is expected to become the main color gamut of women this year, which is the harmony of mellow and radiant shades. Blending many tones brings a warm feeling, radiating positive energy. Change in trendy look for her, like a beautiful and strange hairstyle.

piano color body wavy

2.2. Body wavy in term of length

  • Short body wavy: The trend of short-wave hair is causing fever in the young community as well as the hair fashion industry with many diverse variations. Owning this hairstyle, you should dye the hottest colors today to increase the attractiveness and stand out!

length for body wavy

  • Long body wavy: Long wavy, curly hair is suitable for almost all faces from round to long, square. Curls are curled in the shape of a long water wave to helpfully conceal the defects. Owning this hairstyle, you will become youthful, dynamic, and trendy a lot.

3. How to care body wavy hair

  • Do not use heat for hair such as curling irons, dryers because it is easy to lose hair (use a dryer if you know how to create curls).
  • Do not use a normal tube because it is very easy to damage the hair. Use a crab clip, curl the hair, and then clip is enough.
  • Avoid frizzy hair by using a thin comb instead of a thick comb.
  • Wash your hair, every 2-3 days, because it will lose your hair if it gets dirty.
  • Avoid lying on the hair too much because it is easy to damage and frizzy hair faster.
  • For the best hair, wash at least 8-10 hours before the important time and let dry naturally, wrap hair and clamp to keep it.
  • Only use conditioner, conditioner will make hair heavier and lose wrinkles.

how to care body wavy hair

4. Top 1 best body wavy hair supplier

K-hair factory is one of the best hair factories in Vietnam in supplying weave, closures, frontals, wigs,…It works on a wide range of platforms such as: website, facebook, instagram, twitter,…. and is famous for super good hair quality and big quantity exported to all over the world market. Besides, team of salemen is always willing to support customers 24/7 in purchasing hair and starting their business. With more-than-5-year experience in hair business, Hana manager helps a lot of customer succeed in building their brand bigger and bigger. Click this pic below to get discounts, wholesale price and support 24/7 from our manager.


body wavy hair supplier

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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