APOHAIR REVIEW: Is This A Reliable Hair Vendor In Vietnam?

     Hair extension is no longer a strange topic to hair lovers in particular and everyone in general. For the past 10 years, hair extension seems to become more popular and trending than ever before and now it’s regarded as a lucrative business field to sink money into. However, where to find a trustworthy hair supplier to import hair is a big deal to almost every hair vendor. Nowadays, Vietnamese hair is believed to be a perfect destination for hair sellers to trade hair. One of the most reliable hair vendors at the moment is Apohair, which is gonna be reviewed clearly in the following.

1.   Apohair Review: Overview

Before getting into details, let’s find out some basic information about Apohair!

Apohair Logo

Apohair Logo

1.1. Formation

Founded on 10 September 2011, APO Import Export Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of hair exports to the international market. Over 10 years of establishment and development, they are continuously strengthening their vision and mission to expand further and become the world’s leading hair exporter. According to Apohair reviews from customers on some pages and groups, Apohair is believed to be one of the most reliable hair vendors in Vietnam since the beginning.

1.2. Address

  • Apohair Address: No 4 Ham Nghi, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

1.3. Standing Out Point

  •  The head office, where more than 100 sales employees work, is situated in Hanoi. Here the workers, with their dynamism and ingenuity, add many significant accomplishments to the company.

2.   Apohair Review: Why Apohair Vietnam and Why not?

2.1. Apohair Review: Merits of Apohair

  • Long history: Apohair was established in 2011 and till now, they have nearly 10 years of experiences working in hair business, which is a plus point for this company
  •  Clear Information: All the basic information of the company such as address, pricing,.. has been published in the website, which can gain customers’ trust at first sight.
  •  Useful blogs: Apart from sales and marketing programs, Apohair also does lots of research on hair to come out with a variety of hairstyle ideas or hair tips for readers and hair sellers.

2.2. Apohair Review: Demerits of Apohair

  • Price: Though published on their website, pricing seems to be still a slight and need-to-be-considered problem for hair buyers when they decide to purchase hair in any international hair factory. Based on some Apohair reviews and feedback, it’s being seen that Apohair’s prices are currently one of the costliest out of all the hair factories in Vietnam.
  •  Posting little feedback: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, hence, when doing business, feedback from customers is the strongest weapon to help sales dealers convince more and more potential customers. However, in Apohair, we rarely see them post any hair feedback or reviews on their websites or instagram, most of all, hair pictures or videos are mainly focused. Hence, more and more Apohair reviews and feedback need to be published so more and more customers can come to them.

3. Apohair Review: Apohair VS K-Hair Factory: Which is better?

Have you ever heard about K-Hair before? K-Hair, nowadays, has become one of the top Vietnamese Hair Vendors that a huge number of hair sellers have put them with others to make a comparison. Whenever having to make a decision on whether to choose one over one another, we always need to point out some main criteria to compare, here are 3 main things that need to be mentioned: 

3.1. Apohair Review Of Quality: Apohair or K-Hair?

Both of theirs stem from 100% Vietnamese hair, however, it’s the hair treatment and techniques that lead to the differences in hair when being used. While K-Hair reveals to the public that they use natural hair care products like jackfruit peel oil or heat processing techniques to create beautiful hairstyles, Apohair has never published about that on social media. To know more about K-Hair quality’s feedback, you can see on K-Hair Feedback and Reviews or K-Hair Feedback Youtube Channel.

3.2. Apohair Review Of Price: Apohair or K-Hair?

This could be as clear as day if you make a comparison between two sides’ price lists and realize that Apohair has higher prices than K-Hair’s while their quality can be the same or K-hair’s maybe slightly better.

3.3. Apohair Review Of Customer Service: Apohair or K-Hair?

Customer service is what decides if the customers will stay or not and this could be claimed by their feedback as well. K-Hair seems to stay at the top 1 when mentioning customer service while Apohair rarely posts it online.

3.4.Apohair Review Of  Experiences: Apohair or K-Hair?

Having operated for nearly 30 years, K-Hair has such a long history and period of time working on hair, which has put them on the map while Apohair has just been existing for nearly 10 years. This implies that K-hair has three times as much experience as Apohair.

3.5. Apohair Review Of Techniques: Apohair or K-Hair?

While Apohair has not revealed its hair processing methods, K-Hair has been published about what they have been using to process, wash the hair. For the most part, they use heat and minimize chemical stuff to process the hair, and most of the hair protecting products are naturally originated or from Korea, which is well-known for the best hair care products.

4. Apohair Review: K-Hair Factory over Apohair

K-Hair Factory – The Leading Wholesale Hair Factory in Vietnam.

Established in 1990, K-hair group takes pride in being one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam.

Based on both Apohair Reviews and K-Hair Reviews, K-Hair seems to prevail over Apohair in terms of the aforementioned criteria.

K-Hair Factory - The Top Hair Factory in Vietnam

K-Hair Factory – The Top Hair Factory in Vietnam

With more than 30 years of experience in the hair industry, K-Hair Vietnam is reinforcing its position as Vietnam’s leading hair supplier and is rapidly gaining a foothold in the global hair market. Currently, in many nations, from Africa to Europe, K-Hair Vietnam has been registered as the most trusted hair distributor, with nearly 2000 loyal hair vendors worldwide.

Diversity in types, colors, styles,… is what is well-known about K-Hair, which is an ideal destination for picky customers.

Numbers that Speak:

  • 3 primary factories ( Raw Processing, Coil and style processing, Extension processing)

One of 3 K-Hair’s factories

  • 5 global offices (Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria, Russia, and the United States)
  • 5000+ worldwide linked and exchanged dealers, resellers, and salons
  • 2000+ kg per month of hair
  •   In order to ensure the highest service for partners, 208 staff included 8 representatives of quality control
K-Hair Office and Staff

K-Hair Office and Staff

Three Representative Offices:

  • Headquarters: 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • USA: No. 13911, 13th Dr. SE Unit M, Mill Creek, WA, USA
  • Thailand: No.36 Ramkhamhaeng Street, Khet Bang Kapi, Bangkok, Thailand 

Moreover, K-Hair acquires a good reputation for gaining priceless international certificates such as certificate of incorporation and certificate of fumigation.

Fumigation Certificate of K-Hair

Fumigation Certificate of K-Hair

K-Hair Certificate

K-Hair Certificate

To know more about K-Hair factory, do visit K-Hair’s website or contact them via Whatsapp or contact via their Instagram to get free business advice from the top experienced hair experts.

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