Chinese Hair Factories : The 5 Best hair factories in China

Why should I choose a hair factory in China?

Depends on your budget and your purposes. Here is some reason :

  • You want to buy HAIR AT CHEAP PRICE to change many different hairstyles than Aliexpress
  • Your grades of customers: They want to purchase for HAIR AT LOW COST with normal quality, they don’t focus on high quality
  • You want INSTANT SHIPPING ( Chinese hair factories always produce hair in stock with a huge variety of hairstyles. You just choose styles and they Chinese hair factories will take out the hair from stock and ship to you)

Why the price of Chinese hair is cheaper than Vietnamese Hair?

If you are a long-time hair seller, you will realize an evident truth that Chinese hair is cheaper than Vietnamese hair. However, if you are a newbie in this hair business, you may ask yourself why Chinese hair is cheaper than Vietnamese hair? Then there are 2 main reasons:

  • Large-scale production: With modern technology and mass-production, Chinese hair factories apply high-tech in hair business production to create a huge quantity of hair, which is always available in stock
  • Mixed Hair Source: Chinese hair is often mixed from many donors of hair like India’s hair, Cambodian Hair ( not from 100% pure hair donor), which leads to cheaper price compared with Vietnamese Hair

chinese hair factory

Vietnamese Hair Factories- Biggest Competitors With Chinese Hair Factories

Vietnamese hair factories are famous for high-quality hair with long-term durability. Although Vietnamese hair factories don’t produce hair in large-scale production or mass-production like China, the quality is the prominent factor which makes Vietnam is the biggest competitors of Chinese Hair factories 

Top best vietnamese hair vendors 2020

1.1 High Quality And Long-Term Durability

The source of Vietnamese Hair is taken from 100% woman virgin hair, at the age of 18-25. Mostly, Vietnamese hair is taken from the villagers in the high mountain with cold weather, so their hair is really strong and silky ( because the hair is not affected by sunlight)

1.2 Compare Vietnamese Hair And Chinese Hair

Factory Advantages Disadvantages Durability Price
Viet Nam Good quality hair, reasonable price, hair with long durability Hair is not available in stock
( factory makes fresh hair)
2-10 years from 8.6 USD/bundle
China Industrial-scale production, big quantity, hair always available in stock The hair gets tangled and shedding after a short time using 1-5 years From 7.9 USD/bundle

For more details of the comparison between Vietnamese hair factory with other international hair factories, check this link: 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾

1.3 I want to change from Chinese Hair Factories to purchase from Vietnamese Hair Factories? How can I get it?

Check this link to find out the top 5 best Reliable Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Distributors !!

The best address to buy Vietnamese hair of high quality: K-Hair factory

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K-Hair – The Biggest Hair Factory In Vietnam

  • Vietnamese fullest hair is considered the best choice for any girl. The young women like to apply the substance hair extension such as fullest tip-in hair, while others like convenient types (full weft hair or clip-in hair). K-Hair factory is one of the best factories that can supply this great hair type.
  • With 30 years of experience in the hair industry and an understanding of each hair type, the K-Hair factory is one of the leading suppliers in Vietnam. K-Hair products always have a competitive advantage superior to other manufacturers because of the quality, price, and customer service. We ensure that we can supply the highest quality Vietnam hair extensions
100% of Vietnamese natural human hair


100% Human Hair, No Synthetic


Direct Hair Factory- 100% Human Virgin Hair

Check intro video of K-HAIR factory – Best Wholesale Hair Factory in Vietnam 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Contact Cherry Ceo for now to get best wholesale deal price:

Let’s K-hair accompany with you to the pinnacle of success!

 Mrs Cherry- K.Hair Ceo — Just deal directly with wholesale

Mrs Cherry Ceo has been working in hair business for more than 7 years. She has been co-operating with many Vietnamese Hair Factories. With profound experience and great relationship with Nigeria wholesale hair sellers, she has built out her brand “ CHERRY K_HAIR CEO” and become the best trusted dealers for wholesale hair sellers in Nigeria.


Mrs Cherry Ceo – K.Hair company



Dealing directly with wholesale


Customer positive feedback





Screen Shot 2021 02 06 at 11.30.56


A good hair vendor will accompany you to the pinnacle of success. In contrast, a bad hair factory can ruin your hair business. Be smart in choosing your loyal hair vendor!


1. TedHair#1 Wholesale Hair Factory in China

TedHair is the premium hair manufacturing company in China, providing top-quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salons, and online store owners around the world.

TedHair provides human hair extensions to wholesalers hair sellers, distributors, retailers, beauty or hair salons, online stores, and hairstylists around the world. Ted Hair supply virgin Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, closures, colored Remy hair, and more.
Visit TedHair now 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


hair factories in china - TedHair

hair factories in china – TedHair

2. JC Hair Wholesale virgin hair factory in china

JC Hair Wholesale Virgin Hair is one of the top hair factories in China with a long-term history. JC HAIR has over 5 years’ experience in both manufacturers of hair extensions and distribution of the same. They are proud of quality hair products which are believed to be 100% human hair. Since it has remained so since their beginning has it their promise to customers and themselves.

Service overview

· Customization of clients packaging

· Research for continued quality control

· Product supervision for quality hair extensions

· Product catalog

This business focus on selling retail hair products to create a link with JC HAIR for constant retail hair supplies. There is plenty of different hair weaves, Remy hair, and wholesale hair weaves.

Recommended for: hair seller starters in business, customers who want to buy a small quantity for themselves to use,…

3. BEEQUEEN HAIR – Best hair extension factory in china

China Beequeenhair is famous for its beautiful hair and silky hair. This hair company places “natural beauty” as the target when selling products to customers. Customers must be the queen when wearing their hairstyles.

Let’s our hair accompany with you to the pinnacle of beauty. You are a queen ♥️

China Beequeenhair supply:

· Variety of hairstyles: pixie, colored hair, ombre hair color,…..

· Haircare products

· Closure, frontal, lace, wigs

4. Extensoes De Cabello hair factories

History :

– Established in 1996 under the management of talent Rick CEO , with the long term of 24 years , The Extensoes De Cabello has become the biggest factory of Raw Bulk Hair in Asia ( ranked by Hair business Magazine 2019)

– Until 2019 , The Extensoes De Cabebllo has three different factories : Virgin , Remy and Colour Factory . Double Check Technology ( DCT ) , the most modern hair technique is applied for the best perfect quality of hair .

Main Products : 100% VIRGIN BULK Hair

      • Virgin _ Bulk _ Raw Natural Hair
      • EU Weft Hair _ Tip/Tape _ Colour

Market: salons, retailers, wholesalers, and other hair factories worldwide

      • 80% of customers are from Europe
      • Deliver worldwide to Europe, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, South America, Australia…


5. Beebob Hair Extension 

BeeBob Hair extension is a hair vendor supplying Remy hair with cheap and reasonable prices. Customers who want to purchase hair at a low cost can consider this hair vendor.

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