Raw hair Vietnam Extensions THE FIRST CHOICE FOR MASTERS

Raw hair Vietnam Extensions from Vietnamese hair factories have a reputation as the best hair in the world market for a long period of time. There’s an outstandingly accelerating number of hair vendors change their focus from Chinese, Indian hair to Vietnamese hair extensions. What’s the reason for this trend? How raw hair Vietnam extensions can attract such attention from the public? All of these questions will be revealed in this article. With more than 7-year experience in the global hair business industry and meticulous research, the author will get you updated with the most useful information about Vietnam raw hair and secret tips for your success in this competitive market.

I. What’s raw hair Vietnam extensions

1. Definition of raw hair Vietnam extensions

Raw hair Vietnam extensions are the high-quality hair extensions products that come from Vietnamese women. The hair is 100% human natural hair from donors and isn’t chemically or physically processed. Vietnamese raw hair can come in different lengths, mostly from 20″ above due to the long-lasting tradition in the country. You can read about how hair extensions were made in Vietnam for more information.

2. Typical characteristics of raw hair Vietnam extensions

Raw hair Vietnam extensions mainly come in straight due to the gene factors. Besides, the black melanin is the natural pigment for the hair of Asian people, which gives raw hair Vietnam extensions a natural jet black color. Vietnamese hair is so favorable among hair vendors globally thanks to the silkiness, thickness, and strong fibers in comparison with other hair origins.


Vietnamese hair extensions category 1 raw hair

2. 1. Silkiness

Vietnamese raw hair is super silky and it can run smoothly through people’s hands. Natural hair from Vietnamese people doesn’t need any special technique of combing like other hairstyles from other wholesale hair vendors. This feature is the main element to make it charming than other hair from China or India.

2. 2. Thickness and strongness

Raw hair Vietnam extensions are well-known for having an ample thickness. It’s not too thick to make people feel awkward when using the hair on daily basis. Moreover, Vietnamese human hair is strong as well thanks to the lifestyle of women here.  In the country, Vietnamese women in mountainous areas maintain a healthy and balanced diet, which gives them soundness and good physical condition.

2. 3.  Wonderfully long hair

With Vietnamese raw hair, long natural hair is guaranteed. It’s surely not synthetic or other small pieces of hair together because normally, Vietnamese hair is very long. It’s so famous that on NEWYORK DAILY NEWS, In Vietnam, a human hair is big business; demand for hair extensions has exploded over the last decade  The reason for that lies in the long-lasting tradition from previous generations. Long hair is considered to be the symbol of gentleness and beauty among ladies.

3. Why you should choose raw hair Vietnam

With the mentioned characteristics, raw hair Vietnam extensions are the optimal choice for consumers who are long for high-quality hair for personal usage and doing business as well. It’s like a revised version of excellent Brazilian hair extensions, but not too thick and also robust in stock. Especially with hair vendors, choosing Vietnam hair is never a bad decision. It can surely help you to attract and retain customers as easy as a piece of cake.


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II. Comparison of raw hair Vietnam extensions vs. other countries

Criteria of Comparison

There are many ways for you to differentiate between raw hair Vietnam extensions from other sources. However, the criteria below are the most prominent ones that give you profound knowledge about the hair extensions from various countries globally.

1. Origin of raw hair Vietnam extensions vs. other countries

The first and foremost criterion for comparing the Vietnamese hair and other countries is the origin. With Vietnamese hair, it comes purely from human donors living in high-altitude northern regions. On the other hand, in India, human hair comes from donors in temples, which are collected and processed before exporting. Chinese hair factories import this hair and use chemicals to preserve it. Not to mention, human hair from China is very rare, which encourages them to use synthetic fibers to lower the price

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2. Quality of raw hair Vietnam extensions vs. other countries

It’s undeniable that the quality of raw hair Vietnam extensions is the optimal choice in comparison with other countries. The hair is the perfect combination of outstanding features of renowned Brazilian hair with unique color and silky straight hair shape. On the flip side, Chinese hair extensions are mainly mixed hair with synthetic fibers Indian hair extensions are collected from numerous unknown sources.  This thing makes Chinese and Indian hair extensions is not even safe for usage, not to mention the effectiveness of doing business with.

3. Price of raw hair Vietnam extensions vs. other countries

One bonus point of raw hair Vietnam extensions is the price. You don’t need to spend an extravagant amount of money to buy Brazilian hair extensions while the quality is nothing more than Vietnamese hair extensions.  Additionally, with the price from the K-Hair factory – directly from the factory in Vietnam, it’s even more affordable. The price of Chinese and Indian hair is very cheap and relevant to that low-quality hair products

Comparison Chart


raw hair Vietnam extensions vs other countries

III. Quality of raw hair Vietnam extensions

Raw hair Vietnam extensions consist of 2 main grades of quality: from 1 donor and multiple donors.

1.  Virgin hair

Virgin hair is the best raw hair Vietnam extensions that come from 1 person. These hair extensions are very rare, which makes it have a very high price. The reason why people want this hair is that virgin hair can be used for dyeing, styling, or bleaching. The hair has cuticle aligned and can last as long as the normal raw hair, which is from 3-5 years approximately depends on the usage of customers

2. Raw hair from multiple donors

Different from the virgin hair, most of the hair in the market is raw hair from multiple donors. This grade of quality is among the most favorable among users due to the effectiveness of usage. Although it cant be used for bleaching to very bright colors like 613, platinum, etc, it can be dyed, styled to any you want with a long duration from 3-5 years. Notetakingly, raw hair Vietnam extensions from the K-Hair factory can be bleached to blond color thanks to the fact that it comes from only 2-3 donors.


raw hair Vietnam extensions

IV.  How to recognize raw hair Vietnam extensions


raw hair Vietnam extensions how to recognize

1.  Depends on the appearance

Based on the mentioned features of raw hair Vietnam extensions, you can recognize the hair by checking the hair by the outlook. Particularly, the hair is very silky, soft, long like Brazilian hair extensions but not too much thick like Indian hair. That makes the users feel totally comfortable and pleasant when using it on a daily basis.

2.  Depends on the odor

You can recognize raw hair Vietnam extensions by smelling it. The Chinese hair extensions undergo chemical processing and have a bad smell for that reason. However, Vietnam hair comes naturally from donors and has a pleasant smell because normally, Vietnamese women use herbal products to take care of the hair. If you order hair from Vietnam which has a very natural grassy scent, it’s 70% real human hair from the country.

3.  Depends on the special techniques

Besides the normal methods to check the hair by naked eyes, you can use some easy techniques to qualify the quality of raw hair Vietnam extensions

3.1. By using fire

You can test whether the hair is natural human hair or not by burning some fibers. If the hair is natural human hair, it will turn into ash quickly and can be smashed in your hand. Otherwise, the synthetic fibers will be melt into a concentrated liquid with the chemical smell.

3.2.  By watering and color the hair

Watering the hair and combing it is a common way of testing high-quality hair. If it doesn’t shred or tangled, the hair is from good sources.  Moreover, one special way to identify it is by dying.  Hair from Vietnam will be easy to be dyed to style to any style you want.

Buying raw hair Vietnam extensions from the K-HAIR FACTORY, the leading hair supplier in Vietnam, you can even dye the hair to blond color with normal raw hair while from other suppliers, you just can dye it to deep shade

V. Guideline for usage and preservation of raw hair Vietnam extension

1. Usage of raw hair Vietnam extensions

When using raw hair Vietnam extensions, some noted things are listed for recommendations

  • Avoid brushing the hair too much, which can remove the protective layer of the fibers.  Instead, using hair care products to keep it fresh and healthy.
  • Using wide-brimmed hats to protect the hair under sunlight. UVA and UVB from sunlight can do serious damage to the hair.
  • Let the hair naturally dried is a good way to keep it in the best condition. Excessive heat from the hairdryer can do harm to the extensions knots.

raw hair Vietnam extensions usage guidance

2. Preservation of raw hair Vietnam extensions

  • Before going to sleep, you are advised to put out the hair extensions to protect it from tangling.
  • Avoid using chemicals products to your hair extensions because it is very vulnerable after cutting from the donor’s hair
  • Go to the shop regularly to check the condition of your hair extensions and have things fixed immediately if there’s any problem.

raw hair Vietnam extensions preservation notes


1. K-HAIR FACTORY – The leading supplier of Vietnam hair

With more than 30 years in the hair business market, K-Hair Vietnam has been the most reliable destination for hair vendors from all over the world when mentioning raw hair Vietnam Extensions.  The factory is located in Bac Ninh province with more than 100 workers running the system and many departments for quality-checking, salerooms, etc. The strong point of the factory is quality. The slogan of K-HAIR FACTORY is ” QUALITY IS KING”, the factory is heading to be the best hair distributors in Asia in near future.


K Hair Vietnam the best hair supplier

2. Factory

The hair factory is considered to provide various raw Vietnam hair products: Straight – Curly – Wavy – Closure – Frontal – Wig with the quality verified. The main market of this company is in Nigeria and adjacent countries. According to the statistics provided from it, Hairvn supply more than 200kg of hair every month to Nigeria only.


Hairvn Company

  • Website: 
  • Instagram: kinghairvn 

3. is a verified website in Nigeria to supply high-quality raw hair products from Vietnam. This website has been running for more than 5 years because of the expansion of the business of the K-Hair factory. Besides raw hair Vietnam extensions, also supplies Remy hair, which is considered to be the most popular hair products in Lagos, Abuja, and many other big metropolia.

  • Website:
  • Facebook:


1.  How to get success with raw hair Vietnam extensions?

  • Step 1: Get a reliable hair supplier and an expert guide who has a profound knowledge of the business. They will help you not only as a supplier but also a friend standing by your side and give useful advice when you are in trouble.
  • Step 2: Determining your customers and their need to import the most suitable one. Doing the business survey is a common method to get to know your customer’s demand
  • Step 3: Get a robust supply of goods and avoid disruption. Otherwise, you will lose your customers because hair business is a very competitive field

2.  How to get the best promotion and advice for your business with raw hair Vietnam extensions

You want to get the best factory price for high-quality raw hair Vietnam extensions and the most updated about the hair business market globally?



K-Hair sale manager support deal Vietnamese hair extensions

In conclusion, raw hair Vietnam extensions are among the top choice for customers due to its excellent features and great price. Using hair products and doing business with Vietnam hair will give you the best chance to expand and heading to success in the competitive market.

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