Anka Hair Reviews: One Of Reliable Distributors In Vietnam

Anka Hair reviews: one of reliable distributors in Vietnam

It cannot be denied that the human hair industry is getting more and more lucrative in the global market: from braiding and weaving to curling and coloring, human hair extensions are now becoming a beauty ritual in many places in the world. Vietnam, in some recent decades, is rising to be one of the best hair vendors in the world. One of the reliable hair distributors in Vietnam lies Anka Company. In this article, all Anka Hair Reviews will be disclosed!


All about Anka Hair Reviews

1. Anka Hair reviews: All about Anka Company

Anka Hair JSC is one of the leading hair distributors in Vietnam. Their monthly capacity reaches over 1 ton of hair. To meet this big demand, their company hires dozens of highly skillful craftsmen. Anka Hair’s mission is to provide high-quality Vietnamese human hair. 

Their hair products include bulk hair, machine weft hair, and hair wigs,… with 2 grades (single drawn and double drawn) favored by customers for the superb quality. 

Anka Hair Reviews: Anka Company supplies 100% Vietnamese human hair (natural, unprocessed hair).

2. Anka Hair Reviews: Hairstyles at Anka Hair

Below are some of the most popular hairstyles at Anka Hair Company

2.1. Anka Hair Reviews: Raw/Bulk Hair

Raw/Bulk Vietnamese Hair is the perfect solution for your hair business if you are searching for raw materials with great quality, and at the most reasonable prices.

Anka Hair Reviews: 100% Remy virgin human hair of great quality. Hairstyles at Anka Hair include straight, wavy, or curly textures, the length is ranging from 8’’ to 30’’

There are only two main grades of hair bundles provided by Anka Hair:

  • Single Drawn: about 50-60% of the hair strands are at the same length 
  • Double Drawn: about 50-60% of the hair strands are at the same length

Anka Hair Reviews: short hair strands are manually detached and rearranged by Anka Hair craftsmen

2.2. Anka Hair Reviews: Machine Weft Hair

Machine Weft Hair is favored by most hair-lovers thanks to its elegant shapes, its durability, and low cost for manufacture.

Anka Hair Reviews: machine weft hair at Anka Company can be made in all colors and textures. They are processed with modern technology, and by skilled workers so that all the hair extensions can be produced of high quality. Their machine weft is smooth, silky, and shiny, and there is no shedding, tangling from the hair bundles.

Anka Hair Company provides Machine Weft Hair with two types:

  • Single Drawn Machine Weft Hair
  • Double Drawn Machine Weft Hair

2.3. Anka Hair Reviews: Virgin hair

Pure virgin hair is Anka Hair’s top-list product due to its premium quality, textures, and capacity to bleach and color well. Virgin human hair is original from one person with pure virgin hair materials at different lengths.

At Anka Hair JSC, we have more than 10 years of experience in the hair industry with a supply capacity of up to 1 ton per month. Our skilled workers, modern equipment, and technology are major contributing factors to our high quality at a low base price. Foremost, we take responsibility for your business goals and pay attention to continuously maintain long-term partnership with our customers.

Anka Hair Reviews: 100% Remy human hair from one person, no mix, full cuticle aligned, no chemical process, full and thick healthy end, no split end, easily dyed to any color codes, including bright colors as # 60 and # 613.

3. Anka Hair Reviews: Is it the best choice?

As mentioned above, Anka Hair is one of the best hair distributors in Vietnam. They supply over 1000kg per month to the global market. There are many positive feedbacks for Anka Hair. 

Below are some positive Anka Hair Reviews:

“Last week, I bought weft hair for my salon. I was so surprised by the great services and high-quality products from Anka Hair JSC. And thanks a lot for Sveta’s supporting!” – From Shreya Jain


Anka Hair Reviews: Feedbacks from Customers

“excelente. Very good!!!” – From Glaucia Oliveira


Anka Hair Reviews: Feedbacks from Customers

“Congratulate on your business. Good quality, good service and good you will make  good things to be successful.” – From Jenny Nguyen


Anka Hair Reviews: Feedbacks from Customers

Besides, along with the expansion, Anka Hair is facing some not-quite-positive reviews, below are some negative Anka Hair Reviews:


Anka Hair Reviews: Feedbacks from Customers

Another customer, no reply yet…


Anka Hair Reviews: Feedbacks from Customers

Anka Hair’s reply


Anka Hair Reviews: Anka Hair’s Reply

Another customer’s blessing…


Anka Hair Reviews

Anka Hair Reviews: Although their social networks are not diverse, along with few materials about hair and hair business, and not very excellent custom services, their hair quality is the one that gains themselves many customers.

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If you are looking for a trusted hair vendor supplying high-quality Vietnamese human hair at the most reasonable prices, also being treated with excellent customer services to import Vietnam hair, this is the best choice: K-Hair Factory

Verified Brand Name

A reliable hair factory to import Vietnam hair must have a well-verified brand name. With trusted hair vendors, you can see all hair images and videos uploaded on social media have a trademark, watermark, hair label, logo label tag to authorize the products. Meanwhile, with hair vendors having unverified brand names or no logo on products, you cannot track their hair origin, also you are afraid to send them your money for fear that they might scam

Verified Company Registration

K-Hair Factory is proudly recognized as a leading hair vendor in Vietnam. K-Hair is verified and registered in many countries in the world such as Vietnam, Nigeria, and the United States. K-Hair is envisioned to become the leading hair vendor and supply Vietnamese hair to all over the world, even the strictest market.

import vietnam hair trusted vendor

Hair factory with verified documents

K-Hair factory has celebrated the anniversary of 30 years of experience working in this industry. Becoming this successful today, the K-Hair factory is honored to receive so much love and support from our loyal partners, loyal customers from all over the world. This video is our sincere thanks to dear customers in our 30-long-journey. Kindly watch the video here:

Physical evidence

A real hair factory for import Vietnam hair must have their factory in existence. A hair factory, with no physical evidence of the factory, being afraid of making video calls with their customers, is 90% a commercial company, intermediate company, or simply a middleman. Be wary!

import vietnam hair 1 776x1024 1

Insurance and Refund 

Hair wholesalers and retailers like you have to pay a large bulk of the money from overseas. However, when you physically touch the hair, you are dissatisfied. The hair is not as silky as when the sellers show you, and the bundles or closures/frontals get shedding even when you gently run your hair through. Definitely, they are not worth what you paid for, but you can not return the hair. The sellers keep silent, leaving you there with the shedding bundles. By and large, there are little Vietnam hair vendors providing insurance and refund programs for their hair, except for K-Hair Factory.

As the biggest and most trust-worthy hair factory in Vietnam, K-Hair Factory guarantees that the hair lasts long (3-5 years) with no shedding hair, no losing waves. Especially for customers who have bought hair from K-Hair Factory within 2 years, please contact K-Hair Factory to restore the hair. 

K-Hair Factory is regarded as the leading and the most reliable hair vendor supplying Vietnamese hair. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry and 10 years of experience in penetrating the global hair market, K-Hair Factory has now become the most trusted vendor to many big hair wholesalers and retailers worldwide.


A wide range of Vietnamese hair extensions that K-Hair Factory supplies include: weft straight hair, curly and wavy hair, kinky and pixie hair, closures and frontals, full lace wigs,… all are 100% Vietnamese hair. K-hair Factory supplies hair to two main markets: the African market and the European market. 

Deal directly with K-Hair Factory to get the best factory prices for your Vietnam hair!

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