Mic Hair Company Review : One Of Reliable Hair Vendors In VietNam

One of the most important steps to success in the hair business is choosing a reputable, quality, and affordable hair suppliers. Most people have factories that specialize in supplying their hair. In the world in general and the Vietnamese hair market in particular, there must be a lot of hair factory companies, one of which is Mic Hair Company. This article will take a look at Mic Hair Company, are they a company worth investing in by a hair vendor?

Mic Hair Company in VietNam 1

Mic Hair Company in VietNam

General information about Mic Hair Company

In this section, I will give objective information about Mic Hair Company based on information collected from social networking sites, by observing and finding out by buying from Mic Hair. This company.

History and development of Mic Hair Company

MIC VIET Investment Company Limited is one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in providing natural hair products, virgin hair cut from Asians around the world. To bring customers quality products, Mic Hair Company with 10 years of working in the profession. Besides, they also provide a lot of hair products such as: bulk hair, tape in, wefts, wig, closure and others. In particular, with their prestige in the market, they think that they can export up to 2.5 tons of hair per month (Which makes me not believe?!)

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History and development of Mic Hair Company

Reasons why many customers know about Mic Hair Company

They’re still proud that their company is Vietnam’s biggest hair model company in the world. Their hair products are high-quality new hair products cut directly from women in rural, multicultural, and remote areas, without mosques, without clinics, untreated and free of charge. Sort, wash, and brush to remove frieze and damage, they are owing to the high expectations of each client, the consistency of the hair is still our highest priority.

There are endless reasons to pick from their global range of hairstyles. There are some of them:

-Reasonable quality

-Nice price

-Time distribution

-Ethical transfers for business

-The professional squad

-The deep experience of the industry

-The big delivery network

 So what makes Mic Hair Company able to retain customers?

There are several requirements for evaluating a successful hair supplier provider, but I would only assess the following three major factors: product, price, and quality of service. Below is my own view that the material is not meant to attack anybody.

About Mic Hair Company Hair Products

As we can see, on the main website of Mic Hair Company there are many types of products for sale such as:

– Hair bulk: Single, dual, super double drawn

– Weave Hair: Single, double, super double drawn

Closure: 2 * 4 and 4 * 4 lace closures

Front: 13 * 4 Lace frontal

and Hair Extensions such as:

They have 6 hair extensions:

First, they are I-Tip hair extensions:

I-Tip is one of our most classic hair extensions, with an I at the base of the hair extension.

Second, they are U-Tip hair extensions:

U-Tip hair extensions have a U-shaped shape at the base of the extensions.

Third, they are V-Tip hairstyles:

V-Tip extensions have a V-shape at the bottom of the extension.

Four, here are the Hairpin extensions:

The clip-style extensions have a braid, attached to a fabric or silicone sole. They are the least kind of extensions because you can quickly delete them and reset them whenever you want.

Fifth, they are Tape-In hairstyles:

The extensions are applied first and then attached to the sides of your hair.

This is the newest semi-permanent hair extension method and most stylists love it. Two thin layers of weft will clamp your natural fibers and are then heated to adhere. It usually takes about 40 minutes – 1 hour to apply and if the extensions are in good condition, they can be used again.

Sixth, they are straight hairstyles:

The flat-tip hair extension is the intersection of I-Tip and Tape-In, carrying the same microfiber end as the we-Tip of Tape-In weft extension. They benefit from I-Tip hair extensions and extensions, providing a comfortable, flat feel to the move with a great 360 ° rotation for each strand of hair.

All of our hair extensions come in a variety of colors to choose from. Please see their website to view more of their hair products.

With the above information, I think they are not very diverse products. For example, for closures, they only have sizes 2 * 4 with 4 * 4 lace closures and 13 * 4 for lace frontal. They should provide more sizes such as 2 * 6 Kim K closures, 4 * 4, 5 * 5, 6 * 6 size closures.

However, in terms of hair color, I consider them to be one of the companies that provide the best quality hair color in Vietnam because of the rich and varied colors without losing the soft quality of the hair.

Mic Hair Company in VietNam 3

About Mic Hair Company Hair Products

About the price hair of Mic Hair Company

Mic Hair Company thinks that they always provide the factory price to customers, which is the cheapest they can buy, but I don’t think so.

I did not see a specific price list posted by Mic Hair Company on their website, but only saw the price displayed under each product as follows:

Mic Hair Company in VietNam 4

About the price hair of Mic Hair Company

I think they go to a public and detailed price list on my website so that customers have a more comprehensive view of Mic Hair Company. They just put the price under the images without seeing specific information about the length, weight, or the quality of the hair. I hope in the next web updates, they can pay attention to this problem.

As you can see, Mic Hair’s lowest cost product is $ 17 and top price is over $ 800. This is a pretty high price compared to the same product at other hair supply companies. But given natural human hair quality, such a price could be justified.

About the service of Mic Hair Company

One of the bright spots in the Mic Hair Company service is the Return and Guarantees Policy Service, see the information below:

Moreover, MICHAIR also provide 30 Days Product Guarantee:

If any hair bundle you received have problems related to manufacturing problems, you will be protected by this guarantee:

  • Within 30 days of receiving your order, contact us with a photo or video showing the issue ask for solutions
  • We will review your claims and give the solutions. Since most problems can be solved by maintenance methods, we may give you a recommended product(s) that will deal with those problems. If the problem cannot be solved, the hair must be sent back to us. Then, we will handle this issue.
  • In order for us to determine your products, your purchase can be replaced, your order must be sent back to our office. All costs for removing your items and shipping are the customer’s responsibility.
  • We do not offer the returns or the exchanges for the customized hair products.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

Mic Hair Company in VietNam 5

About the service of Mic Hair Company

Regarding the service in customer consulting and sales, we can see through the following feedbacks:

Mic Hair Company in VietNam 6

About the service of Mic Hair Company


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But, I still see negative feedback about Mic Hair company on social networks, or angry feedback from customers who are buying from Mic Hair and switching to another company. Is Mic Hair company not as good as it has been communicating?

Below I will show an example of bad feedback from Mic Company customers, this Instagram nick even has many followers, and has 6 posts.

Mic Hair Company in VietNam 7

About the service of Mic Hair Company

K hair Company – The best choice can solve all problems of customers

There are several requirements for evaluating a successful hair supplier provider, but I would only assess the following three major factors: product, price and quality of service. Below is my own view that the material is not meant to attack anybody.

The long history and development

The beginning- First obstacles to achieve our great success as today, K-HAIR has been through a 24-year journey with countless ups and downs. 

In 1992, Mr. James, father of Mr. Daniel, started his own hair business in collecting and processing hair from mountainous areas of Vietnam to export to Thailand and China, which partly contributed to the high quality of Chinese and Thailand hair as we know. Indeed, it was a hard stage because our resources were deeply limited.

Up to now, K hair company has been established for nearly 30 years,( more than Mic Hair Company 20 years) which shows that they have a long history and reputation in the market. This leaves the audience no doubt about the quality of the hair they have, are and will buy.

Mic Hair Company in VietNam 8

The long history and development

The cheapest price in Vietnam

Unlike Mic Hair Company, K Hair Company publishes the price list in the Price section right on the website. As you can see the price list below, no company selling 100% virgin human hair in Vietnam can sell hair at such a low price, from $ 89 you can buy 1kg = 10 hair bundles. lengths from 8 ” – 30 ”. This again solves the price issue for the customer.

Mic Hair Company in VietNam 9

The cheapest price in Vietnam

The best service ever for customers

In terms of customer care service as well as consulting in buying hair, K Hair has done very well with their duties. There has been a lot of good feedback from customers after buying K hair and recommending it to their colleagues and friends. However, there are still negative feedbacks about K hair Company like Mic Hair, but it is all misunderstanding and K hair Company always has a hotline to solve problems with customers. The last problem that customers can solve with K hair Company.

Please see this video for me show you proofs:

Vietnamese Virgin Hair: Feedback from Nigerian customers

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