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Celebrities hair color trend – balayage has reigned supreme in terms of hair color patterns for years. However, when we enter a new year (goodbye 2020), analysts expect that the previous year will continue to influence our decisions. Consider a color that ages gracefully, chunky highlights for added impact, and dark copper for a warm glow.

But, whether you stick with your tried-and-true balayage (because, let’s face it, it’s a lovely and simple look to wear) or change up your hair color in the coming year and beyond, one thing is certain: Your color should always look healthy. “The thing all the color trends have in common is light,” notes Matrix Global Business Ambassador, Tabatha Coffey. “Hair should look rich, luxurious and taken care of, whether you are sporting deep chocolate, red, or anything in between.” Keep reading to see Top celebrities hair color trend for 2021…

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1. Celebrities hair color trend 1: The Cool Down

Madison Garrett, colorist at New York’s Spoke & Weal, expects that brunettes would gravitate toward “cooler shades with ashy undertones, instead of warm tones.” Rez agrees: “Ash browns will keep going strong through 2021. Cooler tones grow out gracefully, as they reflect less light—so regrowth and lines of demarcation will look less obvious with this celebrities hair color trend.” To hold brass at bay, he suggests using a blue shampoo (like Redken’s Color Extend Brownlights).


celebrities-hair-color-trend- brown-curly

The curly hair gives us the spotlight of all events

We’ll see a lot of “cool chocolate brunettes next year, as well as pearlized silvery blondes,” says Coffey. 

Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson is also on the lookout for the cool trend. He predicts that “our double-processed blondes or heavily highlighted blondes will go smoky.” “It’s not platinum, so it has a faint ash tone to take away the warmth from the scalp.”

2. Celebrities hair color trend 2: Tonal Terracotta

However, not all brunettes will be lowering their temperatures. “By 2021, I believe more people will be transitioning to auburn hair,” Rae predicts. “It’s a deep red-brown that most people find attractive. It can look like a brunette with traces of red undertones or a dark deep reflective red, depending on the color of the light. Zendaya is to blame for reviving my favorite trend.” 

According to Matt Rez, a celebrity colorist and Redken brand ambassador, “More and more clients are looking to bring color into their lives after the difficult year.”



Auburn hair is popular though time passes

You’re not sure if auburn is right for you? “Punchy copper reds and warm gingery hues will add vibrancy to your look, particularly after the winter weather has stripped us of our natural glow and left our hair flat and dull,” Hale says.


3. Celebrities hair color trend 3: Pretty Solid

“There’s a trend toward bold, solid colors: consider browns, blondes, reds, and blacks, but the shades will be subdued” Josh Wood, celebrity colorist and designer of Josh Wood Atelier in London, agrees. “In some respects, I believe it’s a response to balayage or highly mixed shades.

He says, “This transition to powerful colors became apparent to me when we developed the polarizing onyx black and pale blonde colors at Prada, and deep black and red at Miu Miu.”



The elegant look of the celebrities thanks to the hot trend hair colors worth your try

“Right now, in the Atelier, we’re working on more solid colors. They aren’t as bold as the show’s black, white, and reds, but there is a greater emphasis on shimmer and polish. Whatever the color, if the hair looks good and well-conditioned, it’s on-trend. This season, well-conditioned hair is everything, with hair health serving as a sign of our overall well-being.”

4. Celebrities hair color trend 4: Be Bold

Nicola Clarke, a celebrity colorist, agrees with Wood that 2021 is the year to be brave. “More people are becoming more daring in their color choices,” says the author. She explains. “Consider Dua Lipa, who I dyed blonde on top and black on the bottom. The edgy look isn’t going anywhere.” Dua Lipa’s color, according to hairstylist Luke Hersheson, is “the most fascinating thing I’ve seen recently.”

Clarke advises that if you wish to go for a bold hue – one of celebrities hair color trend, you must be willing to maintain it. That means daily root touch-ups and glossing treatments to keep the hair glossy (unless you want a deliberate root—more on that later). “Products like Olaplex and Virtue encourage us to stretch the limits of what hair can do, allowing more people to experiment with bolder color options than ever before,” she adds.


Dua Lipa has the outstanding look with the trendy hair inspired by the 80s music

5. Celebrities hair color trend 4: Colorful

“2021 will be a colorful year,” Wood predicts. “This year, it’s more about bringing out one’s style with hair color and finding a color that really fits you, whether it’s black or pink.” Colorful hair is also very matching with summer hairstyles!

“Whether you’re matched to ice blue hues, statement denim blue, or a shiny blue-black,” says Katie Hale, head of color at Charles Worthington Salons in the UK.


The colorful hair is trendy with the young generation, obviously, the celebrities don’t miss this trend

How do you think about all the celebrities hair color trend after reading this article? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us. K-Hair factory and Astrid hair expert always give you the update fashion information and the good quality hair.

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